Mega yachts are perhaps self-explanatory: they’re really big, really luxurious yachts. About 10,000 are in existence all over the world, and they’re owned by some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

However, a popular option for a fantastic (and fantastical) vacation is to charter, or rent, a mega yacht for an entire group of people. Mega yachts come complete with their own crews, so all you have to do is hop aboard for the ride of a lifetime.

Mega Yachts: How Big Are They, Exactly?

Mega yachts are mega for a reason: they are over 78 feet long (most are even larger), can be either motorized or sailing yachts, and regularly have features like integrated clubs, infinity pools, spas, large dining rooms, and guest suites throughout.

The Ultimate Vacation on the Water

Imagine sailing on a private yacht through the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean, or gallivanting around the shores of the French Riviera, or even taking a scenic and breathtaking tour around Alaska’s rugged shoreline and icebergs. Anywhere there is sea or ocean to travel, you can go there.

Mega yachts are often described as “floating villas.” This is because they offer all the luxury, privacy, and comfort of an isolated villa, but you’re able to travel and explore while enjoying these serene surroundings. Head into a different port every day and sightsee, or simply sail through the waters and have a relaxing time.

Amenities Aboard a Mega Yacht

Mega yachtsChartering a mega yacht comes with a huge array of amenities.

On-Board Service and Crew

The crew who works aboard your chartered yacht will take care of everything for you: navigation, maintenance, and other nitty-gritty details, but also meals, service, booking reservations ashore, and more. They’re your personal assistants the entire time you’re on board. It’s almost like being in a private, floating hotel.

Activities and Equipment

Even if you don’t bother to head to shore to look for things to do, you’re probably going to find plenty of fun aboard the yacht. Some have swimming pools or Jacuzzis on deck, and others provide water sports equipment for your use. This can include anything from water skis to wave-runners to scuba diving equipment.

Plush Surroundings

Mega yachts are known for their luxury, including their interiors. Most have master bedrooms, guest suites, dining rooms, multiple decks for eating, sunbathing, and activities, large living rooms, and are fitted with the most upscale and elegant finishes.

The Most Expensive Luxury Mega Yachts from Around the World

Lady Moura

Lady Moura and Mega YachtsBelonging to a Saudi Arabian businessman, this yacht is 344 feet long and features the name of the ship on the exterior in 24-carat gold lettering. The interior is large enough to hold a 75-foot dining table as well as a retractable “beach.” This latter feature is able to slide out from the side of the ship and sit at water-level, and comes complete with sand and deck chairs.


A Russian billionaire owns this 360-foot ship, which boasts multiple swimming pools as well as a helicopter landing pad. It can accommodate up to 20 guests as well as 38 crew members.


The ruler of Dubai calls this ship his own. Worth about $350 million, it is akin to a decadent floating mansion. It has a sumptuously decorated interior complete with a spiral glass staircase, handmade mosaic tile accents, and a large collection of luxury and VIP guest suites.

Streets of Monaco

One of the most expensive yachts in the world is Streets of Monaco, as its estimated worth totals over $1 billion. Along with swimming pools and tennis courts, it has scaled-down replicas of some of Monaco’s most famous attractions, including Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris.

Mega yachts are truly the final word in luxury and elegance on the open water. To achieve more luxury, you would have to climb aboard a cruise ship or an ocean liner. Chartering one of these floating villas is truly a unique and lavish way to take a vacation.