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Relax With These Beautiful Spa Bathrooms To Install In Your Home Today

Classic Elegance Abounds

classic bathroom

In an elegant spa bathroom, you would do well to consider a free-standing tub. If you have the space for it, you might also want to add a bay window to allow the natural light in during the day.

Another beautiful addition you might want to consider in an elegant bathroom would be to incorporate classical architecture pieces like doorknobs or side tables.

Clean Serenity

modern bathroom

For this spa bathroom, you might incorporate clean lines and lots of bamboo or teak wood tones. A freestanding tub is also ideal.

Keep the colors neutral in this kind of design for a calming feel when you walk in.

Naturally Elegant

Elegance never goes out of style, so you might consider this idea if going for a more natural look to your bathroom.

Go for warm, wood tones and a freestanding tub to give your bathroom a naturally elegant appearance.

All of the Things

Maybe you’re more about having a walk-in shower that will hold more than one person comfortably. If that’s your dream, consider multiple showerheads and more extensive space for your shower.

Add some custom drawers for the ultimate touch to make sure you have all of the things you could ever want in your spa bathroom.

High-End Perfection

high-end bathroom

If you see yourself as more of the couture type, consider going all in for your spa bathroom to create a high-end experience.

Dark woods, vessel sinks, and a marble tub and floors will create a sophisticated look and a spa feel whenever you wander into your bathroom.

Small Space, Spa Awaits

Even if you have a smaller bathroom, don’t count yourself out in finding what will work for you to create your spa atmosphere.

Consider adding clear shower panels and dark woods to light and airy tones to create a dreamy spa you’ll love.

Just Beachy

If you are fortunate enough to view the ocean from your windows, consider creating an atmosphere that reflects oceanic tones.

Embrace a freestanding claw tub and lots of white and pale blues to create your perfect place to relax.

Tubs for Two

tub for two

For those in the crowd that put more importance in the tub, consider making your shower size smaller to make way for a larger, two-person tub.

With a tub built for two, you can cozy up and enjoy all the space the tub has to offer.

Pampering on a Budget

Not everyone can go forward and completely revamp their entire bathroom, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us should miss out.

Something as simple as a DIY stone mat or greenery can bring out the spa from your bathroom. Indulge a little and enjoy without spending a ton of money.

Quick Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into Your Sanctuary

There are some tried and true methods to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you decide what you want and what you’ll create as your own beautiful spa bathroom.

  • Dimmers are fantastic to control lighting. Lower lights automatically make it more relaxing.
  • Faux wood veneers or tiles can add warmth to any bathroom, and they’re usually not too expensive.
  • De-clutter your bathroom space, especially your tub and shower. Find a place for those lotions you don’t use. Throw them out if you can’t.
  • Heated towels just feel nice when you step out of the shower or tub. Consider installing a towel warmer just because you can.
  • Oil diffusers are not just for the crunchy people out there. An oil diffuser in your bathroom can add to the Zenlike feeling you’re going for, so run with it.
  • Music adds to the mood, so listen to something that relaxes you. Instrumentals or music from the likes of Journey can all be relaxing to you, so pick something you enjoy and let yourself enjoy it.
  • Earth tones are calming, so don’t be afraid to use tans and browns to repaint the walls if you feel so inclined. Let nature inspire your inner designer and let the creative juices flow.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. Let your eye decide on the beauty that wants to be found in a spa bathroom of your own creation!