You don’t have to be a fashion stylist to realize that summer 2017 will make history as a season of bold contrasts. As new designers are challenging the fashion scene with their daring creations, many giant luxury houses still see timeless, polished silhouettes as a safe bet. Different approaches to reinventing menswear result in a mix of nineties streetwear, couture ensembles, and colorful sportswear that is both eye-catching and practical.

Don’t know what to wear in 2017 to make a fashion statement anytime, anywhere? If so, draw the inspiration by taking a closer look at the most prominent menswear trends for 2017, listed below.

Oversized Shoulders

Oversized shoulders, the iconic elements featured by some of the trendiest fashion designs of the ‘80s are now making a huge comeback, thanks to several prestigious labels, including Balenciaga. Super-sized shoulders seen as the epitome of masculinity are the cool factor that individualized the bombers, jackets, and classic overcoats presented by Balenciaga on the runway.

Menswear TrendsWide shoulders may be here to stay, so it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a classic oversized coat displaying this retro detail. If you have been inspired to hold onto your preferred vintage coat made of cashmere or any other luxurious material, now would be a good time to revamp it and restyle it according to the latest fashion trends.

Seductive, Luxurious Leather Accessories

Did you honestly think only women have the power to make shoelace-like leather chokers seem insanely cool and effortlessly chic at the same time? If so, now would be a good idea to take a look at the high-end leather elements released by the most popular fashion brands of the moment, including Louis Vuitton, KTZ, and Dior Homme, as mentioned by Vogue Paris.

Menswear TrendsVuitton managed to turn wide leather chokers into an extremely versatile, masculine accessory that can easily add edgy accents to any daytime or nighttime ensemble. At the same time, KTZ and Dior Homme placed their bets on dark leather harnesses with an elaborate design. These daring looks created quite a stir this Fashion Week, proving that these unconventional accessories may just be a suitable replacement for the much more formal tie or the everyday necklace, especially when worn over a plain T-shirt or undershirt.

Elaborate Outerwear

Do you have a passion for camping, hiking, or any other type of outdoor activities? In this case, you will probably be thrilled to find out that many high-end brands have reinvented men’s outerwear for their 2017 spring/summer collections. At this point, when the immigration topic is highly discussed all across Europe, it shouldn’t surprise us that the fashion scene has also picked up and assimilated fragments of this general conversation.

Menswear TrendsAs a result, some of our favorite A-list fashion labels, including Prada, have revisited the generous themes of traveling and cross-cultural mixing. This year, men looking for high-end outerwear will have the chance to choose from a great variety of technical anoraks and parkas, made from lightweight waterproof fabric, displaying bright, appealing colors and bold patterns. Featuring couture detailing and high-end hardware, these reinterpreted outerwear staples are the core of many Instagrammable moments, and will definitely help trendsetters make a name for themselves on the streetwear scene with little to no effort.

In terms of accessories, men who wish to keep up with the latest fashion trends might as well start looking for a sporty cap, preferably one featured by the collection of it-accessories launched by Acne Studios or Balenciaga. Those seeking a sporty chic replacement for their leather bags should consider opting for a versatile backpack. Louis Vuitton has already revealed its latest obsession for this versatile accessory, which is reinterpreted in a more practical manner by Prada and Givenchy. Choose the ones that best fit your style, and shop for all the designer essentials that will add a fresh, cool, luxurious touch to your spring and summer wardrobe.