Below is the goal Martin Michaeli set when he founded Mephisto in 1965. Men and women all over the world can attest to his success in this endeavor as their shoes are ranked some of the most stylish and comfortable available.

To make the world’s finest footwear.

Since the very beginning, the company remains family owned which ensures the sharpest adherence to their high standards. Now, after more than 50 years in business, their shoes are available in more than 20,000 shops worldwide. Learn more about the quality and variety of their shoe offerings below.

Mephisto Overview

In 1973, the Italian patent office granted Michaeli patents for the unique methods he invented to construct these high-end shoes. In 2006, they introduced Soft-Air technology, which reduces the impact of each step. Reduced shock protects the feet, joints, and back. Cool-Air insoles are also available in some styles. These are leather lined, removable, and keep the foot cool.

All of the technology combines with all of the design to make the Mephisto walking shoe so popular. From sandals to boots, Mephisto makes each shoe to wear all day long and still have happy feet. They have an anatomic foot bed that molds to the wearer’s foot as they wear it. It is made of cork and lined with soft leather and results in a nearly perfect, customized shoe. Additionally, each piece of leather selected for a Mephisto shoe comes from either Europe or North America. These grained and naturally tanned leathers make each shoe unique and one of a kind.

Mephisto customers are incredibly loyal. They know Mephisto is the gold standard for comfortable and fashionable footwear. Paparazzi have even spotted celebrity Maggie Gyllenhaal walking around town in a pair of Mephistos. Part of this consumer loyalty comes from knowing that they can resole a favorite pair of Mephisto shoes, which increases the longevity of the shoes.

Leading shoe experts in France elected Mephisto the “Best Footwear Brand of France.” An American magazine, Footwear Plus also recognized the strength of the Mephisto design and awarded them the PLUS award for their exceedingly comfortable men’s shoes.

woman in mephisto shoes

Top Ten Mephisto Shoes

Women’s Shoes

  • Seddy– These boots are a sporty yet sophisticated take on the popular booty trend. They have a decorative cuff and ruched detailing accentuated by an exposed zipper. A modest 1.5” heel lets the wearer dress them up or down as determined by the occasion.
  • Helen – This sandal comes in 15 colors. It is a wardrobe staple because the buckle is adjustable to get maximum comfort from the cork foot bed.
  • Hahnel – Strappier than the Helen, it comes in three colors. Women can choose between Black Nubuck, Dark Brown Scratch Leather, and Silver Venise.
  • Izabel – This is a sparklier sandal with a one inch lift. The latex and cork foot bed absorb shock without sacrificing style.
  • Madisson – A grown up mary jane style shoe, this one has a vintage feel but is still appropriate for the office. The strap is fully adjustable because of the hook and loop closure.

Men’s Shoes

  • Edlef – A slip on shoe with a square toe, this loafer exemplifies the classic Mephisto look. Men can wear this shoe all day because it includes the proprietary Cool-Air insert.
  • Lasser – This sneaker lets a man take the fashion of the Mephisto brand into his casual weekend. The foot bed removable.
  • Urban – Another lace up shoe, this one is for every day walking. It has a leather lining for increased comfort during longer, urban treks. The contrast stitching makes it interesting to look at as well.
  • Match – This shoe is a perfect example of how Mephisto combines technology with fashion. The Air Relax system offers breathability and the full-grain nubuck leather offers fashionable durability.
  • Hurrikan – A water repellant boat shoe is every captain’s dream. The traction bottom is razor cut to ensure functionality.

Mephisto Shoes Pricing

The price reflects the quality that goes in a pair of Mephisto shoes. More than 140 different people will have a hand in making each pair of shoes. Combine that quality with their patented technology plus keen eye for design, and one can easily understand why these shoes are so valuable.

Mephisto Women’s Shoes

For women, Mephisto sandals are often the first type of shoe that comes to mind when thinking of this brand. But they also make boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, and sports and fitness shoes. As an example of the range in Mephisto women’s shoes pricing, here is the suggested retail value of the top five women’s shoes already featured.

Mephisto Men’s Shoes

Mephisto men’s shoes are available for all sorts of occupations and activities. Boots, loafers, oxfords, fitness, and sport shoes are all sold by this luxury manufacturer. They range in price from $180 to $439. Here is the suggested retail value of the five top Mephisto’s men’s shoes listed above.


The care put into creating each shoe is obvious before anyone even slips their foot into these exquisite shoes. From the quality of the leather, to the way it is treated and dyed, then assembled, there are more than 160 distinct manufacturing processes. All completed by human’s hands in an average of 90 minutes. Mephisto overlooks nothing about the process and it is evident once these shoes are on a customer’s foot.

The “World’s Finest Footwear” tagline is evident by the quality of the shoe. Customers can expect to invest in a pair of Mephisto walking shoes that will last a long time. Take a moment to share how Mephistos have affected your feet.

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