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How Long Should A Tie Be? (Plus Other Helpful Styling Tips For Men) | Luxury Life

It happens all too often. You'll see a tie that's so short it looks like the man is wearing a door-knocker instead of a tie. Or worse, the tie will be so long that it could be tucked into his pants. This and so many other men's fashion mistakes could easily be avoided with the right information and a nudge in the right direction. But in actuality, how long should a tie be? Well read on as we share this old standard as well as a host of other men's styling tips.

How Long Should a Tie Be?

The length of a tie should place the point at the midpoint of the belt or waistline. It should not be longer or shorter. If the tie in question has a square bottom, it should touch the top border of the belt or waistline. It's incredible how many men will either be completely oblivious to these norms. Sometimes they'll be close to nailing the correct length but sadly a little too short or too long.

When it comes to men's fashion, it's the little things that make the difference. It says a lot about a man's character and what he will or won't 'let slide' when it comes to personal appearance. This is the face and exterior that you present to the world, and if you want to show up and be taken seriously with what you're doing, it helps to be paying attention to the little details.

This means paying attention to more than just tie length. There are other questions that revolve around the proportions of a well put together suit, how to pull off shorts and casual wear, and what clothing items could work really well as compliments or should simply never go together.

Other Components of a Successful Suit

A man waring dark blue suit and a light blue tie

​Image Source: Pixabay

There are other subtle rules of wearing a suit that should not be overlooked. They can immediately out you and give the impression that you don't know what you're doing. Never fear though,;we'll tell you some of the most common mistakes of suit wearing and how to avoid them.

The Button

So now that you the answer to 'how long should a tie be,' there's another issue to consider near your waist, and that's the bottom button of your suit jacket. It should never be buttoned. That's it. Yes, the button is there. But if you button it, you look like you have never worn a suit before.

Another Button

This next tip assumes that you're wearing a tie. Always make sure the top button of your shirt is buttoned. You may think you're fooling someone if you try to fasten the tie to the shirt without buttoning it. Maybe your neck is too thick to button the top button. If this is the case, don't cut corners, it's time to go out and get a new shirt. And while we're on the subject of shirts...

The Type of Shirt

In addition to answering the question 'how long should a tie be,' you also must know how and where to wear the tie itself. Some shirts are made of a material that simply won't support a tie. This is either because of the fabric they're made of or the cut of the collar itself.

Yes, the shirt may look like you could wear a tie with it when you see it on the rack; but that may not be true. This is why it's important to reach out and touch what it is you're considering buying. More importantly, go try it on. You'll know right away if it's the kind of shirt that can be worn with a suit or not.

The Cuffs

​Yes we've helped you become familiar with the question 'how long should a tie be,' and it's an important one. But your shirt cuffs are important, too. Your hands are how you relate to the world through action. Almost everything you do somehow involves your hands, so it's important that they're displayed properly. You want to make sure that your cuffs come out just a little bit past the sleeves of your suit but never go past your wrists and cover your hands up in any way.

The Jacket Size

​How long should a tie be when sitting on your body can also depend on how long or loose a suit sits on you. It's extraordinarily important that your suit doesn't look like you're Superman busting out of it; or that the suit is eating you. Having the proper tailored fit is important and is worth the extra expense when you go to get sized. If you're going to lean to one side or the other, lean toward having the suit be slightly tight. You should be able to button the top button, of course. Also, make sure it's wide enough in the shoulders.

The Slacks

​Another element to nail is the perfect cut of pants. There is a pretty simple rule of thumb here too, much more obvious than finding the answer to 'how long should a tie be.' If your slacks bunch up at all, or are loose and baggy, then they're too long. However, if you can see your socks, then they're definitely too short. Also, as far as the waist goes, it can be a little loose if you have a good belt; but make sure the waist size is never too small.

The Belt and Your Shoe Color

​Whenever you wear a suit, your belt and shoe color should match. The most common example of flouting this rule is wearing black against brown: it's not a good look. Make sure that if you're wearing black shoes you also find a black belt to go with it. If your shoes are brown or tan, make sure you get a belt in the same shade. Few things advertise so clearly that you aren't comfortable or familiar with a suit than mismatched shoes and belts.

Sock Length

​While we're on the topic of shoes, we should mention socks. Make sure they're long enough. The last thing you want to happen when you sit down is to show the world some skin you hadn't anticipated showing. It may be an extra thing to think about, but in the case of wearing a suit, the only thing people want to see when you sit are socks that match your shoes and belt.

The Tags

This one should be obvious, but sometimes guys forget. Make sure the tags of what you've bought have been cut out before you wear them for the first time. There's nothing worse than an awkward tag slipping out at the worst moment. Then someone will see exactly how much you paid for your suit.

The Final Redundance

And in closing our section on suits, if you're wearing a belt please do not also wear suspenders. This is a redundant move that's almost as bad as sandles with socks, but not quite.

Some Other Notes on the Tie

grey tie in the table

​Image Source: Pixabay

Now that you're an expert with suit tips, we thought you ought to know a few more things concerning the tie in addition to simply knowing 'how long should a tie be.'

The Knot Size

​This is no time to try to impress people with your 'Double Windsor.' Make sure that the top knot of the tie is not too big and also not too small. Simplicity is key. You want to come across with a polished look without seeming like you tried too hard.

The Tie Color and Pattern

​When it comes to patterns on ties, simple is always best. The louder the design, the more desperate you seem for attention. Also, when it comes to color make sure the color of the tie you're wearing is darker than the suit you're wearing. This may seem like common sense from an aesthetic perspective, but it's something many guys get wrong.

Casual Wear: Some Pointers

guy standing in the street in casual attire

​Image Source: Unsplash

Now that you've got an outline of the suit world, let's take a look at casual wear. The first mistake guys make is thinking that dressing casually is an excuse to dress sloppily. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, casual wear is a great time to show off that you can be stylish in any situation.

Socks to Shorts

​The biggest thing to remember here is to go for short socks that can't be seen easily. This way the focus is on the shorts and shoes themselves, and you're never worried that long socks are stealing the show.

The Go-To

​If you're ever concerned about looking good in a casual setting, go for the solid color polo shirt. This is always a great move, and a polo generally looks good on most men.


Though we've outlined many norms in this article, it's always good to remember not to get too locked down in rules when thinking about your personal style. Yes, it's important to keep what we've mentioned in mind. But never forget that a crucial element of your personal style is taste, and having a keen sense of this is the most important attribute a man can have.

​Featured Image Source: ​Unsplash