Pop culture is full of references about how hard it is to be an adult. No one wants to go to work, or pay bills, or make decisions. Sure, your life was probably a lot easier when you didn’t need to understand insurance premiums, or mortgage rates, but being an adult comes with some perks of its own. The Audi S4 is one of them.

Four Ways the Audi S4 Makes it Fun to Be the Adult 

The Audi S4 is your reward for being a grown-up, but don’t worry, it’s still fun to drive.

It’s sleek and refined, but it’s not boring. So go ahead and get your just-rewards. You do all the hard, mundane things about being adult, so now it’s your turn to do the fun ones. Here are the top four reasons that the Audi S4 makes adulting easier.

1. It’s a Sedan That Drives like a Sports Car

Part of being an adult means making sacrifices in favor of the practical. You don’t spend your whole paycheck on skydiving lessons, or a trip to the roulette wheel. You give up thrills for the safety, and security, of a bank account.

You’re probably used to making these concessions when it comes to your car too.

You’ve traded in your dream of a two-door sports car for something that can fit a car seat.

The Audi S4 proclaims that there’s no reason you can’t have both. There’s no reason that you have to lose the thrill, and fun of driving, just because you need a car that can accommodate a family.

The Audi S4 has a turbocharged engine that can take you from zero to sixty in under five seconds, and its all-wheel drive helps you handle every road condition imaginable, with ease.

The Audi S4 hugs the road. It whips around corners with power and control thanks to its torque-vectoring sport differential.

Its quad exhaust pipes even give the S4 a distinctly sporty look. From the outside it doesn’t look like the practical family car.

It looks like a car for thrill seekers. Your usual trip to the office will be transformed daily into the final lap of the grand prix. You’ll feel the roar of the engine as you accelerate, and you’ll swear you see a checkered flag somewhere.

2. It’s As Smart As You Are

It should mean a lot that the driver’s seat is now commonly referred to as the cockpit. That’s how many controls, and features, you can expect when you slip into an Audi S4.

You get a built-in navigation system, and a smartphone interface that allows you to synch and use, many of your phone’s apps right on your dashboard. Your Audi S4 is also its own traveling Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can use up to eight devices on the Wi-Fi, so that you’re never out of the loop, and neither are your passengers.

And not only do you get a touch-screen navigation window, but you also get a digital dashboard that easily displays all your driving metrics. It makes checking your speed easier, and that means more time with your eyes on the road.

Pretty, smart, right?

3. Unsurpassed Safety Features

When you strip away the sporty features, and the flashy tech specs. Then you are left with a remarkably safe car. It can alert you through its smart sense technology if there is a car sitting in your blind spot.

Additionally, it makes city driving easier by automatically braking if it senses an imminent collision.

Furthermore, it can detect cars and pedestrians, and reduce your speed to avoid accidents.

It’s also got lane assist to help keep you from drifting into another lane, and it can help steer you back into place if you make a mistake. The Audi S4’s safety features are there for you when the distractions of your life distract you from the road.

When the screaming children in your backseat have your head pounding, and your body working on autopilot. Then the smart sense technology is there to help keep you focused and safe.

4. It’s Got Every Creature Comfort

The Audi S4 helps you realize that the term luxury is reserved for a special class of cars. That label doesn’t get used lightly. And this car earns every bit of its classification.

It’s got a panoramic sunroof to let you make the most of your time out of the office, and a 3D sound system to transform your car into a concert venue. The plush leather seats are inviting, and the front seats are equipped with twelve positions. Including four lumber positions, and a massage mode.

The Audi S4 is Practical but Powerful 

Sure, it’s not always fun to have to be the grown-up, but the chance to rule the road in comfort and style makes it all worth it. The Audi S4 helps you find the right balance between practicality and spontaneity.