A young woman’s Sweet 16 only happens once. There is no trial and error. It is up to you to make sure that the party is unique, highlights the birthday girl and leaves an impression that will be talked about for the rest of your guest’s lives.

Below we cover 3 luxurious Sweet 16 party themes to help you know what to include and how to prepare. We cover everything from guest invitations and dress codes to supplies, expectations, and decorations.

Get ready for the party of a lifetime!


When sending out the invitations for your party guests, your theme may not be entirely imagined. You don’t want guests showing up in the wrong attire or with the wrong impression. It is important to briefly but thoroughly tell your guests how the party is themed.

Be sure to include the theme in the invitation as well as expressing what is expected. If it is a casual dress with accents, say so. If they should come dressed in costume or business attire, you must tell them.

Dress codes will be different for the boys. Be sure to include this in the description.

Dazzling Denim Theme

The Dazzling Denim theme, also known as Denim and Diamonds or Jeans and Jewels, is a dress down theme with a glamour twist.

Dress Code

For girls, their favorite denim jeans, skirts or dresses should be worn. They should accentuate with diamonds, pearls or white jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are encouraged.

For boys, they have the option of denim jeans with a dark jacket or button up shirt. Accessories should include rings, watches or bracelets with white jewels.

Drinks and Decorations

You want to stay white for this party. Diamonds are the biggest theme tie and should be brought out in every possible way. You can buy clear drinking glasses with an LED base that will light up the drinks inside.

Offering club soda, spritzers and clear drinks such as Sprite or 7-Up will accentuate the lights with all the bubbles.

Music should be retro-chic with songs about diamonds. “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best-friend,” for example. Lighting with mirror balls or stars will bring out the sparkle as well. You can end the night by giving out sparklers and having a white-only fireworks display.

Tying in diamonds and stars is easy with lots of options from which to choose. Because sparkle is key, you really can’t over do it. With professional lighting and music, the Dazzling Denim theme is sure to be a hit.

Hollywood Star Theme

Nothing says glamour more than the red-carpet treatment. And nothing says you’re becoming a woman like a full formal ball. The Hollywood Star theme is perfect for a perfect night celebrating the star of the show.

Dress Code

Glitz and glamour are the keys. Your guests should dress to impress and add their own accents to feel like they are on top of the world. Everyone involved in the party should dress accordingly, guests notwithstanding, this should include DJs, photographers, and chaperones.

Drinks and Decorations

The only glassware you should use here is high fluted champagne glasses. Fill with bubbly ciders, and you will pull off the glamourous feel of an actual Hollywood party.

Music should be loud, current and high tempo. Playing the latest club hits and top 40 will work. Make sure the DJ will work in some high tempo dance music as well.

Nothing pulls off high glamour more than the paparazzi. Having a few professional photographers will get your guests in the mood. You should measure from your door to the street and order a red carpet for your guests to walk on as they arrive. Adding a photographer at the entrance will make them feel like a star.

One point to not overlook are the guest bags. No Hollywood party guest leaves without a swag-bag. Fill the backs with small, modern gifts for your guests to remember the night. Make sure they also get their pictures to take home and share with friends and family.

When pulled off, the Hollywood Star theme will make your princess feel like a queen. High energy and a lot of fun, these theme parties will be talked about for years to come.

Hawaiian Luau Theme

If fun, dance and extreme casual are more your things, look no further than a Hawaiian Luau theme. Food is the big item in this theme, so your guests should come hungry and excited.

Be sure to alert of allergies on your invitations as you will be offering seafood and nuts at the party.

Dress Code

This theme requires a pure casual and party dress code. Shorts, sandals or even bare feet are encouraged. The girls can wear bikini tops, tank tops, and shorts or swim trunks. Grass skirts should be offered at the door for everyone.

For the boys, swim trunks or board shorts are standard. Tank tops and bare chests are also accepted here, especially if you host the party on the beach or at a pool where swimming is encouraged.

Drinks and Decorations

Any drink is permitted here, and you should seek our coconut or tiki style mugs. Little umbrellas and bamboo straws should be used as well.

Pork roasts, lobster, shrimp and fish tacos should be readily available. Hiring a professional caterer will help: just inform them you are hosting a luau party and they will know exactly what to do. For allergy concerns, you should also offer chicken kebabs, and chicken fingers.

The decoration ideas are near limitless. However, you should have a few of the standard items:

  • Limbo poles
  • Bonfire (where permitted)
  • pinatas
  • Ukeleles to play
  • Tiki torches, bamboo walls, and coconuts

Your imagination is the only thing holding you back with this one. It is all about island fun and island dance music. Heavy on drums with catchy fired up beats to encourage dancing.

No matter the theme, the most important person is the birthday girl. She should feel comfortable, included and spotlighted. Be sure to capture every moment in video or photographs. You only get this one time to celebrate a Sweet 16.