For hundreds of years, people have enjoyed smoking cigars. However, it’s only during the last century that smoking a cigar has become associated with being wealthy. Regardless of the shape, size, or price, cigars are considered a luxurious item — but there are some that only the world’s most elite can afford.

Whether it’s to celebrate your latest success or it’s a tradition you’ve got with your friends, cigars are a trusty companion you can turn to and mark the occasion in a unique way. A long-time symbol of the elite, cigars are a tantalizing treat for any occasion.

But to make this even more extraordinary, why not opt for one of the world’s most exclusive cigars (along with your favorite tipple, of course)? 

The World’s Most Expensive Cigars

Below you’ll find a list of the finest cigars available, and not just because of the tobacco they’re made with. These cigars boast many endearing properties, including luxury wrappers, hand-rolled designs, and distinguished cases.

Padron Serie 1962 – $30

These cigars were released in honor of the 80th birthday of Jose Orlando, the founder of the cigar’s manufacturing company. Made available for sale in 1962, this cigar is highly revered and can be bought singularly for $30 or in a pack of eight, which come presented in a distinguished box.

Cohiba Esplendido – $34

expensive cigarsCohiba is a renowned Cuban cigar brand that was launched in the 1960s. The Esplendido cigars they produce are available to purchase in packets of three or in a box of 25. These boxes vary in price from $92 to more than $750, depending on their exclusivity.

Stradivarius – $34.70

Boasting a distinct taste, the Stradivarius cigar is made from a special blend of tobacco from a number of places, including the Dominican Republic and Mexico. This classic cigar is available in boxes of ten, with each cigar coming in its own box with a purple seal — the ultimate sign of luxury and wealth.

Louixs – $50

Often hailed as the finest cigar you can buy, the Louixs is uniquely crafted by the Goldwin Metropolitan Company. Usually available to purchase as single cigars, each one boasts a six-inch ring and a unique wrapper featuring King Louis XIV from France — a man known for his extravagances and excessive lifestyle. Only 800 boxes of these are released each month, which is what adds to their price tag.

Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF – $55

Originating in Florida in 1912, the American cigar brand Arturo Fuente had to re-launch themselves in the 1940s after a fire at their premises. However, by the time the 1960s arrived, they were hailed as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of luxury cigars. The Opus X BBMF is one they produce on a limited basis each year, and these cigars are praised for their exceptional flavor, which is achieved by using tobacco from the Dominican Republic.

King of Denmark – $75

This cigar is the first on the list that has to be made to order, and is produced by the manufacturing company, the Royal Danish Cigar Company. Only thirty of these elite cigars are produced each day, and the gold foil they’re wrapped with is normally personalized for each individual client. At a cost (up to $4,500), you can add further panache to the cigars with silver, gold, and diamond details.

Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario – $78

Originally produced in 2001, this cigar was created by Carlito Fuente, the president of the company, in memory of his father, Arturo. However, it was officially released in 2008 and quickly became revered for its unique blend and design. These cigars are available in a beautifully presented box, which contains 46 cigars and costs $7,500.

Arturo Fuente Opus X “A” – $79

As far as the cigar market’s concerned, this cigar is one of the rarest available for collection. One of its most characteristic features is it can’t be bought in boxes, as they’re only available to buy individually. Stocked at a select few cigar shops around the world, this exquisite cigar is 9.2 inches long and has a ring size of 43 inches.

Cohiba Behike – $470

expensive cigars

Courtesy: charlieh0tel/flickr

We’ve already seen a cigar by renowned manufacturer Cohiba, but the Behike cigar boasts a much higher price tag. It was first introduced to the market in 2006 and only 100 pieces were released. However, plans are underway to release similar cigars at a cheaper price in the not too distant future. Nevertheless, if you can get your hands on one of these rare Cohiba Behike cigars, you’ll enjoy one of the most luxurious cigars known to man, which is 7.5 inches long and has a ring size of 52 inches.

Gurkha Black Dragon – $1,150

If you’re looking for the most expensive cigar on the market, the Gurkha Black Dragon is the answer to all your prayers. Measuring 8.5 inches long and with a ring size of 52 inches, these cigars are wonderfully presented in hand-carved bone chests, which just adds to their dramatic, opulent look. As they’re the epitome of luxury, these cigars are very hard to get your hands on, and are only available in a few limited shops — or, if you’re lucky enough, from the president of Gurkha himself.


And there you have it! The rarest, most exclusive, and expensive cigars available, each with their own unique selling point and feature. However, there’s still some cigars we haven’t discussed, and these are some of the world’s oldest cigars that have ever been found — Mayan Sicars.

Unearthed in a Guatemalan village in 2012, these cigars are thought to date back 600 years, making them the rarest cigars you could ever smoke. However, after they sold at auction for a whopping $507,000 it’s hard to imagine the owners will be taking a light to them anytime soon.

No matter which cigar you choose, you can’t go wrong with a luxurious pick from this list.