Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director, will definitely have a busy schedule in 2017, considering that he’s already involved in so many exciting projects meant to consolidate the French label’s position as one of the best-loved luxury fashion brands on the global market.

In less than 18 months, Rousteing has managed a number of notable accomplishments, including a to-die-for H&M collaboration, the opening of a New York City store, the launch of a childrenswear line, and a feature in one of Kanye West’s insanely cool music videos. All these successful projects, which most brands would find virtually impossible to complete over such a short period of time, may get some of us thinking that Rousteing needs a break to enjoy his victories and get those creative juices pumping again.

A Busy 2017

In reality, those who think that Balmain’s visionary creative director is about to take a well-deserved vacation are terribly wrong. Energetic as usual and madly in love with his work, Rousteing is currently working on Balmain’s first accessory collection, which will be unveiled on January 21, according to Vogue. The much-anticipated line of accessories will feature shoes, handbags, and more.

Olivier Rousteing Plans to Launch Balmain’s Line of AccessoriesAs we speak, fashionistas all over the world are dreaming about ways in which they could pair the fresh Balmain accessories with the seductive, ultra-feminine clothes they have already purchased from the label. However, it’s safe to say that the highly anticipated line of Balmain accessories will be more versatile and accessible than most people expect. This is simply due to the fact that it will cater to the needs, aesthetic demands, and price points of several categories of Balmain lovers.

What Types of Accessories Should We Expect?

To begin with, Rousteing talks about a category of embellishment designed to match the luxurious taste of most Balmain fans, which will revolve around plenty of gold and flashy couture detailing. Nightlife-loving customers will most likely find this part of the collection appealing, and turn some of its most fabulous chunky, golden jewels into the focal points of their glamorous party outfits.

Olivier Rousteing Plans to Launch Balmain’s Line of AccessoriesHere is where it gets interesting: as loyal as Rousteing is to his clientele with an insatiable appetite for bling, the creative director doesn’t want to neglect a significant percentage of his audience, which is interested in less opulent designs that address the practical and aesthetic needs of the working Balmain consumer.

This subcategory should offer us equally gorgeous jewelry defined by a subtler elegance, which we could actually wear with pride at the office; the same goes for the handbags. In order to reach a broader audience with a passion for high-end, exquisite goods, Rousteing is planning to present a collection of accessories that are actually more affordable than the luxe products the company has rolled out so far.

Apparently, this strategy is a part of a clever plan meant to help Balmain diversify its vast army of followers, and give more prospective buyers the chance to indulge in luxury. Even those who cannot afford to pay top dollar for couture detailing will have the opportunity to purchase high-quality accessories.

When Will We See This?

The accessory line is one of Balmain’s most important projects, in the works since 2016. The good news is that it will finally be unveiled during the brand’s menswear show. Talking about Balmain’s first accessory line, Rousteing reveals that this collection is more than a business venture, and suggests that the high-end embellishments are all about the perfect balance between beauty and comfort.

All these details make us want to keep tabs on Balmain’s next moves, and get our hands on these highly coveted adornments before they sell out.