The Porsche Cayman sits in a category all its own just below the 911, and it offers a certain level of luxury other brands do not. The Cayman sits squarely between the 911 and Boxster in the Porsche range, and it is a beautiful example of how a car company may make minor alterations to their prime design when creating new models. The Cayman is much like a 911, but it has its own character. This article explains how you may partake in a 2015 Porsche Cayman, enjoy the driving pleasure of Porsche and find great value in a new Porsche.

Where Did the Porsche Cayman Originate?

The Porsche Cayman filled a gap in the Porsche range between the 911 and Boxster. The Boxster is a light sports car, and the 911 is one of the most iconic supercars of all time. The Cayman takes hints from the 911 and Boxster as it creates its own style. You will find is intriguing in its design, and it is a fun car to drive as it has Porsche power.

The Stuttgart Design

The designers in Stuttgart take their inspiration from Porsches of old. The original 911 thinks back to vehicles such as the old Porsche 32, and the company morphs their designs from the plainest to the most complex. The company’s headquarters is awash in the bold styling found in their vehicles, and the newest Cayman models offer the boldness drivers are accustomed to.

Borrowing from the 911

The 911 has a curving roof that is quite aerodynamic, and the rear-mounted engine ensures the vehicle slips through the air. The Cayman has the curved roof from a 911, and the vehicle dips in the back to allow air to pass over easily. The Cayman is a bit shorter than a 911, but it remembers the brilliant design in a 911 that need not change.

Borrowing from The Boxster

The Boxster has quite a long hood that lends to its grand touring design. There are quite a few people who prefer the Boxster due to the extra leg room they get, and the Cayman offers you comfort unlike any other vehicle in its range. You may sit back comfortably, and the vehicle will go anywhere you like without cramping your legs.

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What Does the Porsche Cayman Include?

There are quite a few additions to the Cayman, and you will find the vehicle exciting as you sit in the cockpit for the first time. The Cayman is outfitted much like a 911 with a bit less power. You may drive the vehicle aggressively if you like, and you will feel the back end step out on slippery roads. You are guaranteed to have fun in the Cayman, and you will enjoy the options that are most common in new Cayman models.

  • Sports Chrono Package with stopwatch;
  • Active suspension system that you may change given the terrain;
  • PTV torque vectoring system that ensures your power is laid down properly on the road;
  • Proper racing gearbox for track day events.

You are welcome to add and subtract different parts of the vehicle, and you will come out with a vehicle that is well-priced, drives well, and contains value. You will quite enjoy the Cayman as it grows in popularity, and the premium on the vehicle will turn it into a bit of investment. The driving luxury will last for decades, and you will have pride and joy in your driveway that everyone will see.

Pricing a New Porsche Cayman

The Porsche Cayman price you pay depends quite a lot on the model and trim package chosen. You may choose the Porsche Cayman S, Porsche Cayman GTS or a standard model Cayman. The vehicles may be built online using the Porsche website, and you will find it quite easy to create a car you will enjoy.

Porsche has created a car shopping experience that is unlike any other as their vehicles are accessible, not overpriced and easy to build online. You may find a dealership near you, and the dealers are quite helpful as you shop for a new vehicle. They understand the shopping experience for every buyer is quite different, and they will provide you with several options while making a purchase.

  • The vehicle starts at just over $50,000;
  • You may choose from the Black, S, GTS and standard model;
  • You may select the Sports Chrono Package;
  • You may add active suspension;
  • You may add the racing gearbox;
  • You may add colored brake calipers;
  • You may add a leather interior;
  • You may purchase a spider version with a soft roof.

Each addition to the vehicle raises the price, and you may build a luxury vehicle that is under $75,000. There are almost no accessible luxury vehicles on the market, and Porsche offers the Cayman from discerning drivers who want something under them that will take the kids to school, take the driver to work and take a road trip on the weekend.


The Porsche Cayman is the perfect compromise between a simple sports car and a supercar. You will find quite a lot of driving pleasure in the vehicle, and it will offer you every amenity you require for your daily grind. You may build the vehicle online in the proper color, with every added extra, and with a soft top when required.

Your search for a fine vehicle has ended when you partake in the style and substance of Porsche. The Porsche Cayman is an incredible vehicle with quite a lot of power, that will drive on track days if you like and will run to the store for a gallon of milk. You deserve the versatility found in the Cayman.

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