When you get ready for your next trip out of town, what can you do to ensure that your trip will be comfortable, relaxing, and thoroughly enjoyable?

Most people look to restaurants, shopping experiences, and fun activities like seeing shows, exhibitions, or famous landmarks.

But more is required in order to have a truly outstanding trip: Your accommodations.

Your run-of-the-mill hotel room might be sufficient in certain situations, but if you want a vacation you’ll never forget, you need to look into renting a penthouse.

Penthouses are pricier to be sure – but they’re totally worth it. Read on to find out why.

Why Stay in a Penthouse Instead of a Regular Hotel Room

interiors of a luxury penthouse suite with glass window and wood flooring

The main reason to stay in a penthouse is comfort. The penthouse takes up an entire floor of a hotel. You have a ton of room, whether there’s a single person staying there or an entire family.

Another reason to stay in penthouses while on vacation is because of the views. Typically, the penthouse suite offers panoramic views of the city below. If you’re headed to a destination for the first time and really want to soak up the atmosphere, there’s no better way to do this than with a great view.

Finally, the privacy you’ll have in a penthouse suite is second to none. You don’t have to worry about other vacationers disturbing your peace because you’re the only one on that floor. And you’re far enough away from the city streets to not be bothered by the sounds of traffic and pedestrians.

5 Beautiful Penthouses to Stay In On Your Next Vacation

There are plenty of gorgeous penthouses around the world to choose from. Here are some of the most luxurious.

1. The Saigon Suite, Reverie Saigon

interiors of the The Saigon Suite or the penthouse suite in Reverie Saigon

If you ever find yourself traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, you need to book a stay in the Saigon Suite. This penthouse takes up the 38th and 39th floors of the Reverie Saigon, giving you approximately 3000 square feet of luxury.

The suite comes with a mini bar and a dedicated butler.

Rates are approximately $$$ per night.

2. Royale Oriental Suite, Mandarin Oriental Paris

living room area of Royale Oriental Suite, Mandarin Oriental Paris

How would you like to spend your mornings and evenings on an 800 square foot terrace overlooking Paris? This is the perfect setting for enjoying your morning coffee and evening glass of wine, especially considering the star jasmine and camellia bushes that surround you.

The retractable roof gives you the opportunity to sit on the terrace whenever you want, no matter the season.

The inside of the apartment is split-level with a sculpted staircase and an embroidered headboard by Maison Lesage. This embroidery house is well-known for creating jaw dropping haut couture embroidery designs for Givenchy and Chanel.

Penthouse rates are around $$$ per night.

3. Aqua Villa Penthouse, Cape Town, South Africa

swimming pool area of Aqua Villa Penthouse, Cape Town, South Africa

This penthouse also features an open terrace, though this one has a glass pool that overlooks Camps Bay Beach. The terrace includes a bar, lounge chairs, and a barbecue. Inside the three bedroom apartment you’ll find a chef’s kitchen and luxurious furnishings.

Penthouse rates are around $ per night.

4. Penthouse Suite, Gstaad Palace, Gstaad, Switzerland

homey interiors of the Penthouse Suite, Gstaad Palace in Gstaad, Switzerland

The design concept behind this suite is that of a home rather than a hotel room. You’ll find antler chandeliers, beamed ceilings, fur throws, a fireplace, a private sauna, and incredibly plush beds.

Once you tear yourself away from the cozy bed and fireplace, you’ll get to enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the world – those of the Bernese Alps.

The hotel itself is over 100 years old and looks like a castle.

Penthouse rates range from $$ to $$, depending on the season.

5. Sky Suite, La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla, California

living room area of the Sky Suite, La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla in California

What if you aren’t traveling internationally? That’s not a problem. You can find an abundance of penthouses throughout the U.S.

Take this one in California, for example. If you love the turquoise waters of the Pacific, you‘ll get a wonderful 180-degree view of it from the Sky Suite.

The two bedroom suite has Southern California laid back charm, with hardwood floors and mosaic wall tiles from Spain.

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a welcome drink, which is typically the La Valencia Hotel’s signature cocktail: Watermelon juice along with basil-infused vodka.

Penthouse rates start at $ per night.

A Penthouse Suite Allows You to Have the Vacation of a Lifetime

When you travel, you want a comfortable home away from home. Your average hotel room can’t give you this. Instead, you’ll tend to feel like you’re staying in bedroom with as much furniture as possible stuffed into it.

This isn’t that conducive to rest, relaxation, and an overall enjoyable trip.

If you want a great experience while on vacation, try renting a penthouse suite. Though it will cost more money, it’s definitely worth it. You’ll have more space, luxuriously comfortable accommodations, exceptional amenities, and fantastic views.

Staying in a penthouse will provide you with a wonderful experience. You’ll truly be able to say you had the trip of a lifetime.