During the last months of 2016, some of us were on a quest to find the boldest red lipstick and black eyeliner meant to create a picture-perfect, impeccable Snow White look for an epic New Year’s Eve Party; others, who aren’t exactly the biggest fans of the wintery pale face trend went in favor of multiple layers of bronzer, rich, creamy eye shadow available in the most intense metallic tones, and nude lipstick.

Last but definitely not least, some went in favor of a more or less daring reinterpretation of the classy smoky eye look, using the darkest, most mysterious hues featured by their preferred eyeshadow palette.

In short, at the end of each year, when everyone’s striving to find the most alluring makeup tricks for a series of glamorous parties, it’s safe to say that everything’s permitted. Smoky eyes and bold glitter lips? Sure, why not! Neon eyeliner, heavily contoured cheekbones, and tasseled hair? An excellent choice, especially for those who were getting ready for an original ‘80s-themed party.

3 New Luxurious Directions in Makeup That We Should Follow in 2017

However, most of us have agreed to start the new year with a clean slate, and a brand new bag of makeup goodies. If you’re planning on improving your makeup techniques, or simply wish to embrace the most luxurious, celebrity-approved makeup trends that will help you become the most glamorous version of yourself in 2017, here are three of the latest, most notable crazes that should influence your beauty ritual.

1. Hello, Lipgloss. Over the past few years, matte lipstick has constantly reaffirmed its supremacy on the fashion scene. We’ve seen models wear this product on and off the catwalk in a rainbow of colors, ranging from ruby red, a shade suitable for all seasons and most skin tones, and burgundy, an all-time favorite during fall and winter, to a full spectrum of nude hues, and bolder colors, such as dark blue, chocolate brown, purple, and even black.

Luxurious Makeup Trends in 2017In 2017, it’s time for a change. Most makeup artists support the idea, and plan to bring back girly, oh-so-feminine lip gloss. At the end of the day, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with a quality lip gloss that will give your lips the shine, dimension, and youthful look that you couldn’t possibly recreate using matte lipstick. 

2. Statement Lips Stay In. If you’re planning on letting your eyelids rest in 2017, and wish to stay away from the glossy textures mentioned above, you’ll probably be happy to find out that some of the hottest makeup artists of the moment are supporting your decision. In 2017, statement lips are definitely having a moment. At the beginning of the new year, the fashion scene is dominated by glamorous models wearing bold statement lips, done either with multiple layers of vibrant glitter, or via more or less subtle ombre effects. If your lips are your best feature, don’t hesitate to give this reinterpreted makeup trend a try this year!

Luxurious Makeup Trends in 2017

3. Natural Skin Is Back. Even Kim Kardashian seems to be taking a break from heavy contouring, so why would you even think about resurrecting this outdated makeup technique and using it in 2017? According to the makeup artists interviewed by Elle, baking and strobing are two other tactics that should be left in the past for a very simple reason: our skin needs to breathe!

Luxurious Makeup Trends in 2017Instead of putting layers of primers, foundation and translucent powder on your skin, nourish it using a lightweight BB cream or CC cream that will form a barrier against UV, correct minor imperfections, and make your skin look healthy, youthful, and as soft as velvet throughout the entire day.

If you’re concerned about the fact that the bare skin trend is just going to make you look awfully pale and/or tired, keep in mind that makeup artists recommend that we create an unexpected contrast with the focal point of our face (eyes or lips) using the most flattering colors in our makeup kit. Therefore, don’t be afraid to pair natural, dewy, porcelain skin with a bold lip or eyes to individualize your statement look in 2017.