When it comes to a Cuban getaway, one of the most valuable features of this destination is the culture itself.

A combination of lively music, festive and delicious food, and of course the people themselves can all make your trip to Cuba simply unforgettable.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience all that Cuba has to offer while enjoying the finer things in life as well.

Top 5 Resorts in Cuba

This list of the top 5 most exclusive Cuban resorts will ensure you see all that this beautiful country has to offer while still experiencing the culture that’s made it so famous in the first place.

1. The Xanadu Mansion – Veradero

If you’re looking for seclusion, luxury, and excellent food, look no further than the Xanadu Mansion. With six unique guest rooms and an elegant, classic feel throughout, Xanadu is perfect for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Golf and beach lovers will both relish in the picturesque views that this sophisticated resort offers and the succulent meals prepared by its restaurant are rivaled by none. Founded in 1927 and considered a historical landmark, the Xanadu Mansion is a must-see for any visitor with discriminating taste.

2. Melia Las Antillas Hotel – Veradero

The Melia Las Antillas Hotel is another Veradero-based resort but offers a bit more of a “destination” feel. While Xanadu’s appeal is the quaint and elegant surroundings, Melia Las Antillas is a sprawling property with pools, watersports, and an endless array of pampering service

Besides the luxurious amenities and breathtaking view, one of the draws of the Melia Las Antillas is that it’s an adults-only resort. No screaming children or aggravating splashing here. Just calm, quiet, endless relaxation.

3. Melia Buenavista – Cayo Santa Maria

Situated on the stunning white sand beaches of Cayo Santa Maria, the Melia Buenavista is another adults-only exclusive destination that’ll ensure you enjoy everything it has to offer, distraction-free.

The crystal-clear waters and untouched coves of this resort’s beaches will help you feel delightfully disconnected from the rest of the world. And while you may relish in the freedom of such isolation, the shops and nightlife of the Pueblo center are just a few miles away.

When it comes to spa treatments, sumptuous gourmet meals, and an unforgettable view, the Melia Buenavista is in a world of its own.

4. Melia Santiago Hotel – Santiago De Cuba

If you are looking for the most luxurious experience Santiago De Cuba can offer, there’s no better option than staying at the Melia Santiago Hotel. This modern, five-star property rises fifteen stories above beautiful Santiago and offers unmatchable views of the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

Catering specifically to higher-end clientele, staying in the upper floors of the resort provides exclusive access to private lounges as well as individualized service that aims to satisfy your every desire.

With shops and restaurants below, the Melia Santiago is a premiere destination for anyone who has the funds to afford it.

5. Saratoga – Havana

And finally, we have the Hotel Saratoga, widely considered to be the most suitable accommodation for the world’s elite. Opened in 1930, its walls have seen visitors like Jimmy Page and Beyoncé in its many years of operation.

The Saratoga has won countless awards and accolades during in its history and consistently attracts only the most glamorous of clients. And with its endless amenities, stunning décor, and incomparable service, it’s no wonder why.

Make One of These Your Resorts Your Second Home

While taking in all the Cuban culture during your vacation can be an incredibly rewarding experience, doing it while luxuriating in the finest resorts with the most indulgent amenities will surely make this trip one you’ll never forget.