When you think about the most expensive house in the world, you might think that it’s owned by some famous. Perhaps a Hollywood starlet or leading man owns it in the Hollywood Hills.

Actually, the most expensive homes in the world are owned by businesspeople, investors, inventors, nobility, heirs of fortunes, and yes, a few of Hollywood’s favorite stars.

But what about the most expensive house of all? Who owns that home?

The Most Expensive House in the World – You’ll be Blown Away by the Price Tag

To own the priciest home in the world, you’ll need to come up with about $2 billion. That’s right – billion with a B.

This home is called Antilia and it’s located in Mumbai India. The owner of this home is the fifth wealthiest person in the world, gaining his money as an oil tycoon. His name is Mukesh Ambani and he lives in the structure with his wife and three children.

Antilia was designed like a skyscraper, complete with 27 stories and nine elevators. You’ll also find a ballroom, space for nearly 170 vehicles, a theater that seats 50 guests, and three helipads.

Each floor is different from the others upon the request of Ambani that no two stories are alike. On one level is everything you can think of that’s related to health and wellness. The 400,000 square foot home also has guest suites and a temple.

4 Other Expensive Homes Worth Mentioning

While these aren’t nearly as expensive as Antilia, they are worth mentioning. Not only are their price tags fairly hefty, they have some really amazing features that may very well be worth coveting.

1. Xanadu 2.0

With a name like this, it isn’t difficult to figure out who owns this home. It’s none other than tech giant Bill Gates.

His mansion in Washington State cost over $125 million and took seven years to design and build.

The complex is a mix of modern tech and rustic character. It’s 66,000 square feet and has a glorious view of Lake Washington.

Gates has designed pins that the residents and visitors can wear that trigger their preferences in regard to temperature, lighting, and wall art.

Within the walls of Xanadu 2.0, you’ll find:

  • A 2500 square foot gym
  • A 2100 square foot library
  • A 2300 square foot reception hall/ballroom
  • A 6300 square foot garage located underground.

2. Villa Les Cèdres

This mansion sits on 35 acres of land along the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat coast. It was once owned by Belgian King Leopold II. It was later purchased by the Marnier-Lapostolle family. The family that created Grand Marnier liquor, a delicious orange liquor.

Additionally, it’s said that the library within this home holds over 3000 books.

Moreover, the house has very ornate décor, including chandeliers, coffered ceilings, and 19th-century moldings.

All in all, the house has 14 rooms and has recently been sold for over $400 million.

3. Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-mer, France

One of the priciest homes on this list is actually another home of Belgian King Leopold II. Although this wasn’t his family home – it was a gift to one of his mistresses.

Further, the house sits on 50 acres and has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. It also has a helipad and outdoor kitchen. It’s also been the backdrop to several Hollywood films, including To Catch a Thief, an Alfred Hitchcock film starring Cary Grant.

To sum up, the home – owned by the widow of a wealthy Lebanese banker – is said to be worth over $750 million.

4. The Penthouse, Tour Odéon, Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Tour Odéon is a 49 story building along the Mediterranean.

Accordingly, the penthouse is said to be the most expensive penthouse apartment in the world. It’s 35,500 square feet and has a panoramic view of the Mediterranean along with a circular rooftop infinity pool, which also has a water slide.

All in all, the apartment is said to be worth $400,000.

Would You Be Willing to Invest Billions in Your Dream Home?

Finally, the most expensive homes in the world have some pretty impressive features. If you had the money, would you be willing to invest hundreds of millions – even billions – of dollars into a home like one listed here?

Additionally, if you’re like most people, you might appreciate some of the features, to be sure.

However, you might find that you’re just as satisfied with a few million dollars into a home as you would be if you sunk a billion dollars into it. Or maybe you’d want to use your money to buy multiple million dollar homes around the world.

Whatever your personal tastes may be, there’s no denying that the most expensive house in the world and the honorable mentions are truly impressive. Still, it’s amazing what people can design when they have nearly unlimited funds and imagination!

So there you have it! The most expensive house in the world.