You’ve done your time riding around in a mid-range compact car with an old radio and a CD player. You’ve already had the budget car. You’ve already had the car without the frills that can simply get you from point A to point B without breaking down on a regular basis.

Yeah, you’ve put in your time, and now it’s time to cash in. You’ve worked hard and done well. You snagged the promotion, got the raise, and you play with the big guys. Your clothing is tailored. Your attention to detail is phenomenal, and your style is impeccable. You don’t ride around in a clunker. You need some serious wheels.

The Five Best Luxury Cars to Improve Your Commute 

Here are the top ten luxury cars to make any drive worth it. They’re a better way of getting where you’re going once you’ve truly arrived.

1. Mercedes Benz S-Class

When you slip into the Mercedes Benz S-Class to take your morning commute you’ll feel cradled in the lap of luxury. As you grip the steering wheel and adjust the controls you might think you’re in the cockpit of an airplane. There are so many smart features that you’ll definitely have to spend some time reading the manual, but you may never want to leave this car.

It’s the first car to have a smart suspension, known as magic body control, which generates forces to counter obstacles in the road like potholes. It creates a smoother ride, and it can have you navigating the perils of the road with ease.

Mercedes Benz is the maker of some of the finest cars in the world. In fact, even pre-owned ones make for some of the best used luxury cars available, and they are easily among the top ten best luxury cars of all time. Their excellence comes from their performance, their reliability, and the way they marry sport with comfort.

2. Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ is a beautifully sleek and sporty sedan. It has intelligent all-wheel drive, a touchscreen navigation system, and seat comfort controls for all passengers. It’s a perfect blend of comfort and style, and it’s one of the most reliable luxury cars on the market.

It has a name and brand that exude extravagance and luxury. When other people see the sleek, silver, Jaguar hood ornament in its glorious stride, they take notice. The symbol is as powerful as the car, and both are as powerful as the person who is driving it.

3. Tesla Model S

One way to make the morning drive easier is if the car does all the work. The Tesla Model S is equipped with self-driving capabilities that exceed the safety of human drivers. The car also features a HEPA air filtration system, adaptive LED lighting to improve night driving, and a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system.

It’s manufactured to be stylish, good for the environment, and incredibly safe. The seventeen-inch touchscreen, which controls most of the car’s functions, is a thing of beauty, and it’s a sign that you are driving the luxury car of the future.

4. 2018 Range Rover SE

The Range Rover is the ultimate sport utility vehicle, and it’s perfect for a morning routine that involves passengers. Its roomy interior is great for dropping the kids off at school, or carpooling with a few co-workers. It is has a three-zone climate control system to keep everyone comfortable, and a guided rearview camera to make sure that there are no surprises. The sound system features thirteen speakers, a subwoofer, and touchscreen controls.

Mornings can be hectic, and drives with the kids can sometimes set your teeth on edge, but Range Rover is there to make sure that everyone can enjoy the ride.

5. Porsche 911 Carrera

Here is a car that is simply fun to drive. The Porsche 911 Carrera may be less practical than other cars on the list, but its flashiness outshines them all. It’s the definitive sports car, and it will not only make you eager to drive to work, but it will also have you pitching in to run errands and pick up relatives at the airport. In fact, you might just let them skip the flight altogether and take a little road trip with you.

It’s surprisingly spacious for a sports car, and it features touchscreen navigation, two-zone climate control, and a sports steering wheel, ergonomically designed to improve the driving experience. It’s endlessly customizable, including options for custom colors and two-toned interior. It’s the perfect car to make the weekdays feel like weekends.

The Top Luxury Cars to Make Driving Fun

Whether you’re driving off to work, or enjoying a night out, these top luxury cars will make sure that you have fun behind the wheel. Each of them is designed to provide the ultimate driving experience through technology, craftsmanship, and innovation. Any one of them can make for the perfect upgrade into luxury and style.