Gorgeous Honeymoon Suites Your Spouse will Swoon Over

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Congratulations! After all the planning and stress of wedding preparation, you're finally married to the person you love.

Hopefully, you were able to celebrate that fact with the people who are most important in your life. Maybe you laughed, danced, and drank merrily with all your friends and family, or had a simple, relaxed dinner with close relatives.

However you decided to celebrate that day is up to you, but we hope it was everything you wanted and more. Now, it's time for the real celebration to begin: your honeymoon.

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A honeymoon is a time for you and your spouse to enjoy some quality time together as a married couple. People use this time to explore different parts of the world and enjoy scenic views with their loved one.

But where should you go? What's a good place for a newlywed couple to travel to?

If you're looking for a dream destination for you and your partner, you're in luck! We've got a remarkable list of the top honeymoon suites across the globe for you to explore.

Grab your suitcase and your partner's hand because it's honeymoon time.

Can I Get a Little Romance Please?

Love is in the air between you and your significant other, so your location should too. You want to be somewhere where love surrounds you and your spouse, allowing you to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent.

Paris is often known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, but there are tons of other beautiful destinations you can choose from that cater toward newlyweds.

This video showcases just a few of the romantic vacation spots the world has to offer but is a great way to get a taste of what's out there.

You'll have to decide what you and your spouse are looking to do and enjoy on your honeymoon. Some people prefer adventurous locations where they can explore the culture and landscape, while others want to lounge and relax on a beach with a drink in hand.

How Do I Choose?

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So how do you choose a location? Often times, that's the most difficult part. Trying to decide where to go with an abundance of choices out there can be overwhelming.

There is also the added pressure of securing one of the honeymoon suites while you do so. These suites allow you to enjoy the highest level of romance a place can offer but is often limited.

Planning ahead will be crucial, so if booking one of the honeymoon suites is high on your priority list, be sure to plan ahead and book sooner rather than later.

Let's See the Goods!

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Let's stop yapping about details and get down to business. We know how stressful planning and booking a vacation can be, especially when it's for something as important as your honeymoon.

We also know how hard it can be to narrow down your searches to find reputable and reliable accommodations. To take some of the guesswork out of your hunt, we've brought you everything you need to know about the top 15 honeymoon suites all into one place.

Not only can you learn what to expect from a high-quality establishment, but you can check out some of the world's most romantic locations from the comfort of your own home. What could be better than that?

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

How can we have a honeymoon destination list without talking about the beautiful city of Paris, France? At the Shangri-La Hotel, you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower right from your balcony. The beautiful city is constantly in your site and will allow you to experience French culture like never before.

Beyond the major landmark, you and your spouse can enjoy fantastical tours, shopping, and eatery at local establishments. Paris is always bobbing with life both during the day and at night. Plus, with a location like this, you can be in the heart of the action at all times.

The Shangri-La Hotel was awarded its Palace status back in 2014. It offers impressive views of Parisian landmarks while continuously providing top service and accommodation.

There are three restaurants and a bar available for guests to enjoy and socialize in, along with a 15-meter pool.

Not to mention the fact that there are within walking distance of over 60 different attractions and 96 restaurants. The airport is only a 10-minute drive away, making arrival and departure a breeze.

This hotel offers a number of Parisian Romance Suites, each with their own unique views, amenities and price tag. All the suites offer breakfast delivered daily to your room and a romantic welcome with Champagne, fruit, chocolates, and flowers. Valet service is also included.

Prices begin at about $1,500 per night and can escalate in price quite quickly depending on the size of the suite you're looking to stay in. It is a bit on the pricey side, but the experiences and views you can have here are unlike any other place in Paris.

Four Seasons Maui at Wailea, Hawaii

For something a bit more tropical, why not take a trip to Hawaii? The Four Seasons is actually the only luxury resort in Maui, making it the top spot for any travel enthusiast.

Located right on the beach, guests can enjoy days lounging near the water, or diving into one of their three saltwater pools. You can enjoy the view of palm trees, sea, and sun without ever having to leave the resort.

There are only a few restaurants and attractions within walking distance, but there is a surplus of transportation methods to get you out and exploring the Hawaiian atmosphere. Plus, it is only about a 15-minute drive from the airport, making travel simple.

This hotel offers some of the most incredible views in the Wailea area. Its large pools, three restaurants, spa, and bar provide you everything you could want from a relaxing getaway. With all their accommodations, some people don't even leave the place itself.

It has a long list of daily activities for all its guests to enjoy, most of which are complimentary with your stay. It has an elegant interior that matches well with its top-notch service.

For newlywed couples, this place can become an oasis. The Four Seasons offers customizable couple getaways, all paired with a personal assistant who can book reservations, provide transportation, and make sure everything goes together as planned.

A basic suite here will likely cost you around $1,600 a night, with more extravagant rooms being available for closer to $3,000-$6,000 a night. With the surplus of amenities and personal care they provide, this is actually quite a steal.

Angama Mara, Kenya

For those of you ready for an adventure, take a trip to Kenya and explore a true African safari. The Angama Mara is an all-inclusive safari lodge that is located right on the edge of Great Rift Valley; this beautiful resort is balanced in a way that almost makes it look like it's suspended in air.

If you're on the hunt for romantic sunsets with gorgeous views, look no further. This impeccable location offers everything you could want and more. It can truly take your breath away night after night.

While it is only a 10-minute drive from the airport, there are not a ton of other activities or restaurants in the area. Thankfully, your all-inclusive stay provides you with everything you need.

If you choose to stay here, you can expect to be surrounded by culture, landscape, and modern comfortability. The suites themselves are designed to keep you relaxed while still offering classical African safari style.

Each suite offers a gorgeous view of the landscape out on your deck. There is also spacious guest areas for you to socialize in while you enjoy the Kenyan air.

The food, which is all included, is made using local ingredients and has an elegant flare that everyone will love. There is a pool, room service, spa, and bar available for your enjoyment as well.

At the Angama Mara, everything in your day of adventure is set. African safari trips, days at the beach, flights to surrounding areas, and experiences to see wildlife are all planned out for you without having to lift a finger.

You can choose from a selection of packages to determine how you want to enjoy your African excursion. Plus, all your meals, park fees, and room needs are all complimentary with your stay.

This all-inclusive dream starts at about $1,200 a night per person. While initially, that may seem like a bit much, remember meals and activities are included at no additional cost.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui, Bora Bora

Bora Bora. Even the name sounds mysterious and magical. This tropical island is known for its legends, mysterious history, and romance.

The island itself raises up from the middle of gorgeous waters, graced with multiple colors and corals. It's quite small in size, making it easy to travel around and explore.

There are a ton of local attractions and restaurants near Conrad Bora Bora Nui, most of which are only a short drive away. The airport is also only a six-minute drive away, which will save you time on your departure day.

If you're thinking about heading to a tropical paradise, this is definitely a place you want to keep your eye on. The resort rests next to an exquisite strip of beach with white sand and lava rocks. The waters rise in time with the love swirling around it.

You can stay inside your own personal villa, fully equipped with a lounge deck, access to the ocean directly from your room, and modern accommodations. If that's not quite your thing, you can also choose to stay in one of their many rooms surrounded by land with a sweeping view of the water.

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Along with your stay, you'll receive access to their pool, spa, bar, and restaurant. There's also complimentary travel to and from the airport. The staff offer incredible service and will keep you and your spouse at ease.

As if all that wasn't enough, you can get one of their suites for around $800 a night, which is far cheaper than many of its honeymoon suites competitors.

Amanwana, Indonesia

Tap into an undiscovered world by heading off to Indonesia with the love of your life. At Amanwana, all your troubles can float away as you set out for days of adventure and nights of romance.

The all-inclusive resort rests on the island of Moyo, which is just east of Bali. It has some incredible views that can satisfy both jungle lovers and ocean lovers.

The island has waterfalls, a gorgeous beachfront, and plenty of room to get out and explore. Take your spouse and travel through forests while taking hikes and simple strolls as you enjoy the scenery around you. Since you're only about a 15-minute drive from the airport, you can enjoy your adventure down to the last possible minute.

Depending on which package you choose to take at this all-inclusive resort, you can partake in a number of exciting activities both on land and on the sea.

For those wary of the water, you can take a guided tour through a bat cave, enjoy a massage at the spa, or even have a private BBQ out on the beach. If you're willing to head out onto the water; however, your options open up tremendously.

Through Amanwana, you can enjoy a trip to a gorgeous waterfall, fish to your heart's content, or simply swim along the shore. You can also take some guided snorkeling trips to view turtle street or see some undersea nightlife.

There is also a sunset cruise you can hop on to watch the sun fade into the horizon with your partner by your side. You can even stay on the cruise for an extended period of time and gaze at the stars up in the open sky.

One of the best parts about taking part in this trip is its price. Starting as low as $650 a night, you can take part in an excursion of a lifetime. If you're willing to pay a bit more, roughly another hundred dollars or so per night, you can have a guide lead you through your adventures and explain more about the culture, history, and wildlife.

Regardless of whether you choose to stay in the peaceful jungle canopy or hang out near the ocean, the tents come fully equipped with king-sized beds, sofas, hardwood floors, and air conditioning. Plus, each has its own unique touch with Indonesian island artwork and decor.

The modern accommodations we live for, including WiFi, come included with your stay. On top of that, your meals are all complimentary, and room service is available.

Il Sireno Hotel, Italy

Let's head on back over to Europe and explore the romantic world of Italy. Located right on the edge of Lake Como, Il Sireno Hotel provides a unique experience for those hoping for a taste of Italy.

Besides enjoying the gorgeous waters of Lake Como or taking in the wondrous hills and views of the land around you, there are a number of exciting activities to take part in. For those looking to bring a bit of Italy with them, there are tons of boutiques and shops to explore in the surrounding area. There are also a number of designer stores out there for those looking to invest in something a bit more high-end.

If adventure's more your game, grab your hiking boots and get ready for some fun. There are a number of trails available to explore, some easy and some challenging. You can test your skills or take a simple excursion through the Italian countryside.

You can also opt to bring a taste of Italy back home with you by heading over to a wine tasting. Local cuisine can also be learned in one of the many cooking classes offered by professional chefs.

Rather than feeling like some sort of lakeside hideaway, this resort makes you feel like you are a part of the urban Italian lifestyle. It has a level of understated elegance that keeps guests entertained, satisfied, and able to focus on the love in their relationship rather than the stress of uncomfortable living.

The hotel offers an indoor-outdoor restaurant that features a highly-acclaimed chef and dishes that are simply to die for. Plus, there is a full-service spa, a private beach, and two 60 foot freshwater pools. Not to mention all the activities available at each of those locations.

What's also pretty special about this place is the fact that you can easily travel to locations off of the resort with one of their many boating options. The beachfront actually has its own port where you and your loved one can rent a boat and explore Lake Como in all its beauty.

No stay would be complete without a nice array of amenities. No matter which level suite you choose to stay in, you can expect to receive complimentary robes and towels with high thread counts, 24-hour room service, twice daily maid service, a private bar, air conditioning, and even optional iPads and iPad docking stations if desired.

The difference in suites largely has to do with the amount of space and the layout of the room. The starting range for a suite at the Il Sereno Hotel will typically cost somewhere around $1,000 a night. This puts this dream destination at about a middle range in terms of price, but considering the potential memories that could be made on a honeymoon to Italy, it is a bargain.

All the Adventures You'll Share

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This is the start of your new life together. You want to make sure that it is both special and memorable for you and your spouse. Take the time to pick the location that best matches your lifestyles and interests.

With so many incredible honeymoon suites available on the market, including the top honeymoon suites listed here, you're sure to find a place that fulfills your wildest dreams and truly kicks off your marriage right.

No matter which one of the honeymoon suites you choose, be sure to soak in every moment of your trip. You and your spouse deserve to start your marriage off on the right foot. And what better way to do that than with a bit of romance, love, and adventure?