Whether you think they’re obnoxious, funny, insightful, or intriguing, one thing’s for sure: Rich kids have some of the hottest Instagram feeds around. Flaunting their money, their possessions, and their lavish escapades – these kids are the object of both envy and ridicule.

Are you interested in seeing the daily decadence of the rich kids of Instagram? Here are some of the hottest Instagram feeds of 2017.

Keeping an Eye on the Rich Kids of Instagram: 7 Feeds to Follow

Whether you love them or they make you roll your eyes, these are the richest, most popular kids on Instagram right now.

1. Dan Bilzerian

rich kids of InstagramBorn in 1980, Bilzerian is a trust fund beneficiary, socialite, and poker player. He has over ten million Instagram followers. His trust fund is estimated at $150 million. He regularly posts pictures of his playboy lifestyle and toys, and he tried to run for president in the 2016 election. He decided to stop his run, though, and instead endorsed Donald Trump.

2. Dorothy Wang

Dorothy Wang is best known for her Instagram posts as well as the reality television show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Her father is the owner of Golden Eagle International Group, which owns the largest group of mall chains in China. Her father, Roger Wang, is worth an estimated $4 billion. Besides her rich kids Instagram feed, the feed for her jewelry line, #FABULUXE, is extremely popular.

3. Peter Brant II

Peter Brant II is an American socialite. He is the son of popular 90s model Stephanie Seymour and her husband, businessman Peter Brant. Brant II and his brother Harry have been in the limelight since their mid-teens. They party all night and are friends with Naomi Campbell and Courtney Love. In addition to being a party boy, Brant II is moonlights as a model.

4. Chloe Bartoli

Chloe and her twin sister Marie-Lou are both stylists to the stars. Their client list includes Miranda Kerr, Nicole Richie, and Selena Gomez. Chloe’s recently been linked romantically to Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex. Ms. Bartoli’s Instagram feed features her fashion portfolio, as well as pictures of her lavish lifestyle of traveling by helicopter and in expensive cars.

5. Morgan Stewart

Morgan is another Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star. Her fortune comes from her millionaire architect father. Her claim to fame is her reality TV show as well as her blog, Boobs & Loubs. Because of the popularity of her blog, her Instagram feed has around 700,000 followers. She recently started an activewear line because she always had a hard time finding sleek, stylish clothes to wear during her thrice-weekly yoga sessions.

6. Param Sharma

People love to hate Param. The San Francisco teen is known for calling the Kardashian clan peasants, as well as throwing $4,000 into the air in an attempt to mock people who donate their money. He shares pictures of his favorite things, namely money and Louis Vuitton. Some people question whether he’s really as wealthy as he claims to be. This hasn’t stopped nearly 400,000 people from following his Instagram feed, though.

7. E. J. Johnson

rich kids of InstagramThe son of famed basketball star “Magic” Johnson has 630,000 followers on Instagram – more than his famous dad. His money doesn’t all come from his father, though. He worked hard to grow his own brand and distance himself from his dad. His own net worth is $2 million. Besides being a regular Instagram poster and a Rich Kids alum, he’s also a correspondent for E! News and the Fashion Police.

Why You Should Follow the Rich Kids on Instagram

If you dream of living the glam life, you should follow the rich kids of Instagram. Their feeds are a window into how the privileged people spend their time. These kids will show you how to live the good life and inspire you to one day have a similarly fun, lavish lifestyle.

Top image source: Pixabay