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Five Reasons the Aston Martin Vulcan is Perfect for a Super Spy

Introduced in 2015, the Aston Martin Vulcan is a special edition two door coupe that is so streamlined, and powerful, that it’s not approved for legal use on roadways.

It’s a track-only car, and even then, it can only be driven on track approved days by Aston Martin. This is an extremely limited edition vehicle, with only twenty-four ever produced.

Five Reasons the Aston Martin Vulcan is Built for a Super Spy

a black Aston Martin Vulcan in showroom

On the surface, the Aston Martin Vulcan seems like an odd choice for a car. You can’t legally drive it anywhere except an approved race track, and the likelihood that you’d even be able to get one is probably less than being struck by lightening on multiple occasions.

So what good could it possible serve other than being a ridiculously sexy kind of car?

The answer is obvious.

Aston Martins have long been the choice car for the most famous international spy in existence, and therefore the Vulcan is the obvious choice for all super spies.

Here are five reasons why the Aston Martin Vulcan is perfect for all your super spy needs.

1. It’s mysterious

With only twenty-four of them ever produced, the Vulcan is shrouded in layers of mystery. You won’t find hundreds of web pages, or chat groups devoted to the Vulcan and its attributes because few people have come close enough to be able to describe it.

This car is elusive, which can’t be caught or tamed. Too powerful for its own good, it is definitely not meant to live a normal life. One downfall though, in terms of spying, is how it can come off as too flashy and fancy. Good thing, it’s also there and gone before anyone’s jaws have time to drop.

2. It’s Built for the Getaway

a Aston Martin Vulcan luxury car parked on a side of a road

Sure, you’re not supposed to legally drive the Aston Marin Vulcan anywhere other than a closed course, but super spies don’t really follow the rules. Instead, the Vulcan is ready and able to help you flee the scene, and outrun any trouble, with practically just the push of a button.

It has a sporty half-steering wheel that makes you feel more like you’re behind a game console than a car. That simply adds to the overall racing-like experience. You can zip in and out of lanes with ease. You can charge your way through crowded streets, race against red lights, and roar out of harm’s way in an instant.

The Vulcan, in fact, is so fun to drive, and so quick to accelerate, that you might actually wish that someone was chasing out as you drive it.

It has adjustable anti-lock brakes, variable traction control, and anti-roll bars on the front, and rear, of the car. Again, not the kinds of features you need on a trip to office, but they come in handy around a racetrack, or in your thriller fantasy spy world.

3. It’s All Thrills

With a V-12 engine that produces more than eight hundred horsepower, the Vulcan is not for the faint-hearted. It takes nerves of steal to rev the engine, and let it loose. In fact, it’s such a specialized experience that the twenty-four lucky owners were given specific track instruction on how to drive it to its full potential.

You can actually select from three settings of engine power using a button. The lowest is five hundred horsepower. To an average driver even the lowest number is scary, but it’s perfect if you have ice water in your veins.

4. It’s Sexy

a sexy Aston Martin Vulcan luxury car running fast

Sex appeal is of course not necessary for international spies, but it can’t hurt, right? And there’s really no better way to describe the Vulcan. It’s so sleek it’s practically sinful.

How can a car look that good?

Its aerodynamic shape is futuristic and formidable. Its lines are so atheistically pleasing that you might even consider the Vulcan a work of art, and you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to appreciate its beauty.

5. It’s Specialized for Maximum Performance

Though the Vulcan may be stripped of some of the creature comforts you find in other luxury cars, it has the special features where it counts the most.

Its seven-liter engine sits on an aluminum alloy chassis with a carbon fiber body. That means it’s the perfect combination of strength and speed. Every feature is designed to make the Vulcan light, and fast, and lightening fast.

It uses carbon ceramic brakes, has a magnesium torque tube with a carbon fiber propeller shaft, and a six-speed gearbox. It’s a finely tuned machine engineered for sheer speed and performance.

The Aston Martin Vulcan Is Made for Extraordinary Things

luxury Aston Martin Vulcan cars racing in a circuit

The Aston Martin Vulcan is not an ordinary car. It’s extremely exclusive, expensive, and powerful. It captures the driving experience in its purest form, and has no illusion of being built for anything but speed, thrill, and possibly espionage.