Nowadays Michael Kors is synonym with luxury fashion and one of the most recognizable brand names all over the world. The man giving his name to a world-famous label has been a designer since early childhood and it is said that his love for stellar beauty was inspired by his mother’s career as a model. Michael Kors’ watches follow the overall vision the American designer imbued in all his creations: an all-American look in sporty, clean lines with a high-end touch. But Kors’ history as a designer precedes his now legendary watches collections. He started his own label in 1981 and just two years later he received the First American Original Award from Dupont as an official recognition of his talent and unique vision.

What Makes Michael Kors’ Take to Fashion so Original?

The then young designer soon understood that beautiful and luxurious clothes and accessories were not only art pieces to be displayed on fashion runways. He wanted to make things that could be worn by all people every day as real life was not a fashion show and the streets of New York were definitely not catwalks.

This is why his vision was to blend ready-to-wear clothing with matching and complementary accessories that would become integrated, luxury outfits working together in tandem. This is why all his creations feature the unique trait of being coherent across collections. He wanted to see people wearing his designs from head to toe and everything to be pieces of a larger, elegant and remarkable puzzle.

A Michael Kors watch fits perfectly into a Michael Kors outfit that also works great with the brand’s accessories and fragrances. Historically speaking, Michael Kors mens watches and the Michael Kors watches for women collections were introduced into his full scale line of clothing in 2004.

Worn by the First Lady Herself, Michelle Obama

However, at that time, the American designer already had the biggest fan one can only dream of: the United States First Lady Michelle Obama. She wore a dress signed by him for her first official portrait as First Lady. No one should wonder, thus, why Michelle Obama continued to wear Michael Kors watches (and many of his outfits) for the past years.

The blend of luxury fabrics, an immutable desire for his creations to be available on a large scale and his legendary attention to all details turned the designer and his eponymous brand into the flagship carrier of high-end contemporary fashion.

What is interesting to know is that Michael Kors watches collections have slowly but steadily eclipsed his clothing lines in the recent years. While his outfits are still worn by celebrities, socialites, political figures and media gurus, both Michael Kors watches for men and Michael Kors ladies watches surpassed his clothing lines in popularity and universal acclaim.

Today, Michael Kors watches rank among the best-selling timepieces in the United States and all over the world. Add to that the fact that Michael signed a licensing agreement with Fossil and you will understand why the latter equally famous brand has produced and distributed Michael Kors watches for more than 15 years reaching wild levels of success.

Why Are Michael Kors Watches so Popular Nowadays?

In order to better understand why Michael Kors watches are considered more than timepieces or simple accessories, we should listen to what the designer says about his vision and mission (according to a 2014 interview for Harper’s Bazaar): “My plan has always been to stay curious, to make people feel great when they get dressed and to know what people want before they know it themselves.”

In Michael Kors’ vision, people want watches which mix elegance with high-end functionality. No matter their design, all Michael Kors watches feature a common set of traits: they are water resistant and come in stainless steel or leather straps. They all feature one way or the other precious adorning such as Swarovski crystals or pearls on the dial faces and black, silver, two-tone or gunmetal stainless steel.

One of the metals of choice that makes Michael Kors watches unmistakable are sterling silver and yellow / rose gold plating. From this point of view, some of the most successful timepieces even today are the Michael Kors silver watch designs; the black Michael Kors watch lines, and the Michael Kors rose gold watch collections.

Golden Michael Kors Timepieces, Draped with Swarovski Jewelry

The designer and his brand don’t stand just for beauty; they also make a true statement in favor of high-end, timeless quality marking every single piece of accessory created by the brand. Michael Kors watches are analogue, chronograph and, as of late, smartwatches as well. They sport polyurethane, ceramic, acetate or polyurethane wrapped links straps and many are available in bright colors. The leather straps show the brand’s inclination to everything luxurious, as often leather straps are made of genuine python to crocodile skins and patterns.

Vividly colored or demure in design, Michael Kors watches often display a finesse that is unmatched by other producers. Some of the more formal versions come together with a trademark adjust-o-matic closure or a secure sport clasp featured by the sporty versions.

You can instantly recognize a Michael Kors watch if you pay attention to its build: you will soon notice the signature buckle and crown and the etched case backs. The brand logo is also a form of high-end art, as it is featured as an inscription throughout the design details of the watch. A closer look at the closure clasp and dial will also reveal the embedded logo.

Some of the most famous and revered Michael Kors watches collections are the Runway, Bradshaw, Lexington and Brinkley, and today we will take a closer look to our top seven choices that make the quintessence of Michael Kors’ vision on wearable luxurious timepieces.

girl with a wall and a michael kors watch

7 Michael Kors Watches to Love and Cherish Forever

What do Jenifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Keys, David Beckham and Michelle Obama have in common besides being famous? They all wear Michael Kors creations and watches. Do you know what we like best?

1. Jaryn Rose Gold-Tone Watch and Bracelet Set for Women

A true piece of jewelry, following the latest trends in stacking bracelets with time pieces, the Jaryn Rose watch is a mid-size stainless steel watch plated with rose gold-tone straps and rose sunray/K1 mineral glass face. The dial comes with scattered glitz in the shape of a heart while the accompanying bracelet is a rose gold-tone plated thin chain sporting a heart-shaped charm in a mix of glass stones and cubic zirconia.

The set is extremely feminine and practical, speaking to those women who love mixing sophistication with utility and having a sharp sense of fashion trends. The watch and bracelet duo is dedicated to the ones truly understanding the concept of polished outfits and accessories, the young, the playful and the free-spirited women who love to make a bold statement in the simplest of manners.

2. Access Dylan Silicone Black-Tone Smartwatch for Men

A fusion of timeless elegance, signature design and high-end technology, the Access smartwatch in the Dylan collection is a must-have for all young and dynamic men who love both high-quality timepieces and the latest tech blended in a sporty design. This oversize silicone black Michael Kors watch packs a big punch in terms of tech: it is powered by Android Wear and is compatible to both iOS and Android.

It incorporates a built-in fitness tracker and is able to keep you fashionably connected to your social media network, email and text alerts, app notifications, and many more. The smartwatch can be personalized so the screen matches you every day mood. Just like other Michael Kors watches, this one is also water resistant, with the added benefit of coming together with an extra buckle to be used with interchangeable straps.

The modern entrepreneur needs not to worry about anything anymore. He can now mix his personal sporty personal style with the benefits of staying connected and showing in the same time that fashionable wearable technology is no longer a whim but a lifestyle.

3. Lake Pavé Gold-Tone Embossed-Leather Watch for Women

If this watch had a second name it would be “functional chic.” Dedicated to young, free-spirited and bold women, this rectangular faced watch in gold and red is a statement of urban elegance. The timepiece comes with quartz/3 hand movement features, a gold-tone face frame adorned with little and discrete crystal-clear shining stones and a red embossed leather strap with a delicate pavé trim.

Wearability, beauty, luxury and functionality have never been better represented and contained in a small piece of accessory. The watch is a day-to-day timepiece with water-resistant features and a delicate urban contemporary charm that makes any woman stand out of the crowd. You will probably don’t need to wear an accompanying piece of jewelry or accessory as this particular wristwatch is a statement piece in and out of itself.

4. Michael Kors Parker Watch in Silver-Tone for Women

The Parker is a classic when it comes to Michael Kors watches and another statement that luxury and simplicity work better together. The intrinsic opulence of this watch is subtly founded in its slim, sleek and revamped design to meet women’s needs in both beauty and functionality. The new Parker features a more minimalistic design and a silver-tone build with pavé stones that make the timepiece a modern jewelry piece. The elegant, uptown-meets-street-smart attitude of this watch is further enhanced by the refreshed face and the streamlined design that makes it suitable to all occasions.

The watch can accompany you from your 9.00 a.m. office meeting to your 9.00 p.m. late night fancy dinner without ever looking too flashy, too simple or out of place. It can accompany a business suit just as well as it can compliment a little black dress.

5. Darci Pavé Gold-Tone Watch for Women

Casual-chic and embedding the best of both worlds of glam and girl-next-door, the Darci is a must-have for women who are free-spirited, young at heart and bound to experience new and different environments and life contexts each and every day. The pavé stones-embellished bezel and the golden rose-hued dial play on the glamorous side of life, while the two-shade golden straps in a rather masculine design tone down the glitz giving the watch an amazing balance.

One way to describe the watch is enduring elegance that pays no heed to age or ever-changing fashion trends. Of medium size, the watch can compliment the wrist of all women from all walks of life, giving them that exact amount of glam they need to stand out of the crowd during a business meeting or a casual party with friends. Not trading quality for looks, the watch is water resistant and sports a quartz/3 hand movement feature.

6. Lexington Silver and Gold-Tone Watch for Men

The watch to rule them all, the Lexington silver and gold classic timepiece for men is one of the brand’s flagship carriers when it comes to manly elegance and attitude. This is an oversized watch with push clasp, bringing luxury and streamlined styles to a whole new level.

It is designed with the modern, aspiring and self-confident man in mind, turning him instantly into a fashion icon. The beveled two-tone bezel and bracelet work perfectly with a sport-oriented face that features date function and chronograph dials to instill a dynamic attitude to this model.

The strap provides tactile texture and the overall design makes the watch wearable in all occasions and contexts. The warmth of the gold is contrasted by the coldness of the silver thus making the watch a balanced and suitable timepiece no matter you attend a business meeting or keep track of your free time on an exotic island’s beach.

7. Jaryn Mesh Silver-Tone Watch – Unisex

Women wearing men’s watches are not news. On the contrary, designers try their best to mix both masculine and feminine traits in their creations to appeal to free-spirited, self-confident and powerful people who broke gender prejudice and barriers a long time ago. This is why we personally consider that the Jaryn Mesh silver-tone watch blends the sleek streamlined masculine style with the minimalist refinement that women are looking for. The leather and silver-tone hardware are meant to leave the audience with a powerful impression, while the watch’s slim silhouette can adorn the wrist of any fashion-aware lady. The timepiece is complimented also by the mesh strap and silver-tone stainless steel case, making it a go-to option when it comes to blending in personality, style, attitude and versatility.

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Michael Kors watches are true statements of a person’s attitude and contemporary adaptability. Busy, dynamic, aspiring, bold and boasting with confidence, the Michael Kors watches wearers manage to keep time in the most fashionable of ways, becoming the very definition of contemporary chic. So what are your favorite Michael Kors models and designs?

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