Founded in 1985, Dolce & Gabbana became a staple of taste, style and sophisticated elegance all over the world. Brand’s fame and fortune is founded on the Italian sweet couple’s unique vision on fashion that completely sets them apart from other older and long-established designers: authenticity and luxury imbued in the simplicity of their creations. This is why almost all Dolce & Gabbana creations, be them D&G clothes or Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, sport a few common traits: they use basic colors and elegant, timeless lines that address the young and the bold.

Dolce and Gabbana are also known for being true pioneers of innovation: since Madonna’s D&G trademar bra she worn during her “The Girlie” tour, the brand assumed the mission of reinventing a handful of fashion concepts. They were the first to turn underwear into outerwear (a trend that is all the rage this year) and the first to put a man’s suit on a naked woman’s body. But their unique vision on originality doesn’t turn their creations into simple surrealists works of art people will never be able to wear at work.

On the contrary, the pure colors used by Dolce & Gabbana (black, white, deep reds) and the simple lines and cuts speak about their true values: women and men alike should benefit of clothes and accessories that enhance their beauty, compliment their personal styles and fit any personality. Beauty, seduction, sophistication, attitude, and vision can be considered the building bricks of all D&G creations and collections.

Why Are the Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses so Revered?

Among all accessories bearing this trademark, Dolce and Gabbana mens’ sunglasses (and womens’) have a special history and relationship with high-end fashion and every day life. Just like everything else they create, the Dolce and Gabana sunglasses represent the quintesence of their vision on elegance. They are luxurious, of incredibly high quality, timeless, versatile and bold. If you take a look at the Dolce and Gabbana Flower sunglasses or the Dolce and Gabbana Aviator sunglasses you will fully understand why celebrities all over the world chose their eyewear and not others’.

Think about Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez and Madonna, Brad Pitt, Martin Lawrence, or Robin Thicke and try to find something they all have in common. Well, besides being A-List celebrities, they are famous trendsetters, bold and visionary people happy to indulge in eclectic, outstanding and upbeat fashion choices. And this is what Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are: statement pieces that are eclectic by definition and glamorous by design. This is why you will be able to tell a pair of D&G shades from others in an instant.

Who Is the Ideal Wearer of Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses?

The two designers never hid the fact that they get their inspiration from the young, beautiful and versatile people of the world. Their sunglasses, just like their clothes and accessories, have their aim on versatile, fashion-savvy, glamorous and eclectic young men and women. Either the young generation loves a rock star style, a baroque style, a more formal, composed one or an eclectic one mixing and matching different approaches to fashion, Dolce and Gabbana has something for each and every one of them.

History tells us that Dolce and Gabbana gave accessories to many music stars and movie celebrities, but they have a soft spot when it comes to rock music. This is why people feeling like true rock stars, the wild, the free, the wacky and the rebelious ones have a proven powerful inclination to wear D&G shades.

Women’s Collection

Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses womens’s collections are marked by a profound femininity, promoting a soft side only powerful women can manifest through a single piece of accessory. Veritable artworks, the D&G eyewear for women reveal retro touches deep in the background, a sweet return to the 50s glamour and a tribute to some ladies that made history with their delicate beauty and their powerful characters.

Men’s Collection

Quite on the opposite, Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses mens’ collections feature more masculine, more daring designs which don’t lack glamour but also come with a stronger, rough-on-the-edges elegance. There is no coincidence that striking personalities such Al Pacino or Pitbull have chosen D&G shades to wear as personal trademarks.

In other words, if you are young, cosmopolitan, self-confident, successful, free, sexy and charismatic, then Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are the ones you were looking for. The two Italians often say their creations address people who flaunt their sexuality, prefer to be impeccably dressed on all occasions, are successful both personally and professionally, like who they are and want to boost their confidence even more, and have eclectic tastes in everything from fashion to interior design.

woman with round sunglasses

The Future of Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses

In case anyone wondered, D&G shades are not just beautiful and fashionable. Their quality is unparalleled as they offer the wearers 100% UV400 protection. The frames are durable and constantly updated to offer both comfort and aesthetics.

Given all these underlying factors, there is no wonder that Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are becoming more and more popular. While the Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses prices are not small, the brand witnesses exponentially increased revenues in the last years and the eyewear (together with the other accessories) are being recognized all over the world.

In other words, we won’t see D&G shades leaving the podiums and streets any time soon. On the contrary, given the recent fashion trends highlighted during the international Fashion Week events, Dolce and Gabbana has the perfect opportunity to turn fans into loyalists.

Since trends promote a 50s – 70s revival, oversized creations, brightly colored outfits, underwear worn as streetwear, and intricate prints and patterns, Dolce and Gabbana is likely to embrace them and adapt them to their own vision and mission. After all, if it is glamour, sophistication and luxurious novelty involved, one might say that D&G already invented them all.

7 Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses to Die For

Either you look for a more composed, timeless piece or you want to embrace a trendier, street-smart style,you can’t go wrong with a pair of D&G shades. These are our top 7 picks: eyewear for young, bold and hip men and women to truly make a fashion statement.

1. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women – Flowers Lace Collection

One of the latest Dolce and Gabbana flower sunglasses collection is known as the Flower Lace. Unique pieces of art blending together the staple caty-eye shape with the luxury and femininity of lace and flowers, the shades in this collection are outstanding to say the least.

The black cat-eye sunglasses for women featuring gradient black lenses and an acetate-metal frame make no exception. Acetate is a lightweight, hipoallergenic and durable material made from renewable resources, thus adding up to the high quality of the model. But the true art lies within the temples, each featuring a metal Sicilian lace design completed with small metal black roses and Swarovski crystals.

As we said before, the brand rises up to its reputation of being epicly attentive to details, this is why the dedicated packaging of these sunglasses is made from black lace. Discrete and glamorous in the same time, these D&G sunglasses probably represent the quintessence of the designer’s view on modern fashion.

2. Golden Round Sunglasses for Men – Sicilian Western Collection

Eccentric with a dash of retro, these sunglasses for men are probably dedicated less to the conseratives, but rather to a young and free-spirited generation of men who are self-awre of their own personal style and aim to cultivate a keen sense of fashion. These Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses reinterpret the contemporary trend to using metal.

They sport small round mirrored gray lenses embeded in a thin golden metal frame which gives them an overall contemporary-vintage look. The temples end with a diagonal cut in a comfortable material resembling leopard skin. The laser-engraved discrete logo on the temple and the choice of the materials (extremely durable and comfortable) make these sunglasses extremely popular.

The ones desiring a less flashy moder can also choose the gunmetal frames with gray or transparent lenses for a more composed retro-modern look.

3. Pink Oversize Butterfly Sunglasses for Women – Punto Crocce Collection

When you choose your sunglasses you need to make an educated pick that factors in the size and shape of your face and your own personal style. A D&G boutique-only model, the pink oversize butterfly Punto Crocce sunglasses can be easily mistaken with a piece of jewelry rather than a pair of every day eyewear.

Dedicated to eclectic, eccentric and trendy ladies, the sunglasses are characterized by a frontal metal frame resembling butterfly wings that is embroidered a Punto Crocce-like technique to achieve a flowery pattern. The frontal frame displays a colored small points pattern combining pink, several shades of red and green together with white elements for contrast. The temples are in a thin golden, durable metal ending with diagonal red cuts.

The sunglasses seem to capture the warmth, color, texture and joy of summer and they are recommended to women who love their lives more than anything else.

4. Re-invented Aviator Sunglasses for Men – The Gold Collection

Exclusive, eclectic, excellent – these are the labels accompanying the new Aviator sunglasses for men in the D&G gold collection.  A Brad Pitt favorite, this pair of shades comes with a precious Gold Capsule (in three 18 kt golds – white, rose and yellow) frame and 8 kt gold coated lenses.

The metal double-bridge and the temples’ diagonal cut for a comfortable fit complete the design of these sunglasses in a clean, contemporary and luxurious manner – all speaking about the brand’s appetite for innovation and ultimate elegance. These are not the sunglasses to take to hiking or concerts, but they are the shades to wear at special events.

Since luxury is the operative word when it comes to this particular model, you should also know that the shades come in a black genuine leather case while the card is made of metal to enhance their high-end flair.

5. Square Crocodile Leather Sunglasses for Men – Cocco Collection

Imagine a clean-cut, square-lens, masculine, timeless and straightforward pair of sunglasses to last for years and blend in all possible accessories trends. Being rather practical, men usually go for basic, sleek pieces that stand the test of time and match any outfit or occasion.

Now take these classic sunglasses and cover their frames in genuine crocodile leather. Add an interior logo plaque with the limited edition’s number on the inside of the temples and an exterior silver plaque engraved with the Dolce and Gabbana logo. Throw in the durable and extremely comfortable temples’ cuts, the luxury case in black plexiglass and a refined soft case with matching exterior made of genuine crocodile leather.

These are the special ingredients making this particular pair of D&G sunglasses a boutique-exclusive and a must-have for men who really know what they want from life. Complete this with some luxury cologne and your level of sophistication will reach unfathomable heights.

6. Black Hexagonal Pilot Sunglasses for Women

Coming with an unmistakable vintage flair set in a modern design, these sunglasses for women mix femininity, sophistication, trendiness and luxury. The hexagonal pilot sun-shaped lenses in gradient grey have a black matte metal front with a pair of pink gold metal temples.

The double bridge, the adjustable nosepads and the flexible hinges make these Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses the embodiment of everything D&G stands for: timelessness reinvented with a contemporary twist. Such eyewear needs to be under careful care, as it doesn’t fit all face sizes and shapes, but you will definitely see them worn by celebrities and women perfectly balancing a feminine core with a power suit. The golden classic elegance of the shades softens the vague aura of masculine attitude embedded in the design, making the glasses suitable to young, bold and self-confident women.

7. Black & White Oversize Sunglasses for Women – Pied de Poule Collection

Now these sunglasses are something to look at and look for, especially by those ladies who fear nothing (and totally standing out of the crowd in particular).

The acetate frame front with black & white pied-de-poule woven fabric applications makes the highlight of this pair of shades. They also come together with gradient lenses and a metal D&G logo plaque on the acetate temples. Sporting a definite vintage flair paired with an eccentric view on contemporary trends, these sunglasses are indeed bold. Elegance has never been better put into form and in such a small piece of accessory and yet, Dolce and Gabbana seem to have plenty of aces down their sleeves.

A must-have for women confident in their power of seduction and faithful to their cause of walking the unbeaten paths of life, the sunglasses also come in a black velvet case to enhance their uniqueness.

man with sunglasses

Summing Up

Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses come in spectacular designs, meeting and exceeding all our expectations. Sometimes worn as single statement pieces to complete an outfit, D&G eyewear for men and women alike is proof that the Italian fashion house is not only connected to the modern world, but it is the one inventing and reshaping it with each and every creation.

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