The Ferrari California is a luxury brand unlike any other. It has been on the tips of tongues in car circles for decades, and it still conjures images of beauty and majesty today. You may have seen a Ferrari California 2015 model on the road, in a TV road test or in an advertisement, and the company maintains the history of its old Californias in its advertising. This article is a brief look at how the Ferrari California has become far more iconic than a single car.

The Ferrari California Name and Brand

The Ferrari 250 GT California became an icon not long after it was released, and it has quite a history that any car fan will appreciate. You may be unaware of the deep and rich history of the vehicle, and you will find it fun as you learn for the first time. Keep in mind the car has been owned by celebrities, retained its value and has a place in Hollywood history.

The Great Escape

  • James Coburn purchased a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California at the behest of Steve McQueen;
  • He bought the car from a dealer in Belgium while the two were filming The Great Escape;
  • The car eventually became the most valuable in the world.

The Most Valuable Car in The World

British media personality spent $12 million on Coburn’s 250 GT at auction, and it became the most expensive vehicle in the world. He keeps the vehicle in a special white garage at his home in the English countryside, and you may watch James May drive the vehicle in a special Top Gear film.

The Vehicles Drive Well Even Today

The Ferrari California from the golden years drives well today, and the newest versions of the Ferrari 599 California are technical marvels you will bask in as soon as they come off the lot. You will find the newest version of the California as an amazing piece of equipment made for long blasts across continental Europe, the American west or to the tip of South America.

Ferrari Straddles History and Modern Technology

There is no company better at maintaining a rich sense of history while improving technology in its vehicles. The new version of the California is a beautiful piece of equipment, and there are small pieces of the old hidden in the vehicle. Every driver who loves cars will see a piece of James Coburn’s California in the new 599, and they will drive a vehicle that is no more difficult to drive than a family sedan.

red ferrari california on the street

Interesting Features of a Ferrari California

The Ferrari California T provides quite a lot of technology to each driver, and it will take you where you need to go with satellite navigation, controls on the steering wheel, Bluetooth sync for your phone, a proper stereo and room in the back for two more passengers. You are choosing the California because it will lead you on a grand tour, and you must ensure you check the trunk which will hold all your luggage with no trouble.

Ferrari buries the finest technology in every vehicle, and they offer items such as the E-diff from their Formula One cars, passive rear-wheel steering and a front-mounted V8 that sounds beautiful when you blast through a tunnel in the French Alps. You may purchase the vehicle in different colors, and the leather seats are stitched to perfection. The California was designed to be comfortable, and you will relax behind the wheel no matter how long the trip.

Ferrari California Price for Modern Drivers

The Ferrari California comes with quite a few options that will ensure your happiness on the road, and you may piece together a California with added extras you most prefer. The vehicle starts at just over $200,000, and you may add extras to the vehicle as you go. You may choose from a number of added extras you will find exciting, and you may build a vehicle that is right for you.

  • Hard or soft top;
  • Custom brake calipers;
  • Custom stitching inside the vehicle;
  • Left or right-hand drive.

Your vehicle may be brought into line with your vision for driving perfection as you build, and the car will be quite a lot of fun to drive once you have it completed. You may contact a dealer for assistance building your new vehicle, or you may build the vehicle yourself online through their website. Ferrari has done quite a good job building a brand you want to shop, and building your new Ferrari online is quite an experience.


You may partake in the history and tradition of the Ferrari brand by seeking out a 250 GT just as Chris Evans did, or you may see the newest version of the California. The name itself has been quite powerful as part of the Ferrari legacy, and each new driver sees something different in their personal California. The front-mounted engine offers quite a lot of room for the passengers, and you will sit back in utter comfort as you take a long trip on the roads of the world.

Buying a new Ferrari California is a status marker that you may add to the notches on your belt, and you will find it quite exciting to sit down with the prancing horse on the steering the first time. Ferrari is quite a lot more than a car brand that charges you handsomely for a vehicle. They build technical masterpieces that you will fall in love with, and you may choose to collect as others do. You may not find the 1961 250 from James Coburn’s personal collection, but you will find the Ferrari name quite enticing as you seek out classic cars that make your life a little more exciting on the weekend.

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