For some people, a life of luxury means no spending limit on a Target run, so it’s hard to imagine the luxury life of some of the world’s richest people. The other half lives unfathomably large. From the finest food, to the wildest vacations, to the biggest diamonds, there is no limit to the kind of life money can buy.

These Four Things Set the Billionaire Luxury Lifestyle Apart

You’ve probably wondered what a life like that would be like. You fantasize about winning the lottery, and how you would spend your imaginary money. The truth is though, your lavish dreams pale in comparison to the luxurious lifestyle of billionaires. To roll with the mega-rich you need four important things.

1. A Private Jet

There’s no waiting in line for airport security. You don’t have to take your shoes off, or empty your pockets. You don’t have to worry about setting off the metal detector, and you can bring more than an ounce of liquid with you. Instead, you’ll get to pull your car up onto the tarmac and sashay onto your own private plane. It’s complete with luxury leather seats, a full bar, and the best in-flight entertainment ever. Never mind about flipping through wrinkled copies of Sky Mall.

Imagine having power over the airlines. You can fly when you want and where you want. No more red-eyes, or missed connections. You don’t have to worry about legroom, or anyone kicking your seat. You can sip champagne, stretch out, and be more relaxed at 30,000 feet than most people are in their own homes.

You want to go to Paris? No problem. You can go to Paris to grab some dinner in view of the Eiffel Tower at a five-star restaurant. And you don’t have to check your luggage on the way back, or worry that anyone is going to confiscate your croissants.

2. A Yacht

If you’ve ever been on a sailboat you probably felt pretty sophisticated in your stripes and khakis. You probably thought, “this is the life,” as the wind and salty sea air blew through your hair. Sailboats are nice, but a yacht is the pinnacle of luxury sea travel. It’s basically your own private cruise ship. You can spread out on the deck, get a nice tan, drink a daiquiri, and take a dip in the pool when you get too hot.

Not to mention the twenty-four hour service, and the ability to travel to some of the world’s most interesting places.

3. A Private Island

Millionaires take vacations to exotic beaches, and they sip tropical drinks on the hot sand. Billionaires buy beaches. More specifically, billionaires buy islands. If you’re part of the elite few with serious loads of cash you don’t rub sun-tanned elbows with everybody else. You sip your chilled tropical drink on your very own island. Money buys you privacy, and it buys you space.

If you’re the average person, your typical trip to the beach involves staking out a remote corner of the sand only to have it invaded by a bunch of interlopers trying to actually steal your sunshine. They knock their beach umbrella into yours, kick sand in your face, and let their sandwich wrappers blow into your tidy area. Your experience of the beach is communal. It is as public as the boardwalk showers.

With a private island though, you don’t share space with anyone.

4. A Personal Chef

If you want to live the a true luxurious lifestyle then you need to build yourself a vast state-of-the art kitchen, and then let someone else use it. Billionaires don’t cook, and they definitely never get put on dish duty. Instead, they hire some of the best chefs in the world to cook for them.

When you’re that kind of high roller, you get meals tailored specifically for you. Your food is made from the finest and most expensive ingredients, and it does more than simply satisfy your hunger.

Food prepared by your personal chef nourishes you. There’s no utilitarian eating as a billionaire. You don’t just grab a granola bar and a handful of crackers in between work and the gym. You don’t eat your dinner standing in the kitchen while you wait to put the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer. When you have a personal chef you put only the best food into your body, and you get to actually enjoy eating it.

You also get to make demanding dietary restrictions. Want to try the latest diet trend? Want to go paleo? Want to completely cut out sugar, but still satisfy your sweet tooth? These are things that you might find hard to do on your own, but a personal chef can make healthy eating a piece of cake.

A Life of Luxury Few Can Even Imagine

Billionaires live a luxury lifestyle meaning that money is literally no object. They can spend more on car than most Americans spend in year. They jet set, they retreat from the world to exotic places, they enjoy every comfort imaginable, and they keep everyone else fantasizing about that lottery ticket.