In times of world upheaval, political uncertainty, and instability, it’s natural to want to prepare for the worst.

However, some of the richest of those among us are taking this preparedness to new levels. They don’t just want to be ready for disaster – they want to do it in the lap of luxury.

Enter luxury doomsday bunkers.

No, this is not some concept out of a science fiction novel. It’s a real thing. If you’ve got the money, you can now get a place to hide out and stay safe that goes far beyond providing mere protection, shelter, and food.

Who Has Luxury Doomsday Bunkers?

Among the rich and famous who own doomsday bunkers, you can count Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, and other billionaires, according to Forbes. Cruise has one in Colorado, and Gates reportedly has a massive bunker in Norway with a gigantic cache of seeds stashed away – the largest in the world.

That will come in handy years after the apocalypse, once the air is safe to breathe and radiation is no longer an issue, because survivors will need to repopulate the earth. Right?

What Can You Get in Your Personal Apocalypse Hideout?

Anything you can get on the surface of the earth, you can get in an underground bunker.

CNET gives us an inside look at one of the largest, most extensive bunkers in the world – the Oppidum in the Czech Republic. The above-ground residences look unassuming enough, but these contain a “secret corridor” that will lead you to the hidden bunker below the earth.

The luxury starts on the first level with simulated outdoor areas flooded with fake natural light, a swimming pool, kids’ playroom, a gym, and a screening room for watching movies. Don’t forget the huge wine cellar, the spacious and modern private apartments, and all the conveniences you could ask for during an apocalypse.

Other bunkers found around the world have similar communal living set-ups, while still more are private and intended for the use of one family.

Another communal bunker, called “Vivos,” is located in Indiana. However, it only has accommodations for up to 80 people. To reserve a spot, you can pay a one-time fee set to the tune of a cool $35,000 for adults and $25,000 for kids, says CNET.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

luxury doomsday bunkers

Bill Gates is said to have built a doomsday bunker disguised as a seed vault

A luxury doomsday bunker would be nothing without systems in place to make sure everything runs seamlessly. This includes technology to make living underground as close to normal, above-ground living as possible.

Along with power systems and air purification systems to keep the lights on and the air breathable, many include blast valves, food storage space to hold a year’s worth of grub, hydroponic gardens, and more. Plus, the structures are built to withstand everything from earthquakes to nuclear strikes.

How Are Luxury Bunkers Built?

What’s interesting about many of these high-class bunkers is that they were once military-owned. According to Forbes, this includes decommissioned nuclear missile silos, which were once used to store and launch these giant weapons. Many of them were abandoned in the ‘60s, and rich people with a healthy dose of paranoia saw an opportunity.

Live in the Lap of Luxury While the World is Ending

For those who can afford it, the apocalypse is looking pretty cushy. Luxury doomsday bunkers offer all the high-style and modern conveniences of life above-ground, but more importantly, they’ll keep you safe and sound should disaster strike.

Image Source: Credit: Mari Tefre/Global Crop Diversity Trust