Trend forecasting is no exact science. As a matter of fact, a conversation revolving around what will be hot and what will fall into oblivion in 2017 on the global fashion scene is equally interesting and unpredictable, considering that it is inevitably influenced by a plethora of dynamic factors, including changing faces and attitudes, the (un)announced moves of hundreds of designers and brands, and different levels of celebrity endorsement.

In this context, one may ask: what are the types of luxury watches that any modern man should strive to add to his already impressive collection in 2017?

Keeping an Eye on the Most Notable Men’s Watch Trends: Forecasts for 2017

Also, should one ditch overly adorned, glamorous designs in favor of timeless, minimalist models? Should we all turn our attention to niche brands, instead of chasing consecrated brands that hardly need an introduction in this sector, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Breitling?

2017 Men’s Watch TrendsAt the beginning of 2017, one thing’s certain: luxury consumers should keep tabs on the latest collections introduced by their preferred labels, and choose this year’s must-haves that match their price point, personal style, taste, and practical and aesthetic requirements. That said, here are the most notable men’s watch trend forecasts that could influence your buying decision.

Niche Brands Will Boost Their Popularity in 2017

Many luxury consumers dread the idea of flaunting what everyone else is wearing. This is precisely why they are on a constant mission to go above ephemeral trends, and purchase high-value accessories that define and reflect their personal style. Instead of opting for bestselling items launched by some of the most popular watch companies on the planet, they are more interested in the ingenious designs rolled out by niche brands specializing in luxury timepieces.

2017 Men’s Watch Trends

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As Stuart Hennell, the CEO and Founder of Watchfinder points out in an article published by Fashionbeans, this year, many prospective buyers will be more inclined to check out the collections of niche brands, such as Richard Mille, which are usually great providers of avant-garde designs.

Special, Limited-Edition Signature Pieces Are Listed among the Hottest 2017 Must-Haves

2017 Men’s Watch TrendsAt the same time, those who aren’t the biggest fans of avant-garde watch models, but still appreciate the novelty factor of new designs, may turn their attention to brands that are ready to surprise their clientele. These brands will feature improved signature pieces, and limited-edition collaborations marking a special event in the label’s history. For instance, this year Cartier celebrates the centenary of its sought-after Tank model, and has the opportunity to stun its devoted fans with a commemorative edition of its iconic timepiece.

Innovative Case Materials May Capture the Attention of a Larger Audience

Some trend forecasters also predict the return of bolder dial models, and anticipate the fact that well-established brands will dig deeper in their archives to find inspiration for new designs that will be influenced by the color scheme and other particularities of the best-loved statement pieces of the ‘80s.

Others talk about the comeback of steel sports watches, which have always been insanely popular among western customers. At the same time, a new generation of sports watches may gravitate around innovative case materials, such as bronze.

Luxurious Detailing Is Non-Negotiable

In 2017, many prospects looking for high-end watches will be on a quest to find fresh models encompassing a wide range of luxurious details, such as semiprecious stones with a special significance, birthstones, unconventional watch straps, and color accents that create alluring contrasts with the metallic color scheme.

Those looking for versatile models will be able to find a great variety of exquisite high-end watches designed to go extremely well with both casual office wear and formal attires. With so many tempting options at hand, in 2017 luxury watch shoppers should keep an eye out for the latest arrivals introduced by their preferred fashion houses, and invest in a high-value, timeless model that they can pass on from one generation to another.