When looking at luxury RVs, there are several things you must have and a mile-long list of options you could have. With so many different manufacturers making luxury RVs you have options: from American Coach and Fleetwood to Newmar and Volkner, it truly is what’s inside that counts.

So, what should you look for when you step inside a prospective Class A luxury Rv? A lot more than just a second home. Everything from multiple bathrooms to luxurious hot tubs and beyond. We look at what it takes to ride in style with the most luxurious RVs.

Living Areas

While external amenities such as vehicle storage and helicopter landing pads are easily flaunted, you will be spending your time inside the cabin. The living area should have style, class, and comfort.

In luxury RVs, this is not over looked. You will find marble flooring, granite counter tops, and the most comfortable leather recliners on the market today. Some models, like the Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo, boast an amazing 732 square feet of entertainment living space.

No living area would be complete without push button adjustable tables and lounging sofas. You should also look to comfort your guests with wet bars and separate refrigeration. Most living areas will also come with closet storage for your coats and umbrellas.

Manufacturers include special entertainment amenities. Retractable televisions with built-in surround sound are common. Some models even have the TV come up from the floor!


When you need to go, while on the go, it is nice to have room, as well as choices. Inside luxury RVs, you will find multiple bathrooms. Unlike standard models, the Class A’s will give you space and storage. Most are outfitted with full sinks with counters and full-size showers to relax at the end of a long travel day.

Vanity mirrors with full lighting and cabinets to store makeup, toiletries and towels should be the norm. Nothing is over looked in the luxurious RVs so you shouldn’t have to worry about something being left out.


When traveling on the road, you need the room to store your belongings. Inside luxury RVs, you will find plenty. Closet storage for coats, suits, and dresses are likely to be near the entrances or at the base of the stairs.

Hall storage is common as well. There is no wasted space. The kitchen areas will have enough room for your favorite dining sets and everything you need for a gourmet chef to bring any meal to life.

The bedrooms will have below bed storage, full-size closets for your clothes and room for pictures, books, and extra bedding.


Everything you would expect in a condo, you will find inside a luxury RV. Full-size refrigerators with ice maker and freezers are included in virtually every Class A model. You can choose from a vast array of counter top surfaces as well.

Luxury RVs will come equipped with a full stove top and ventilation hood. It doesn’t stop there though. Everything you need in the kitchen area, or galley, is there. Moreover, you will find things you wouldn’t normally consider.

Coffee makers, tea makers, and espresso machines are very common. Wine cabinets and toaster ovens may surprise you, though. It’s what you don’t notice at first that will grab your attention though. Electronically adjusted water control systems, for example, will prevent over flow, sloshing and freezing of pipes. Leaving you worry-free for your traveling enjoyment.


Nothing welcomes you at the end of a long day like a bed. There is nothing better in a luxury RV than the bedroom. With amenities to spare, no comfort stone is left unturned. A king-size bed with adjustable head and feet ends will ensure you have the best night’s sleep.

The bedrooms are electrically extended to offer more leg room and space for extra features. Dressing tables and desk combinations are ubiquitous. In luxury RVs, these will be solid wood and finishes to a high shine.

You will even have the room for chairs and a relaxing environment to watch TV or read a book. With ample storage, you won’t have to shove your clothes in a drawer. Full-size closets and bed side storage are available.


The proof is in the details, as they say. Inside luxury RVs is no different. Every detail is added to ensure you not only get your money’s worth, but you get the experience you deserve.

Radiant floor heating will keep you warm year-round and prevent early morning bare feet on cold floors. In the warmer months, full air conditioning will keep everyone fresh and comfortable.

The extras don’t end there though. Each manufacturer has amenities to add and details to grab your attention. The Newell models offer over a dozen floor plans from which to choose. Fleetwood offers convertible dinettes and creature comforts for the driver, including push button power stations and satellite radio.

Whatever you need, you will find it inside a luxury RV. Even full size washers and dryers, such as you will find in the American Eagle.

It Is Your Choice

The ultimate luxury RV is the one you choose. With over 20 manufacturers building and customizing these incredible machines, the options are virtually limitless. If you can think it, you can have it.

With price ranges from 800 thousand to well over 3 million, it truly is your choice. If you want marble flooring, you can have it. Granite counter tops? Done. Fully retractable loungers and a 50-inch television to watch the big game or your favorite movie are easily attainable.

The only limit is your imagination. Drive in extreme comfort with cock pit controls found nowhere else. Control your entire environment with the push of a button.

Luxury travel has never been so obtainable. Take your time and discover every feature you can imagine and pick the one that fits your lifestyle the best. We bet you won’t want to leave your luxury RV, and we won’t blame you.