The sleek black credit card in your wallet is not just for spending; it is for show. It is coveted and has a reputation for exclusiveness. These cards are offered only to America’s finest consumers with the assets and income worthy enough to be an elite spender.

What are the Top Ten Most Exclusive CC Cards Offered Today?

1. American Express Black Card

top ten most exclusive cc cards

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What is an American Express Black Card, you ask? There are a variety of black cards offered exclusively to those who meet the asset, income, and spending requirements of the elite. Just some of the series of black cards include the Centurion Card and Black Bull from Merrill Lynch. A Black Card by American Express is often invitation only, and the requirements are undisclosed.

2. Dubai First Royale MasterCard

Enjoy the lavish, royal lifestyle that comes with the Dubai First Royale MasterCard. Dubai First Royale includes no-limit spending, a relationship manager, and royal exclusives. Qualification for this card is elusive, and it is by invite only.

3. Visa Infinite Eurasian Diamond Card

Enjoy a card that is exquisite to hold as it is to use. With a diamond and gold ornament on the card, the Visa Infinite Eurasian is a sign of elegance and luxury. You must have a personal recommendation from a member of the management board or two current cardholders receive an invitation to the card.

4. American Express Centurion Card

The Black Amex card was once considered the best black card, but there is more than just one black card from American Express. The Centurion Card is one of those that requires an initiation fee of $7,500 and annual membership of $2,500. To receive a Centurion Card, you must be invited.

5. Merrill Lynch Octave Black Card

Only those with assets valued over $10 million will ever find themselves invited to the Octave Black Card by Merrill Lynch (an exclusive Black Card from American Express). This is a super-exclusive black credit card that is invite-only. With this card, you unlock numerous rewards, including the ability to upgrade your flight without fees, no-limit spending, and much more.

6. American Express Platinum

The American Express Platinum Card is another member of the elite line of cards from American Express.

There is an annual fee of $450, but access to this card unlocks concierge services, dining programs, preferred concert seating, special event seating, and curated experiences designed for you and your tastes.

7. World Elite MasterCard

If your lifestyle involves traveling the globe, then the World Elite MasterCard offers the VIP exclusive travel amenities you demand from your trip. Book your hotel and receive complimentary VIP accommodations and upgrades, then enjoy car hires, personal travel advisors, and concierge services that are available 24/7, regardless of where you go.

8. Merrill Accolades American Express

Often referred to as the Black Bull Card by Merrill Lynch, this American Expresses card is one that offers luxury hotels, cruises, business class and first class international exclusive airfare rates, and concierge services. This is a private membership for those working with Merrill Lynch advisors, and you must hold assets of more than $200,000 to qualify.

9. JP Morgan Chase Palladium

The JP Morgan Chase Palladium Card, which was recently rebranded to the JPMorgan Reserve Card, is an invitation-only exclusive Visa offered through JPMorgan Chase. The card is minted from solid metal and plated with pure palladium. It is laser engraved, unique, and accepted at the world’s finest establishments.

The Palladium is offered to those with high net worth, and it is truly the card for the 1% population. The requirements are quite elusive, but to receive an invite, you must have a minimum of $10 million in personal assets under management with JPMorgan and a median asset of $100 million elsewhere.

10. MasterCard Gold Card

top ten most exclusive cc cardsThe MasterCard Black Card is highly sought after, but more exclusive is that of the Luxury Card Gold Card from MasterCard. This card is made from carbon and is detailed in 24-karat gold plating just to highlight its exclusive nature.

The requirements for this card are highly mysterious, but there are known rewards such as double points for airfare and concierge services when the card is used for travel. The annual fee is $995, but with that fee comes a plethora of services, including luxury gifts, airline credits, 2% cash back, and more.

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