Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians of all time.  

In fact, back in 2016, Forbes listed Seinfeld as one of the top 10 wealthiest celebrities, with a net worth of $670 million.

For the average person, having that amount of money is mind-boggling. A lot of people wonder what celebrities do with all of their money besides investing it.

If you’re Jerry Seinfeld, the answer is simple: Buy rare, expensive, luxury vehicles.

The Jerry Seinfeld car collection is one that is well-known among car enthusiasts. What makes his collection so exceptional?

Top 10 Vehicles in the Jerry Seinfeld Car Collection

Celebrities are known for their love of expensive cars. And it’s no wonder that they have such appreciation for these vehicles. They’re comfortable, drive like a dream, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Like other celebrities, Jerry Seinfeld loves a beautiful car. But his collection is one that beats the band. How so?

For one thing, the Jerry Seinfeld car collection is extensive. At one time, he had more than 45 Porsches alone. But Jerry isn’t a Porsche snob. He has an appreciation for many types of luxury vehicles. Here’s a breakdown of the ten most expensive vehicles in his collection.

1. 1955 Porsche 550 RS

1955 Porsche 550 RS

Value: up to $3 million.

The most expensive car in this collection is one of Seinfeld’s favorite makes – the Porsche. This model is infamous in that it is the one that James Dean drove when he was fatally injured.

2. 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS

1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS

Value: up to $1.4 million.

According to Money, this is one of the most legendary cars of all time and considered one of the best vehicle investments a person can make. Car enthusiasts call it a “race car for the street.” Only 49 models were ever made.

3. 1958 Porsche 356 A GS/GT Carrera Speedster

1958 Porsche 356 A GS GT Carrer Speedster

Value: $1.5 million.

This Porsche has the engine of a race car and the body of a sports car. In fact, back in the 1960s and 1970s, this sea-foam green convertible was actually in competition.

4. 1949 Porsche 356/2

1949 Porsche 356 2

Value: over $700,000.

This is thought to be the 22nd Porsche ever produced. There were 52 of this model made between 1949 and 1950. Seinfeld has number 40. It’s hand-made, all aluminum, and has a perfectly aerodynamic shape.

5. 1986 Porsche 959

1986 Porsche 959

Value: $700,000.

The Porsche 959 is considered one of the first super cars, or a car that has great performance quality, along with superior styling to back it up.

This vehicle can reach speeds up to 195 mph. Only 337 of them were made, and of those, only 200 are street legal.

6. 1957 Porsche 356

1957 Porsche 356

Value: over $680,000.

This model is one of the most popular within the Porsche family. Everyone who owns this model views this car as one of their most prized possessions. In fact, at the 2010 Porsche car show, this car tied for the highest score of rated Porsches.

7. 2011 Porsche 997 Speedster

2011 Porsche 997 Speedster

Value: $300,000-$400,000.

This car is proof that Seinfeld can appreciate a well-built, modern vehicle. There are less than 400 of this model on the road, and Jerry Seinfeld was buyer number nine. But he didn’t just buy any 997 Speedster. He bought one that was custom-made for him. It has a lot of bare carbon fiber, which Seinfeld loves, plus a drop-dead gorgeous blue color.

8. 1953 Porsche 550-03

1953 Porsche 550 03

Value: up to $100,000.

This chic-looking race car has actually been around the track a few times, including the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Because of its fast paced history, it’s not hard to imagine that this car came with a few dents and dings. Seinfeld has put in a considerable amount of money into the restoration of this vehicle.

9. 1963 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

1963 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Value: up to $45,000.

Seinfeld is also a fan of Volkswagens. In fact, he’s owned this model (which is the most expensive Volkswagen in his collection at the moment) in addition to a 1960 Beetle and 1964 Camper.

The Karmann Ghia is considered the sister of the Beetle. It has the same reliability as the Beetle, but this two-door convertible coup is much sportier and fun to drive.

10. 1957 Fiat 500

1957 Fiat 500

Value: up to $40,000.

This adorable little car is as fun to look at as it is fun to drive. And Seinfeld isn’t the only one who thinks so. Tina Turner also owns a 1957 Fiat 500.

Why Seinfeld Recently Sold Some of His Most Beloved Cars

sienfeld and his cars

Back in 2016, Seinfeld had to sell some of his rare beauties at auction. He racked in around $22 million for the 17 cars that were sold.

Why did Seinfeld have to sell these cars? Was he in some sort of financial trouble?

Actually, the reason he sold them was because there are simply too many cars in his collection. As any car-lover knows, you need to give each vehicle time and attention. Now that Seinfeld has whittled down his collection, he can spend some time with the vehicles he is really in love with.