When it comes to putting his creations on full display, Olivier Rousteing, is fully aware of the fact that subtle actions won’t get him or the fashion powerhouse he represents very far. This is why Balmain’s creative director is constantly pushing the envelope to promote sultry, glamorous creations that resonate with the boldness and chic attitudes of the models and celebrities the label works with to convey a compelling message to its audience.

Balmain’s 2017 Spring Collection Oozes Style and Color

This time, Rousteing collaborated with concept director Pascal Dangin and photographer Steven Klein to bring Balmain’s daring spring campaign to life, with help from supermodels Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly, and Doutzen Kroes. Unsurprisingly, considering the brand’s long-term romance with see-through, fluid textures, some of the looks featured by this new line put the models’ braless busts on full display, defying Instagram’s policy on nudity.

Balmain Spring CollectionSince Rousteing is a risk-taker by nature, taking into consideration the seductive, daring designs presented so far, he chose to bring his #BalmainArmy to a spot that puts the sultry beauty of his creations into the spotlight. The spring collection was shot on a deserted California highway, where the models carried megaphones, and moved around cheerfully among male models with luscious long hair.

New Campaign Photographed on an Empty Highway

Cited by The Hollywood Reporter, Rousteing reveals that the campaign was shot on a winter morning, on an empty highway in California. While other high-end brands strive to find paradisiacal locations meant to add instant appeal and luxurious touches to their creations, Balmain doesn’t rely on these strategies to make its apparel desirable in the eyes of prospective buyers.

Through Rousteing’s creative vision, Balmain manages to put its clothes in the limelight by following a completely different approach, revolving around a mysterious journey and a destination that has very little to do with a specific hour, season, or place. The message delivered through this fresh spring campaign is simple and powerful at the same time: that iconic Balmain creations are timeless, and hardly need any additional bells and whistles to make a huge impact on the luxury fashion market.

Balmain Celebrates the Link between Music and Fashion

As expected, the creations unveiled so far reflect Balmain’s predilection for bold cut-out detailing, metallic shades, and see-through materials.

As the nomadic Balmain models gracefully move through the dreamy landscape, bordered by sand dunes and speakers, they hold megaphones to share their message with their audience. As it turns out, music has also played an important part in the latest Balmain campaign. As Rousteing reveals, for himself and his generation music is a key element that is strongly connected to the fashion scene.

This statement provides a solid explanation for the somewhat strange placement of stereo speakers in the spring campaign, which are pictured on the side of the road, mimicking certain motifs that one might expect to see in a painting by Salvador Dali. In this case, the speakers reiterate the strong bond between high-end fashion and music. Exploring the connection between music and fashion is a winning bet for Balmain, since its partnership with Kanye West for the fall/winter 2016 campaign turned out to be a massive hit. Launched as a video for West’s song “Wolves,” the campaign benefited from A-list celebrity endorsement, including the presence of Kim Kardashian-West and several top-rated models who wore the latest Balmain creations.

Since launching on Kanye’s YouTube channel, the video has drawn more than 16 million views, allowing the French fashion house to boost its social influence. It leaves the door open to other successful collaborations to promote the luxurious lifestyle portrayed by the iconic brand.