The gift of a fine liquor to the person that has everything can go a long way. Whether it is a “thank you” gift, birthday, or something to kick off the holiday season, these boozy gifts have been handcrafted and cultivated for centuries – giving them a refined taste that is like no other. Most of these alcohols are valued due to their rarity, which means a liqueur lover will appreciate the extra effort when they unwrap these beautiful choices.

Remy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection Origin 1874

The limited-edition Louis XIII comes from the family-owned home of Remy Martin. It is a limited edition in a decanter that represents the 1874 era. The Origin is the first in the series for the brand, and they will only be released once every two years. The first edition is the Louis XIII and features an engraved bottle that looks exactly like the decanters used back in 1874.

Best Liquor Gifts for Expensive Tastes

By JerryLee (Jerry Lee) ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The cognac in this particular edition bottle is just as refined as the packaging. It is a blend of 1200 Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, which is a minimum of 40 years old. It is sold by local retailers and the company for $5,000.

Last Drop 48-Year Blended Whiskey

There are only 592 bottles of this rare whiskey in the world; therefore, it is treasured to the last drop. Each bottle was hand dipped in wax and comes in a leather Last Drop Distillers case. The case comes with a 50ml miniature as well as the leather-bound booklet that certifies the bottle.

The whiskey has a peach scent with pear and cinnamon oranges. The first sip is complex, smooth, and slowly releases hints of peach. As the flavor profile moves on, it releases toasted oak and pear brandy.

The Last Drop 48-Year is only available through limited retailers.

Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute

Named after the salute at the Tower of London, the Royal Salute from Chivas Regal comes with malt, chocolate, and hazelnut aromas. It is purely sensual and includes sandalwood, dried fruit, and notes of spices.

The packaging is just as elegant as the name, featuring an expertly-crafted glass that comes with 24-karat accents.

Glenfiddich Rare Cask Single Malt from 1978

Best Liquor Gifts for Expensive TastesSingle malt lovers will appreciate this rare blend from Glenfiddich – a company with a reputation for being the leader in single malt Scotch whiskeys. The Rare Cask Single Malt is exceptional and features a vibrant golden color and breathtaking flavor. The notes of this single malt are extraordinary, including pear, fruit, oak, red summer berries, orange, bananas, thyme, summer grass, and bay leaf.

The entire batch has been handcrafted and balanced over time so that each flavor is perfectly balanced and shows beautifully.

Yamazaki Single Malt 25-Year

While not as rare as the others, the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask won the “World’s Best Whiskey,” making it hard to find. Those that find it stateside can expect to pay over $2,000 for a single bottle, but it is not easy to find in the United States.

Dalmore Constellation Collection Single Malt

For those who want to invest in an excellent liquor, the 1960s set of Dalmore Constellation Collection went on sale for $139,000. There are 21 releases in this series, each bottled in a crystal decanter. Each bottle costs four to five figures but offers an exquisite piece of spirit history.