Shoes, shoes, shoes! Can anyone get enough?

Many women readily admit to their shoe obsession. With many long-standing jokes about shoe fixation, this is one obsession people aren’t ashamed of.

Over the last few years, more men have started to open up about their shoe passions as well. A lot of men have good taste in shoes, but more and more this interest becomes something they can’t (or don’t want to) control.

What’s the result of this passion for shoes? Some of the most incredible shoe collections of all time.

Shoe Obsessed: 6 Fabulous Shoe Collections of the Rich and Famous

The average, everyday person only has a limited budget to spend on their shoe collection. But the rich and famous have a lot of extra cash to feed their shoe frenzy. Here are just some of the most amazing shoe collections around:

1. Marky Mark…uh, Mark Wahlberg

Celebrity shoe collectionsAre you a fan of Michael Jordan and the Nike Air Jordan sneaker? If so, you’re in good company. Actor Mark Wahlberg has an impressive collection of the famous basketball shoes. It’s been revealed that he’s close friends with His Airness, and as such has received a number of these sneakers as gifts. That’s some friend! One estimate says Wahlberg’s sneaker collection is worth over $100,000.

2. Christina Aguilera

Celebrity shoe collectionsThis singer and actress has a full wall in her closet dedicated to shoes. And her closet is impressive. It’s not your average walk-in closet. It’s more like a shoe and clothing boutique. The shoe has shelves from floor to ceiling packed with boots, sneakers, and the most gorgeous high heels in existence. It’s beautiful. On her awe-inspiring shoe wall, she has just about every color and style imaginable. Her favorite, though, seems to be the peep-toe pump with a stiletto heel.

3. Rachel Zoe

Celebrity shoe collectionsIt only stands to reason that a shoe designer would have a fabulous shoe collection. And Rachel Zoe doesn’t disappoint. Besides dressing the likes of Oscar winners and fashionistas Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, Zoe takes care of her fashion needs as well. Her style and closet are described by E Online as “lust-worthy.” Her shoe collection consists of some boots, but mostly pumps and strappy stiletto sandals.

4. Jason Sudeikis

Celebrity shoe collectionsAnother self-confirmed sneakerhead is SNL alum Jason Sudeikis. In a 2013 interview with GQ magazine, Sudeikis said that he’s always collected things, including shoes. He’s always been a fan of sneakers. His brand of choice: Nike. And like Wahlberg, Sudeikis is a big fan of the Air Jordan. He has an estimated 100 pairs of sneakers.

5. Mariah Carey

Celebrity shoe collections

Credit: Instagram/Mariah Carey

No one would ever expect Ms. Carey to not be on this list. The woman is definitely a fashionista and loves everything sexy, girly, and sparkly. And her shoe closet speaks clearly to those preferences. She has some of the sexiest shoes in existence, and a clear obsession with gold. From floor to ceiling, at least one section of her shoe wall is packed with every style of gold shoe imaginable. According to People magazine, she has 24 shelves dedicated to gold shoes alone.

6. Elton John

Celebrity shoe collections

Courtesy: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

The iconic pop singer has a shoe collection that matches his fabulously garish concert costumes. The shoes are sparkly, colorful, and, of course, most of them have a platform. So famous is his shoe fetish that Nike recently designed a shoe especially for Sir Elton. It’s called the Air Force 1 “Jet.”

The designer sneakers are a 70s throwback – inspired by 70s music, disco balls, and a British knight’s armor. Chrome-colored with a grated design, the shoe has a small-to-medium sized black platform running along the entire bottom. A “color gradient fade” that starts out red and fades to green livens up the side of the black platform. This is a pretty cool addition to the knighted artist’s collection!

Shoe Obsessions – They Won’t be a Thing of the Past Anytime Soon

Shoe fixations have been around since shoes were invented. And it doesn’t look as if this sort of passion is going to phase out of history. To those who have amazing shoe collections, this is great news. It means that designers will continue making beautiful shoes – more shoes to add to their stunning collections. And for those of us who live vicarious through them – we couldn’t be happier!