It’s true, sedans don’t traditionally have the sexiest of connotations. In fact, you probably equate a sedan with a buttoned-down, suburban, white-picket fence, kind of lifestyle. If you think that sedans are only for the practical and the predictable then check out the Audi RS7.

Discover five ways that the Audi RS7 is changing what it means to be a family sedan and giving you a superior driving experience.

Five Ways the Audi RS7 Helps Reinvent the Sedan

That may be true of sedans by and large, but the Audi RS7 is making waves, and it’s changing minds. It’s flashy, and fun, and it will have you rethinking the virtues of that suburban picket fence life.

If that kind of life comes with an Audi RS7 then you just might take it. Here are five ways that the RS7 can change the way you think of the family sedan.

The Suspension Adapts

Anything that can be done to improve your driving experience can change the way you think of driving. Instead of trudging off to the office, you are racing toward the finish line. The unique adaptive suspension system actually changes the height of your car’s suspension based on the road’s conditions.

Say you’re driving through a pretty beat-up and pockmarked section of city roadway. In the old family car you’d be bumping and bouncing the whole way, feeling each pothole like a punch in the gut. In the Audi RS7, your suspension automatically raises to give you a smoother, and more enjoyable ride.

On a road where the conditions are good, and you can travel at a higher speed, the suspension lowers to get you closer to the surface to provide better handling. It’s hard to feel like you’re in the practical family car when you’re hugging every curve and zooming along.

It’s Equal Parts Manual and Automatic

You love driving, and as a true aficionado, you know that the best driving is with a manual transmission. You also know that for the trek to and from work, through crowded city streets or, stop and go traffic on the highway, a manual transmission can be a pain.

The Audi RS7 has an eight-speed tiptronic transmission that can give you the best of both worlds. You get the thrill of changing gears with the ease of an automatic.

It’s Safe Because It’s Smart

The most important function of a family sedan is to keep the family safe. For years this has meant high quality seatbelts, and an ever-growing elaborate system of airbags. The Audi RS7 doubles down on traditional safety features by using tons of smart technology.

It has stop and go cruise control to help you maintain a safe distance from the cars in front of you. It actually brakes and accelerates as the flow of traffic changes. Its pre-sense technology can also detect danger, and prepare the car for a possible crash. It tightens seatbelts, closes windows, and assists in braking.

In fact, it does just about as much to protect your family as you would do yourself. It’s the automotive embodiment of the arm in front of your passengers. It says loud and clear, “don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

It can even alert you if a car is in your blind spot, or if you have drifted into another lane without using your turn signal. These features are perfect for your everyday trips to and from work, school, and the grocery store, but they’re also great on family vacations. Your old sedan probably didn’t do you many favors after hours behind the wheel, but the Audi RS7 is here to make sure you can keep going safely, no matter what.

It Catches the Eye and the Imagination

Looks aren’t everything. You don’t pick a car to transport and protect such precious cargo as your family just because it looks cool. And yet, the RS7 gives you the best of both worlds. True, a sedan doesn’t need to be pretty to be a great fit for your family, but it also doesn’t have to be ugly.

The Audi RS7 is beautiful. It’s sleek. From its honeycomb grille to its rear spoiler, to its quilted leather seats, everything about this car is made to make people stop and look.

It Transforms the Daily Commute

Because the RS7 is equal parts sport and luxury, it makes the mundane less bearable.

Additionally, you probably don’t think that your daily commute can be fun, but when you slip into your cockpit, pull up your touch screen navigation system, and synch your smartphone to your own command center, things start to get better.

You can transform your car into a travel office, or a travel oasis, whichever suits your needs. Also, you can effortlessly make calls or answer texts if you need to be productive, or you can unwind by streaming your music using the car’s Wi-Fi hotspot, or Bluetooth features.

Upgrade your Sedan and Transform Your Life

The Audi RS7 makes it easy to have practicality and performance. It gives you sporty, but it backs it up with a whole lot of substance. Every bit of its design, inside and out, helps you rethink just what a family sedan is capable of.