Below Are Some of The Finest Suites In Vegas and Rival Any In The World

Las Vegas has never been one for understatement.

In fact, when most people think of gaudy luxury and unprecedented wealth, images of the “City of Sin” are sure to pop into their heads at some point.

And with the gaming revenue of 2016 alone reaching almost $18 billion, such extravagance isn’t really all that surprising, is it?

Below, we take a look at some of the fanciest hotel rooms you can find in this city of indulgence and point out the amenities provided by each. So, have a look at why Las Vegas is considered one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

The Mandarin Oriental’s Emperor Suite

One of the most notable hotels in Las Vegas, the Mandarin Oriental is situated directly on the Vegas Strip, giving visitors easy access to all the sights and sounds of this lively city. And while moderately priced rooms in the luxurious hotel can run as low as $270 dollars a night, the real draws of this elegant accommodation are the three unique suites.

The Emperor, The Mandarin, and The Taipan Suite all offer an opulent experience few hotels can match. Open plan kitchens, media rooms, fireplaces, stunning views, and around 3,100 square feet are included in most. The Emperor Suite even features a grand piano.

And at $15,000 a night, even the most discriminating visitor is sure to be pleased.

The Venetian Suites

The Venetian is known for its luxury; standard rooms are typically twice the size of other Las Vegas hotel rooms and include posh décor and beautiful layouts that can make even a proud man humble.

But when it comes to their high-end suites, few things can really compare. Many of these spaces offer a variety of extravagant services and amenities like over 3,000 square feet of space, multiple bedrooms and more.

And if you’re really looking to see all that this elegant hotel has to offer, the Chairman’s Suites (typically accessed through invitation only) give access to a personal butler, a massage and salon room, and even private karaoke.

All this can be had (if invited of course) for only $25,000 dollars a night.

Caesars Palace Suites

What article about the lavish lifestyles afforded by the Las Vegas elite would be complete without mention of Caesars Palace, the poster boy of Sin City?

This Las Vegas landmark features direct strip access and almost four thousand rooms situated in five distinct towers. These towers, however, were not created equally. The Octavius Tower, for example, is home to some of the most expensive suites in the entire city.

With almost 10,000 square feet of pure opulence and luxury, the Octavius Tower Villas provide the wealthiest Las Vegas denizens access to beautiful and sprawling terraces overlooking the city, an enormous game room that includes not just a fully-stocked bar but also a pool table, a grand piano, and some of the most valuable and luxurious furniture and linens you can find.

Does that sound like your type of living accommodations? Well good! All it takes $30 to $40 thousand dollars a night and it’s all yours.

The above interiors were designed by the interior architecture firm of Wilson Associates. Wilson’s portfolio is extensive and impressive as they have designed some of the most beautiful interiors on the planet.

Test Your Lucky Streak in the City of Lights

It’s no mystery that Las Vegas is a city brimming with wealth and extravagance. But if you want to truly tap the luxury this beautiful city has to offer, it’ll either take a hefty chunk of change or an impressive winning streak in blackjack.

Either way, you’ve got to be a lucky son of a gun to stay in one of these suites.