Macallan’s Rare Cask is a highly sought after single malt Scotch whisky produced in the highlands of Scotland.

If you were to picture a sprawling manor house sitting in the middle of the Scottish countryside, you’d be on par with where the Rare Cask comes from.

Macallan having its own rich history, has stood the test of time and is considered one of the best Scotch whiskys around.

What’s the Story Behind Macallan?

macallan rare cask

Macallan believes strongly in their six pillars behind how and why they craft their famous Scotch whisky. To know and understand the pillars is to know Macallan.

The Spiritual Home

This is where the originators of Macallan start their story. The manor house sits inside of the 390-acre Macallan estate. They have lived there since 1700, and they believe in living with nature, not bending nature to their will.

The Small Stills

Most copper stills are larger than the ones at Macallan, but there is a reason that they have some of the smallest stills in all of Scotland. There is a reason behind it though – the size and shape “give the spirit maximum contact with the copper” which helps concentrate the full flavors that make up a Macallan bottle of Scotch whisky.

The Finest Cuts

Quality is a top priority at Macallan, and so only the most exceptional spirits are selected from the stills to produce the trademark flavor you have come to expect.

The Oak Casks

Ahh, the oak casks. They are a pivotal part of the entire process of creating the perfect blend. According to the Macallan website, “80% of the flavor of a whisky is derived from the cask it is matured in.”

They have specialized oak casks that are sent to sherry producers in Spain, only to come back to them once the sherry producers are done with the casks.

Multiple types of wood are used to give different flavors. American sherry seasoned oak will provide a lighter flavor while the Spanish sherry seasoned oak gives a darker flavor.

The Natural Color

All colors of Macallan are entirely natural. Many other distilleries have tried to create spirits the way that Macallan does, but the truth of the matter is that the colors come from the casks that they Scotch whisky sits in.

The Spirit of Macallan

Because Macallan is produced in such a unique way, the experience upon imbibing a dram is different from any other bottle to come out of Scotland.

So What is the Rare Cask?

rare cask

The Macallan Rare Cask is a blend of Scotch whisky that is made from different barrels that are all hand-selected. Out of 1000 barrels, only 1% of them are actually used in making the Rare Cask.

According to The Whisky Exchange, there is a total of 16 different casks that are used in each bottle of Rare Cask, and that’ it – no more, no less.

If you are a Scotch whisky connoisseur, you will appreciate the rich flavor in the Macallan Rare Cask as it includes notes of sherry, dates, raisins, vanilla, and dark chocolate. It’s the perfect Scotch whisky to end the day with as you should make it a point to enjoy and savor it.

What Makes the Macallan Rare Cask Special?

Before defining what makes the Rare Cask extraordinarily unique, it’s important to recognize a few things about Macallan in general.

Macallan only makes a single, specific spirit – the Scotch whisky.

This particular whisky is made in casks that were also used to age other whiskies and sherry. Because each cask has a distinction about it, they all have their own flavor and color, hence the natural colors that Macallan is known for.

special macallan rare cask

As for the Rare Cask, it is identified by its rich red colors that are a result of the first cask fills. The first cask fill is especially worth noting because of what it means.

First cask fills are casks that have had whisky in them for the first time and aged as being the only other liquid to have been in the cask since the sherry before it. Because it is aged inside casks like these, it takes on the sherry flavoring, adding depth to the whisky.

Where Can You Find Rare Cask?

You can find the Macallan Rare Cask in several different places. Online retailers, like Caskers, have them available for sale, or you can order directly from Macallan.

Keep in mind, country restrictions may prevent shipping, so you’ll have to do your homework to see which place will be willing to deliver to you.