Some people think that a car is just a car. It’s a thing with wheels that gets you from point A to point B.

It might have a few bells and whistles, but its primary function is quite functional. It’s what gets you to work on time in the morning, and returns you home safely at night.

The people who feel that way are not the people that the Rolls Royce Ghost was made for.

The Ghost is for people who can appreciate a fine engine, and a sleek contour. It’s a car for people who find beauty in machinery, and soul in engineering.

If you’re one of those people, then you’ll find that the Ghost does exactly what a real one might do. Its takes your breath away, and here are the five reasons why.

Five Ways the Rolls Royce Ghost Will Leave You Breathless

1. The Backseat


Practically, any car company can make the front seat appealing, but it’s a much harder task to make the backseat look like a thing of beauty.

The Ghost accomplishes that with ease.

Thanks to the broader wheelbase of the Ghost, rear passengers can enjoy nearly seven more inches of legroom. That might not sound like very much, but it’s enough to be the difference between cramped and comfortable, and between ordinary and luxury.

But it’s not just the extra room that might have passengers foregoing riding shotgun – it’s the technology.

The backseat features polished veneer tray tables that fold down to reveal 9.2-inch digital screens. These display BluRay movies with stunning clarity, and provide entertainment for all ages, and all types of travel.

The comfort of the backseat is a testament to Rolls Royce’ commitment to luxury at every level.

Your car should be a sanctuary. It’s an oasis from the sweltering heat and staggering hustle of the rest of the world. It’s a place to tune out the noise, and relax with people you hold dear. It’s not a place to be hemmed in by a boxy design, or plastered to cheap vinyl seats.

2. The Attention to Detail

detailed interior

Nobody does luxury like Rolls Royce. In fact, no other car company can even comes close to mastering and leveraging the importance of detail the way that Rolls Royce can. The Ghost is a perfect example of those exceptional skills.

The floor mats are made from lamb’s wool. The seats are angled slightly toward each other the way they might be at a casual party. The beautiful wooden veneer of the inlays and side panels is hewn from one individual tree per car. The starlight headliner allows you, and your passengers, to travel under the constellation of your choice.

All these components mean that you aren’t just traveling in a car, and you aren’t just hurtling towards a destination. They mean that you have already arrived.

3. The Body

the body

The Ghost is a finely engineered piece of machinery. It’s powerful, but it’s also beautiful. The effortless lines of its sinewy body rival those of a top-notch athlete.

The model is named Ghost as a homage to the Silver Ghost model from the 1920’s, but it could easily have been called Grace instead.

The Ghost is fluid, regal, and just a little flashy. It cuts an imposing figure, but thanks to its British lineage, it’s modest about it.

4. The Custom Options

ghost steering wheel

From monogrammed stitching on your headrests to a center console champagne chiller equipped with two flutes, the Ghost can come packaged in tons of personalized ways. You can choose from numerous colors, finish options, and wheel types, and you can even customize the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.

Choosing from a list of custom options is not unusual when car shopping, but the level of extravagance is. So is what having these options to begin with signifies. That’s because, according to Rolls Royce, you don’t purchase a Rolls Royce, you commission one.

The term commission is no accent. It’s quite purposeful because make no mistake, the Ghost is a work of art. You know that because you have an eye for these things.

5. The Accessibility

ghost on the road

The obvious joke to make is that it’s the price of the Ghost that will take your breath away. At a base price of $300,000 it just might do the trick, but it’s still relatively attainable when compared with other models, and other luxury brands.

Similarly, even though it’s an extremely high-end luxury vehicle, it’s not stuffy or boorish. It’s sophisticated, sure, but it’s also meant as a place to gather. It has less boardroom and more living room. It achieves this in its special features. Its eighteen speaker system for example is unmatched in quality, but you can totally use it to blast something other than Beethoven.

The Breathtaking Rolls Royce Ghost

breathtaking look

The Rolls Royce Ghost is the epitome of luxury. It’s majestic, decadent, and everything you would expect from the masters of refinement.