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Here Are The Four Ways The Porsche 944 Stands The Test Of Time

Not many things were able to survive the eighties gracefully. Acid washed jeans, legwarmers, hair bands, and VCR’s are just a few of the casualties of time, and taste.

These are perhaps some easy targets. Legwarmers after all, never really stood a chance.

There are some elements of the eighties, however, that were destined to overcome the excess, and exuberance, of such a radical decade.

The Porsche 944 is one of them.

It’s a resounding example of that resilience. It zoomed into the eighties with speed, power, and a little raw talent, and it raced away unscathed, right into the twenty first century.

Four Ways the Porsche 944 Makes a Lasting Impression

Porsche 944

Introduced in 1982, The Porsche 944 did what so many cars and car companies hope to accomplish.

It transcended time.

Here are four ways that the Porsche 944 stands up against the march of time, and keeps on revving its engine.


To transcend time, you have to be really good at the thing that you are supposed to be good at.

To be a comedian whose comedy is enjoyed for decades, you have to be really good at making people laugh. To be a car that is appreciated for years to come, you have to give people a good driving experience.

The Porsche 944 is a luxury sports car, but its emphasis really belongs on the sport portion. It has a manual transmission, a horsepower of one hundred and fifty, and it can go from zero to sixty in less than nine seconds.

It’s more comfortable to drive than earlier models, it handles better, and it has an almost even weight distribution between the front and back ends of the car.

This makes it easier to maneuver, and ultimately more fun to drive.

As a sports car its natural habitat is the racetrack, but a good sports car can make any road feel like a track. Sure, you can’t take it up to its top speed of roughly one hundred and thirty miles per hour, but you can still have a little fun.

2. It Has Iconic Headlights

There’s no question that the popup headlights are one of the car’s most iconic, and exciting features. They’re the ultimate in extravagance and excess.

There’s no real advantage to having headlights that pop up, but they capture the joie de vivre that’s at the heart of Porsche.

When you turn them on the car is saying, “I’m ready. Let’s go.” That simple motion is a signal to those around you that you’re ready too.

When you hop into a Porsche 944, the world is yours.

And you’re ready to go get it.

That kind of spirit stands the test of time of on its own. A car that makes you feel like you can tackle the world will always be in style.

3. You Can Keep It Running

There are many cars, and objects, from various points in history that are beloved, and yet are hard to preserve. A car might be classic, but can you keep it in good shape? Can you actually find the parts you need to keep it running?

Porsche provides a Classic Parts Explorer on its website, which allows you to select the model 944, and search for available parts. Their inventory of available parts is limited based on the model, but they are always expanding.

It’s also simply a great resource to find out what parts you may need, which will give you the freedom to scour the Internet with confidence.

Need to know the product number for the exact air intake hose you need to fix up your Porsche 944?

You can look it up through the parts explorer with just a few clicks. It takes the guesswork out of keeping your car in working order, and on the road.

4. Its Design is Simple

At a time when excess was the order of the day, and flash was more important than substance, the Porsche 944 proved that simple could be sexy.

It’s a sports car, but it doesn’t have vents and oversized wings. It has a simple shape, an almost modest footnote to the power it possesses.

Its front spoiler is the same color as the body of the car. It has detail that probably goes unnoticed by most people, but it was a signature part of the car’s European exterior.

It makes the car look fluid, or as if it were formed from one single piece of bright metal, making the car look both compact, and powerful.

The Porsche 944 Will Continue to Endure

porsche 944

The Porsche 944 is certainly synonymous with the luxury and extravagance of the eighties, and yet it’s not stuck in the decade. Instead it’s an enduring symbol of just how great an automobile can be.