Consumers who get the chance to indulge in luxury are currently craving goods that go well beyond their basic functions, and do much more than just reflect their wealth. Most of these prospective buyers are looking for never-before-seen, pricey, limited-edition treasures they can add to their already impressive collections.

An armor-plated SUV marketed as a high-speed, luxury vehicle would certainly match this description, especially since no other vehicle can get close to the EV2 prototype in terms of features and overall performance.

According to Mike Howe, one of its creators, the model can be seen as a luxurious tank that more than a few deep-pocketed auto enthusiasts would love to add to their fleets. Here’s why: the tank-like SUV packs a plethora of luxurious features, including cameras up top, eight-way leather seats, and a button that its owner can push to make the doors pop up like they would in a Lamborghini. In terms of design, this new model unveils a rather shocking particularity: instead of giant wheels, it boasts a set of tracks. This unusual attribute enables it to reach higher speeds on any kind of terrain, including rugged surfaces.

The two brothers behind this bold new product run a company based in Maine, and strive to build and roll out bigger, better products.

As the BBC points out, the duo once unveiled a smaller tank named the Ripsaw, which triggered the interest of the US Army. When the Army ordered a few versions meant to be used for research purposes, the two entrepreneurs had the chance to turn their skills, work, and passion into a constant source of income.

As they worked on their techniques and materials, they got the opportunity to gather ideas for other successful projects meant to reshape the world as we know it, including an off-road wheelchair equipped with state-of-the-art tracks, and robotic systems developed to disable bombs. Their projects garnered immediate Hollywood attention, and landed in several popular pictures, including Mad Max: Fury Road and GI Joe 2. This new opportunity has allowed the two inventors to broaden their horizons and target the luxury vehicle market.

After seeing the ingenious, futuristic products on screen, a wealthy prospect gave the two brothers a call, expressing his interest and intention to purchase one of their vehicles on the spot. By conducting in-depth market research, the creative minds involved in this project reached the conclusion that a deep-pocketed clientele is ready and waiting for a wide range of options.

Luxurious Tank for the Rich and Famous

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In addition to the features we’ve already discussed, the new vehicles pack other awe-inspiring features, including thermal imaging and night vision systems. With these functionalities, one can drive safely on any road even in absolute darkness. Considering that their latest product, the massive EV2, carries a price tag of a few hundred thousand dollars, the brothers have to do a thorough screening of potential buyers before honoring any orders.

Encouraged by the success they’ve enjoyed so far, the creators of the bold luxury tank are working even harder to push the envelope and come up with even better versions that can meet and surpass all the expectations of luxury buyers. As we speak, a 2,000-horsepower luxury tank is under construction; it is expected to be four times more powerful than its predecessor, the EV2.