It’s so easy to fall for the trap of cheap clothing. Dozens of stores, and hundreds of online sites offer inexpensive clothing that can hardly withstand the washing machine, let alone your hectic workday. Their stuff might look cute and stylish, but it’s made poorly, and a closer inspection shows it.

What you really want is style and substance. You want great pieces that will last and will help form the foundation of a great wardrobe. That’s what luxury clothing can offer. You can count on high-end brands to provide quality materials that are both durable and beautiful.

Fast-fashion is not smart fashion. You might think it’s great to have a closet full of trendy clothes that are made poorly because your love of fashion is rooted in the here and now. When you turn to luxury brands you begin to think long-term. You’re not just building a wardrobe, you’re making an investment, and you need to invest wisely. Don’t buy things just because they’re on sale. Don’t think that a bargain makes bad clothing suddenly good. Your closet is probably bursting with clothes that you’ll never even wear.

Five Luxury Clothing Brands to Fill Your Closet With

These five luxury clothing brands can change all that. They can change the way you look at fashion, and they’ll change the way you view your closet. They’ll help you realize that cardinal rule of fashion, which is that less, is more.

1. Christian Dior

Christian Dior is simply to die for. The Parisian fashion house makes impeccable items that have a vintage flair with a touch of romance. Everything feels both new and old at the same time, which means it virtually never goes out of style. How could it? Dior practically invented style. The Christian Dior line of ready-to-wear is super exclusive, and only available in select luxury clothing stores.

2. Fendi

Fendi is fun. It’s hip and modern. Their clothing is bright and young. They make bold pieces for bold people. They use a lot of patterns, bright colors, and a mix of textures to create gorgeous pieces. Everything is embellished and studded. Their leather handbags are whimsical, edgy and vibrant. They use accents of fur and leather to create clothing that feels ultra lux.

Fendi is for the adventurous trendsetter in you. Basics are important for your wardrobe, but so are statements. Being bold and daring never goes out of fashion, and Fendi, created in 1925, proves that. You can shop their looks at such renowned retailers as Barney’s New York, and you’ll get an experience that’s just as extravagant as their clothing.

3. Chanel

You need Chanel in your closet if only for the perfect little black dress. Chanel is the epitome of style. All you have to do is mention the label, and you’ll feel instantly more sophisticated and chic. Their clothing feels timeless and essential. You need Chanel in your closet like you need air in your lungs. Their clothing gives you life.

It’s also made for life. It’s not fast fashion at all. It’s fashion slowed way down. You don’t donate your Chanel to Goodwill because your little black dress turned gray after one wash. Not that you would ever actually wash Chanel, but you get the idea.

4. Diane Von Furstenburg

The queen of the wrap dress actually has so much to offer when it comes to luxury style. She has the ultimate line of day-to-night pieces that are perfect for the working woman. Her bold patterns and bright colors contrast with the delicate femininity of her designs. She conveys the perfect balance of soft and strong.

Her clothes will help you say, “I can lead a company and look pretty killer doing it.” In fact, once you slip into her signature wrap dress you’ll pretty much feel like you can take on the world.

5. The Row

You can find the charmingly understated elegance of The Row at exclusive boutiques and online stores like Net a Porter. Their pieces are well suited to everyday living. It would be great if you could always dress like you were walking the runway, but the Row offers clothing for real life. Their clothing is simple and concise in design, and well crafted in structure.

Every proper wardrobe craves basics. In fact, the company, headed by once television stars turned fashioned moguls, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, began as a way to make the perfect t-shirt. Never underestimate a well-made t-shirt. Never underestimate the importance of simple style elements that are made well. Can a perfect t-shirt change your life? It just might.

Build a Closet Full of Luxury Brands that Will Last

As you incorporate these luxury brands into your wardrobe you can pare down on the excess. You’ll find that you don’t need twenty pairs of slacks, or six different black dresses. You’ll resist the lure of bargains, and you’ll do your shopping for the long haul.