If you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, these crazy contraptions, toys, and gizmos will make you look cool and provide hours of entertainment.

Make everyone roll their eyes and mutter “Rich kids and their toys…” when you roll, ride, sail, or swim by in one of these babies.

7 Toys That Cost a Pretty Penny

You can’t separate rich kids and their toys. Here are some of the coolest options for your consideration:

1. The Personal Submarine

If you want to pretend you’re Jacques Cousteau, you can purchase this miniature, personal submarine for a whopping 2 million dollars. Described as a “two-person submersible,” it touts a climate-controlled acrylic pressure sphere, six hours of battery life, and can reach speeds up to three knots.

2. 1965 Mustang Car Pool Table

rich kids and their toysYes, this pool table is made from the actual body of a 1965 Mustang. To top it off, the front and rear lights work, and everything is totally authentic, from the chrome bumpers to the alloy rims on the tires. This table takes car collecting and billiards to a whole new level. You can get it for about $10,000.

3. A Giant Robot

If you have dreams of owning a real robot friend a la The Iron Giant, then you’re in luck. This seven-foot-tall “Robby the Robot” is animatronic, remote-controlled, and modeled after the robot in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet. All it takes to own Robby is $32,000.

4. Inflatable Water Park

rich kids and their toysMake boating more fun with your own personal water park. This inflatable tower features a giant slide, climbing rungs for taking flying leaps into the water, and a splash mat for relaxing. If you’re worried about durability, don’t be, because it’s made of commercial-grade reinforced PVC with hot air welded seams and a UV-resistant coating. It will only set you back $8,000.

5. Segway Ninebot Mini Pro


Courtesy: Segway.com

Combining the cool-factor of a hoverboard with the ease-of-use of a scooter, this Segway will get you rolling all over town. It has self-balancing technology, which means you lean forward or back to steer, but it also includes knee-steering for turns – and a bit more control. You can even get an accompanying app to access different modes of operation, including a remote-control mode.

6. Wi-Fi Video Goggles

These Wi-Fi Video Goggles look a little silly, but put them on and you’ll be instantly immersed in a unique movie-watching experience. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a theater with a 100-foot screen without leaving your armchair. Plus, it’s all totally private for that relaxing, solo movie-going experience.

Watch your favorite movies without bothering the person sitting next to you. You can even choose to mirror your device’s screen, so the sky’s the limit for your entertainment. At $550, these are a steal.

7. Human Bowling Ball

If you’re looking for the ultimate crazy party game, this is it. The Human Bowling Ball is a huge, inflatable bowling game. How do you play? Simply zip yourself into an inflatable, see-through PVC bowling ball and launch yourself down the lane at the included, 5-inch tall foam pins. It will only set you back about $5,500.

Rich Kids and Their Toys Have More Fun

Other people might roll their eyes – meanwhile, you’ll be having a blast. Shell out the cash for any of these contraptions, gizmos, and crazy games and instantly become the life of the party and the envy of your neighbors.

Top Image Source: Wikipedia