Patek Phillipe is a watch brand unlike any other in the world. You are plunging into an ocean of luxury when you try on a Patek Phillipe watch, and you will find each new style quite exciting as compared to watches you once wore. This article is a brief overview of the beauty of Patek Phillipe watches, their design, and their durability. You are buying a watch to wear for a lifetime, and you may wear the watch with every outfit on every day.

What Is the Patek Phillipe Brand?

The brand was born in Geneva among the greatest of the Swiss watchmakers, and they have built their brand over the course of a century as one of the most luxurious in the world. They have cornered the market on luxury, and they are building new watches in their shop every day that will outfit the wrists of the world’s most sophisticated people.

The Brand Is Beautiful

Patek Phillipe watches have been designed in several different forms, and each one was designed to bring out the beauty of the brand. You will enjoy shopping for the watches as each new style is released, and you may walk through showrooms that will share with you the finest of the Phillipe watches.

Patek Phillipe Calatrava

The Patek brand is built on the back of the Calatrava watch, and they have held it as their signature since 1932. They have built up a brand that has diverged from the original, and they are building watches that are known as variants of the Calatrava. You may wear the Calatrava as a marker of your personal sophistication, and everyone who sees it will know you chose it specifically for its beauty.

The Patek Phillipe Nautilus

The Nautilus is a watch created for the wayfarer who wishes to travel the world. There are quite a few people who want to travel, and the watch matches your most casual clothes. You may wear the watch to the office, and you will find the watch works beautifully when you change into the resort clothes you wear on your vacation. Your style is maintained with the watch, and the resort staff will take note of what is on your wrist.

New Faces

You may take on several different faces when purchasing your watch, and you will find the Patek brand offers you several different colors to look over when you buy. You may purchase watches with a black face, blue face or pearl face. The soft effervescence of the pearl face will welcome you every time you check the hour or your watch may help you feel a dark sophistication in black or blue.

two petek philipe watches

What to Expect from the Patek Phillipe Brand?

You may expect a high sense of style from a Patek watch, and you must ensure you have taken a look at the brand as it is built in the Swiss style. Swiss watches are known the world over for their incredible style, and they are durable in a generational sense. You may hand the watch down to someone in the family. The watch may make its way to a child, and it may come down to a grandchild.

The legendary durability of a Swiss watch is present in every new piece, and you may wear the watch in all situations. Architects will quite enjoy the watch they walk to a job site, or a sailor may wear a Patek watch when they are on the open sea. Patek Phillipe is a wonderful brand that will run in all situations as if nothing had changed, and you will note there is not a sound as it ticks by.

The watch bands on every Patek Phillipe piece will feel incredible on your arm, and the supple leather will save you from uncomfortable hours breaking the watch in. Metal watchbands are smoothed over for the benefit of your arm, and men who wish to keep a metal watchband around will feel more comfortable with Patek.

Pricing a New Patek Phillipe Watch

Your new Patek Phillipe watch is an investment piece you will enjoy as it is worn every day. The watches have high prices that denote their incredible value, and you will feel a difference in your commitment to style when you find an investment piece that retains its value over the years.

You may begin your journey with Patek Phillipe for around $25,000, and the watches escalate in price given their age and rarity. New models of the Calatrava may price for as much as $75,000 when they carry a special face, a fine wristband or a unique timing system. You must determine how much you are willing to pay, and you will see the value of the watch rising over time. Appreciation occurs on a Patek watch the moment it is purchased.

brown petek philippe watch


You are investing in a watch that will last for centuries on the wrists of every man in your family, and you must try a new Patek watch today for your personal collection. You may purchase more than one over the years, or you may settle with the Calatrava and its iconic style. Everyone who loves watches knows the Calatrava is the signature model of a brand that far outshines every other watch brand coming from Switzerland.

You may check Patek Phillipe prices when you shop for a new watch, and you must ensure you have taken a close look at each piece to determine which one is best for you. Your wrist will be adorned in one of the best watches created, and you will understand the allure of a luxury watch. Every man you work with will see the watch, and it becomes a conversation starter as the lot of you discuss the gorgeous detail and style inherent in a Patek timepiece.

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