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Elite Private Jet Services for the Country’s Most Prestigious Travelers

Whether you need to jet set across the globe for a quick weekend getaway, or you have a business meeting in Dubai to forge new partnerships, access to an exclusive private jet service is necessary for the prestigious traveler.

One of the most recommended private jet services in the country is NetJets.

NetJets uses fractional ownership and private jet charters that unlock the benefits of private ownership, without the maintenance and hassles of purchasing your jet.

What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional jet ownership was originally created in 1986 by NetJets. They were the first private jet service to offer fractional models, which allow travelers to share the private use and ownership of a jet instead of full ownership of a single aircraft. Depending on your travel needs, you could own a quarter or as little as one-eighth of that jet. The amount of ownership you have in fractional ownership contracts determines your flight hours.

private jet servicesTo enjoy the benefits of a fractional ownership arrangement, you will enter a contract period with NetJets or another private jet company. You have an initial investment fee, which is then continued with the annual membership and management fee. From there, you have fixed rates, so it is easier to budget your travel needs compared to jet charters.

Your contract may last anywhere from two to three years, but within that contract, you will have set flight hours, and your aircraft is dictated in the contract; this ensures you receive the right plane for your travel needs every time you fly.

Why NetJets is Still the Leader in Fractional Ownership

Since NetJets first launched the concept of fractional ownership, various private jet charters have engaged in fractional opportunities as well. However, NetJets is still the most sought after fractional ownership program because they provide only the finest fleet and the most experienced pilots, and they avoid the pitfalls of other ownership programs.

Just some benefits to using the exclusive services and contracts of NetJets includes:

  • World Class Pilots: NetJets only employs the finest pilots in the world. Their pilots reach an average of 10,500 hours in-air before they are accepted into their program.
  • Global Travel Reach: Unlike other private charters, NetJets has the most comprehensive waiver program, which allows their aircrafts to fly unrestricted to almost anywhere in the world. Every year, NetJets travel to more than 160 countries and performs an astounding 325,000 flights.
  • The Finest and Largest Fleet: A common pitfall of private jet services and fractional ownership is the availability of the fleet or the variety of aircraft available. NetJets is a larger company and they have a fleet of more than 700 private aircraft always ready to depart. They are the biggest and most luxurious fleet in the world, which means that when you own a NetJets aircraft, you will always have availability.
  • Impeccable Safety: NetJets holds their mechanics, manufacturers, and flight crews to a higher standard when it comes to safety. They utilize the latest flight technology and ensure all owners enjoy safe, reliable travel.
  • Guaranteed Availability: Some fractional ownership programs have limited availability, or they might require that you book your private flight 24 to 48 hours in advance. The main benefit of owning a jet is using that private aircraft when it suits you. NetJets is one of the few to have guaranteed aircraft availability to accommodate even the most last-minute of travel needs.

Qualifying for NetJets

private jet servicesTo purchase a NetJets share and own an interest in a serial-numbered member of the fleet, you must have a minimum of 50 hours or more per year in flight time. After you have joined and purchased your share, you enjoy shares that come in 25-hour flight increments.

From there, the requirements are as follows:

  • Request in the Time Window: Unlike other services, you only need four hours before the flight to request your aircraft. This gives the crew time to prepare and submit their flight plan and arrange the aircraft.
  • Pay Your Costs: All costs with NetJets are predictable and include the one-time investment, occupied hourly fee, monthly management, and taxes.

When fractional ownership is not right for your travel needs, there is also the option of a private jet charter, lease program or a jet card. These options can accommodate the most demanding travel schedules, offer you fixed rates for your flight, and ensure that you receive luxury aircraft at your disposal regardless of how far you need to travel.