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Men in the U.S. are Converting Commercial Spaces into Full-Fledged Man Caves

The man cave is taking an entirely new direction today. Instead of carving out space in the garage or an empty room of the house, men are using their man caves as the ultimate escape. This phenomenon is sweeping through the storage and commercial industry, as more men catch on to the appeal of transforming commercial spaces into their private getaways.

Men of all ages are asking local commercial property managers and storage companies to allow them to transform their space into a man cave.

How This Trend Came About

Initially, men used self-storage units for their flat screen TVs, gaming systems, boats and other items that had no place at home. With today’s storage unit offering temperature controls, including air conditioning and heating units, the idea of the man cave was born.

Storage Companies are Picking Up the Trend

Storage companies are now allowing tenants to convert their storage unit into a man cave, but it should be noted that this is not a replacement for a residence. Storage units are not zoned for residential use; therefore, watching the game or spending a few hours playing pool is acceptable. Anything more and it would be a violation of zoning laws for the area.

Man caves in commercial spaces

However, a storage unit could have a bathroom and kitchen added to make the space more accommodating. Some storage companies are offering to retrofit as a way to attract those men ready to convert the space into their ultimate man cave.

The Storage Unit Cave is Not Just for Men

Women are also following the trend and creating their getaway in a self-storage unit. However, most women rent the space for crafts or even hobby rooms. Women that create and sell crafts from home often rent these spaces to create a workshop, giving them separation from work life and home life – as well as a much-needed escape space.

How Much Space is Needed?

The amount of space a man needs for his man cave is entirely his own. He may want a small storage unit where he can set up a mini refrigerator, recliner, and a flat screen TV. Perhaps he prefers enough space for a pool table, storing his boat, or creating a workshop. It is all about the amount of storage he needs, and what he wants to pay monthly (or annually) for his man cave.

Not much room is required for a TV sitting room, but more space is needed if a man wants a pool table in his man cave. After all, he and his friends need room to move around the table as well as use their pool cues.

Creating sketches of the space can help a man plan his cave better. He can add dimensions of the products he wants to add to the space, then calculate how much square footage he would need to house everything.

Trending Ideas for Self-Storage Man Caves

Some trends have emerged in the storage unit man cave. Many men use these spaces to store luxury or antique automobiles on one side, and the other end of the “cave” features a sitting area complete with a TV, gaming system, cable TV or satellite TV access, and a full-service bar area.

Man caves in commercial spaces

By Jeffrey M Dean (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Before hanging items on the wall, a man should consult with the storage unit to see what their policy is about hanging items. Also, most storage units have galvanized steel panels instead of drywall; therefore, a man may want to add insulating panels or sound barriers to keep the room from echoing if he’s watching TV.