Leaked photos that have been reposted on Instagram by many enthusiastic trendsetters point toward a possible high-profile collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme, the now iconic provider of sought-after streetwear.

The rumor was triggered by a photo shared on social media by Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton’s men’s artistic director, who revealed an image of a Supreme sticker placed on top of a staple leather print belonging to the legendary French brand. Naturally, Jones’ gesture has raised the curiosity and interest of a large community of luxe lovers familiar with the street style scene, who are eager to see the masterpieces that these two giant fashion powerhouses may be working on as we speak.

Collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme

Courtesy: fujiwarahiroshi/Instagram

Just to make things even more exciting and preserve the aura of mystery that surrounds the possible association between Louis Vuitton and Supreme, the photo of the recognizable Supreme sticker positioned atop monogrammed Louis Vuitton leather wasn’t accompanied by any caption, and provided no other clues.

As expected, the picture taken by Jones went viral in no time, suggesting the fact that the two companies may join forces this year. However, shortly after making the photo public, Jones deleted it from Instagram, creating even more buzz around rumors regarding a potential partnership between Louis Vuitton and Supreme.

According to a reliable anonymous source cited by Highsnobiety, this much-anticipated collaboration is in the cards, and will most likely be featured in the Fall/Winter 2017 collection unveiled by Louis Vuitton.

This joint creative effort would constitute a surprising turnaround for both parties, after a legal dispute that took place more than 15 years ago, when Supreme rolled out a skate deck featuring its recognizable logo onto the iconic monogram that everyone associates with the French luxury brand. Louis Vuitton took Supreme to court in 2000, and made the streetwear company recall all its unauthorized items incorporating Vuitton’s trademark elements. The conflict was so intense that Vuitton actually asked Supreme to incinerate all the decks that included the monogram of the French label.

Collaboration between Louis Vuitton and SupremeAt this point, the feud seems to be a thing of the past. Jones, who became a part of the Louis Vuitton family in 2011, seems to be an enthusiastic fan of Supreme, since he was seen at Supreme’s Paris store opening.

Moreover, Jones isn’t the only public figure who’s sparking rumors regarding a possible reconciliation based on mutual interests between Supreme and Louis Vuitton. Other photos  republished by Harper’s Bazaar, including one introducing a sweater embossed with both Vuitton and Supreme logos, was allegedly taken by a model who attended a Louis Vuitton casting. This further fueled chatter regarding a possible partnership between the two labels.

This would be the perfect timing for a public reconciliation, especially considering the fact that the streetstyle scene is constantly putting streetwear and luxury brands with an edgier approach to fashion into the spotlight. In this context, if it were to be released, limited-edition items representing the result of this collaboration would most likely sell out in no time, revealing the public’s appetite for high-end fashion with a twist.

Collaboration between Louis Vuitton and SupremeWhile the legendary French label hardly needs an introduction in today’s market, Supreme is also very popular among the cool kids. Catering to the youth culture, it rolls out only a few items at a time, usually ranging from five to fifteen. This strategy creates a hype that keeps buyers coming back for more.

The much-buzzed-about partnership with Louis Vuitton wouldn’t be Supreme’s first alliance with other well-known brands. The streetwear company has partnered with several prominent labels, including Nike, Vans, Timberland, and Stone Island, just to name a few.

Famous for its iconic clothes and accessories that are sold, collected and curated like modern art, Supreme could definitely manage to attract a larger audience interested in luxurious apparel with a twist by working side by side with Louis Vuitton.