Tod’s is a luxury shoe brand you are likely quite familiar with, and you will find it quite easy to enjoy the shoes as they fit in with any style. The Tod’s name prefers to remain understated, and the shoes offer a look at luxury that any owner will quite enjoy. The shoes are soft to the touch, and they tend to fly under the radar with included in a wardrobe. You may purchase a pair of Tod’s loafers today, and the shoes are only the beginning of your journey into simplified luxury.

What Is the Crux of the Tod’s Brand?

The Tod’s name is quite powerful, and you may enjoy anything from Tod’s shoes to Tod’s handbags as you shop. Their brand has a simple logo that reminds you they are not about the flash and glitz of other brands, and they offer products that are simply beautiful. They prefer to shy away from anything that is a bit too ostentatious, and they do not allow their products to become too intense.

Tod’s Shoes

Shoes from Tod’s are quite exciting as they began with a simple loafer. Their leather and canvas loafers are exciting to wear, and they feel as though they flex with the foot. There is never an uncomfortable moment in a pair of their loafers, and they offer a style that is understated. There are quite a few shoppers who prefer to hide their luxury, and any Tod’s product will stay in the background as you enjoy the luxury.

Tod’s Handbags

Tods is not necessarily famous for its handbags, but the brand has a line of complementary handbags you will quite enjoy as you shop. You may go with a simple canvas bag that matches your canvas loafers, or you may choose a leather bag suitable for every day of the week. Tods wants you bathed in a sea of simple products, and they never overdo their designs in an effort to help you remain subtly-chic.

Tods Men’s Shoes for Work

The Tods brand began as a simple way for men and women to dress about town, and it has become a men’s shoe emporium for the active gentleman. Every man who owns a pair of Tod’s loafers or driving shoes will find the shoes working with all their clothing. A suit on Monday accepts Tod’s shoes quite well, and casual Friday leaves men a reason to wear Tod’s driving shoes before jetting off for a weekend of fun.

How Are Tod’s Constructed?

The Tods brand prides itself on excellent construction, proper build in each shoe and handbags that will hold together for decades and fabrics that are soft to the touch. The company has made its name on shoes and handbags that will last for quite some time, and there are several shoppers who prefer Tods because they know of their durable construction. Each item listed contributes to a proper Tods shoe or handbag.

  • Heavy stitching across each shoe and handbag;
  • Fabrics are folded on themselves for stronger seams;
  • Tod’s canvas is thick yet soft;
  • Tod’s leather is an unsplit calf that will last much longer than split leathers;
  • The outsole on every shoe is quite heavy;
  • Straps on Tod’s handbags are wide for large capacity.

tods handbag brown

Pricing Your New Tod’s Product

You may price new Tod’s products online anytime you like, and you will find them quite exciting as you choose colors and styles. Shoes from Tod’s and their handbags have prices that vary widely, and you are wise to ensure you understand the general price range of certain items. The list below offers a glimpse at prices in the Tod’s range as you plan your next shopping trip.

  • Tod’s loafers begin around $275;
  • Dress shoes may rise as high as $495;
  • Tod’s bags begin in the $2000 range;
  • You may choose from a number of styles, and bags are more expensive as they grow larger;
  • A handbag of about $2000 will last a lifetime.

Leather dress shoes and loafers from Tod’s are quite easy to repair, and you may maintain the shoes for years with your local shoe repair shop. Handbags from the brand are designed with durability in mind, and you will find the bag a suitable item to hand down to the next generation. You may keep Tod’s bags in the family for quite a long time, and they will serve your family in the every-day, on vacations, and at stylish events.


Shopping with Tod’s is a wise decision for any discerning shopper. You only have so much money to spend on your clothes, shoes, and accessories, and you must spend money where it will be of the most use. You are spending your hard-earned cash on shoes and handbags that must work even in the most extreme of conditions, and you will find it far simpler to purchase one pair of shoes that you may repair of several pairs of cheap shoes.

You may purchase handbags from Tod’s with the knowledge that your purchase will not wear out anytime in the near future. You are placing your trust in a brand that is well-known for its ability to help the individual purchase one pair of shoes, one bag, one accessory and enjoy them for a lifetime.

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