Are you an art lover? If so, you should consider going on an artistic vacation, visiting all of the amazing art galleries in some of the coolest U.S. cities.

That’s right – you don’t have to head to Paris or Florence to get your art fix. You can stay right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

The Top 6 U.S. Cities to See Some of the Best Art Galleries in the World

When you’re ready to plan an art lover’s vacation, check out these cities for the best art gallery experience ever!

1. New York, New York

Art Galleries and artistic vacation

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was established on November 7, 1929

You knew this one would be on the list, right? This is the art capital of the U.S. Anyone with an artistic bone in their body will likely end up in New York at some point – either as an appreciative observer or active participant.

Wherever your artistic proclivities lie, New York has something to satisfy your needs. Do you love fashion, theater, music? It’s all here.

For those who love exploring art galleries, New York doesn’t disappoint.

Here, you will find some of the most popular art museums and galleries in the world. These include:

  • The Guggenheim Museum
  • The Museum of Modern Art

If you head over to Bushwick and Chelsea, you’ll find some amazing contemporary art museums. These are some of the most artistic areas of New York.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago boasts a Picasso sculpture in downtown. It has to be on this list!

But while Chicago has Picasso and the Museum of Contemporary Art, it also has hundreds of art galleries to explore.

If you head to the former warehouse district, you’ll find over a hundred galleries just in this area of the city. The sheer number, as well as the quality of art and venues, comes second in the nation only to New York.

3. San Francisco, California

On the West Coast, San Francisco earned the title of California’s best art city back in the 1930s when the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was opened. If you travel to the Mission District, you’ll find some lovely galleries, as well as fantastic outdoor murals that add to the natural beauty of the city.

One very cool gallery is Creativity Explored. All of the art is created by those with developmental disabilities. It’s repeatedly earned a five-star rating on both Google and Yelp.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

Art Galleries and artistic vacationThis beautiful city with cobblestone streets is an art piece all on its own. But there are numerous art museums and galleries that you can check out here. And the best part – the city is so easily navigated that you can hit up multiple galleries at a time without losing any time getting lost.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Poor Boston – New York gets all the glory. Well, not anymore. Boston is one of the most artistic cities not only along the East coast, but in all of the United States.

You can visit multiple art museums – like the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts. Or, you can head over to some of the smaller art galleries, like the Boston University Art Galleries and Robert Klein Gallery. This gallery has been home to exhibitions by Annie Leibowitz, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Sally Mann.

6. Pasadena, California

Art Galleries and artistic vacationLos Angeles has some hot artistic tourist destinations, but Pasadena’s art scene is purely for the hardcore enthusiast. It’s been created and designed with the locals in mind – people who are serious about their art. It’s garnered so much well-deserved attention that Pasadena has been called one of the best art towns on the West Coast.

Get Your Artistic Fix with an Artist Lover Vacation

If you’re an art lover, you need to plan an art lover vacation for yourself. The great thing about heading out to one of the six cities listed above is that they have more than one amazing art gallery. That means you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money traveling all over the place (unless you want to!). You can travel to one city and enjoy a multitude of incredible galleries. What are you waiting for? Start making plans today!