For some, it is about escaping the frigid temperatures and finding a warm, comfortable place to relax for the week. For others, it is about the experience of a luxury resort that is ready to wait on them hand and foot.

Those looking to jet set for the start of 2017 have plenty of choices for adventure and relaxation.

Constance Moofushi in Maldives

Hottest Jet Setting Locations for 2017

Di Bruno de Giusti – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 2.5 it, Collegamento

Constance Moofushi is the all-inclusive resort that offers its own private airport lounge. The time they took to create their own bar shows how dedicated they are to continuing the luxurious feel of the vacation throughout the journey.

Travelers take a seaplane to the small, private island from the airport. The property is casual, lovely, and still highly chic. It is the perfect place to unwind and relax. The resort is also just 30 minutes from some of the most renowned diving spots in the world.

In total, Constance Moofushi offers 110 rustic guestrooms; each boasts their unique level of sophistication. Each room is equipped with a minibar that includes a choice of high-end wines and spirits. Entertainment systems come standard per room, and each offers a breathtaking view of the crystal blue waters.

Overall, this resort offers world-class exquisite dining, water sports, marine life, and relaxation.

Riviera Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is known for its tropical getaways, and the Riviera Cancun is the ideal location for this year’s jet setter. There are numerous areas in Mexico known as “party areas” and each has a large population of young tourists. However, the Riviera Cancun is not one of them.

This resort is one of the few to receive a five-star rating on TripAdvisor, and the Excellence Riviera Cancun lives up to the name. It offers the luxury amenities that one would expect when traveling to such a premium hotel. There are six swimming pools, numerous activities, and fine dining. There is also an on-site spa with beachside treatment huts ready to pamper a traveler on the water.

The standard suites come with modern décor, marble-adorned bathrooms, showers, and jetted tubs. A duplex suite comes with a private rooftop pool.

The resort is ideal for couples traveling who want to escape to somewhere more quiet. The resort is not very family-friendly; therefore, those looking for a family vacation may want to stay elsewhere.

Fowl Cay Resort in the Bahamas

Jet setting locations in 2017


Those who want to jet set to the all-popular Bahama resorts will find that Fowl Cay Resort is the ideal destination. This beautiful yet less trafficked vacation spot features 28 guest suites and gives its residents the opportunity to explore over 50 private acres. There is a kitchen in the guest hut along with food and cutlery so that guests never have to leave their cabin to dine (unless they want to, of course).

Fowl Cay Resort is located on a private island; therefore, there are no crowded beaches or areas riddled with tourists. It is incredibly relaxing and the perfect getaway for those that want to leave the hustle of work and home life behind.

The views from the wet bars are fantastic, and the luxury villas come with their own golf buggy and boat. The golf course is extraordinary, and those who wish to relax on the beach will find that there are several wading areas, lounges, and pre-built beach huts ready to accommodate every relaxation need.

Regardless of where one travels, these beach resorts cater to those with delicate tastes and the desire to relax. Those who want to jet set for 2017 will be hard-pressed to find better locations than these top three destinations.