Nothing says luxury like a handcrafted yacht. However, most businesses that advertise as “handcrafted” are machine-made and cookie cutter at best. There are, however, companies that take the painstaking time to handcraft each yacht they set sail. While there is an expensive price tag that goes along with that craftsmanship, there is also the opportunity to own an exclusive piece of mobile art.

Why Handcrafted?

Yachts designed specifically for their new owner stand out in an otherwise crowded market. When one purchases a handmade ship, they receive superior customer service, a one-of-a-kind craft, and access to the best safety and technology standards in the market. Whether one needs a small yacht for zipping around or a massive yacht with its own defense, these makers are sure to create the best ships money can buy.

1. Perini Navi

Perini Navi is an Italian boat maker located in Viareggio, Italy. Four companies in the boat manufacturer’s name operate in five areas. They offer a line of racing yachts, cruisers, sailing yachts, and Picchiotti motor yachts.

The sailing yachts and motor yachts are all customizable to the customers’ needs. The Perini Navi boats constructed in Picchiotti and Viareggio are also customizable.

Customers located in the United States do not have to travel to Italy to get a custom yacht from the company; instead, they can visit the brokerage in Newport, Rhode Island, to order their custom creation. All sailing boats from this company can be operated by just one individual, making them truly unique.

2. Burger Boat Company

The Companies that Create All Yachts by HandShip enthusiasts know more about Manitowoc, Wisconsin than Netflix fans. They know that Burger Boat Company resides here and creates some of the most exquisite yachts. A client must visit the shipyard and have a consultation with the designer to create their perfect boat.

As a customer, they select their hull design, styling, and interior floor plan. The engine and generation equipment are also custom-designed to the customer’s needs. Then, the customer adds their entertainment systems, individual requirements, and of course their navigation system.

3. Sunseeker

This British yacht maker was originally founded in 1969. The company started with the intention of creating one-of-a-kind boats for those who desire them. The company acquired Owens Cruisers’ United Kingdom just shortly after opening their doors. Now, they use Owens molds to create smaller crafts.

Their market has expanded, and when the demand for larger crafts came about in the 1990s, they answered. They offer sleek automotive designs with their twin jet drives, which were the original prototypes that other companies quickly started to use.

Since their start, Sunseeker’s creations have slowly become more luxurious, customized, and larger. In fact, in 2015 they released their hundredth 100-foot category boat.

4. Luerssen

The Companies that Create All Yachts by HandLuerssen is a German yacht making company that has crafted more than 13,000 boats and ships in their yard at Bremen. They gained their fame in 2013 when they created the Azzam, which is the biggest private motor yacht in the world. It measures 590 feet and is owned by the president of the United Arab Emirates. It has its own miniature submarine and missile defense system.

5. Trinity Yachts

The American-based Trinity Yachts comes from Gulfport, Mississippi as well as New Orleans. They are known for their premier steel and aluminum yachts. They pride themselves on meeting market demands and have won numerous awards for best boats of the year as well as best in the show. Their boats come in at astounding lengths and feature luxurious interior finishes and exterior options, including helicopter landing pads.