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Everything You Need to Know About Private Beach Rentals

You close your eyes. The sounds of the ocean waves cresting and falling over and over again fills your mind with a kind of ease that only something ancient can provide. The heat of the sun on your bare skin warms up your muscles and your mind, and gives you a feeling you've been craving for a long time. That salty smell on the wind. The echos of seagulls. That familiar sensation of sand between your toes. You're finally here, on the beach, staying in one of the best private beach rentals that you've discovered yourself.

Getting There

There's nothing quite like waking up in a house or condo on a shoreline. Knowing that you're just a few footsteps away from that magical place where the ocean meets the land is a classic vacation experience. But what are the details of finding quality private beach rentals? What should you look for?

What Are Private Beach Rentals?

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Private beach rentals are any kind of rental that's independently owned and operated and not classified as a hotel. It is possible to rent a room or condo that may be on the grounds of a place like a resort perhaps, but essentially, you are purchasing time in a property that sees less foot traffic than a standard hotel, and may even be in a better location. The real kicker? Because it's a private beach, you'll have more of the sand to yourself and some space to not feel crowded or squished. So ultimately you can do what you came to do. Relax.

What's the Process of Picking the Right Rental?

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Depending on how you want your stay to look will determine the rental that's right for you. In order to discover the private beach rentals that will be a good fit, you have to decide what kind of beaches are calling to you. So we'll begin first with the different types of private beaches there are, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Beaches You Can Drive To

The benefits of these beaches are that you get to shack up in your own private getaway by simply driving up and unpacking. There are a number of private beaches and even some private islands that fit this description.

Even still, a potential drawback may be that since they're easier to reach, you're more likely to encounter larger groups of people who have the same idea as you, and are right next door. But if convenience is your priority, this is the right choice. Usually because there is car access there are other beach town amenities like bars and restaurants for you to enjoy.

Beaches That You Must Take a Ferry to Reach

Then there are the beaches that may be closed to traffic from the road, but require you to take a seat in a vessel that operates on a set schedule to reach your destination. The benefit here is that once you're at the private location, you'll be less likely to run into people who came out on a whim because of the extra effort required to get there.

This type of beach is a great option for those who want the convenience of reaching the beach without jumping through too many hurdles, though it may take some extra planning and lighter packing to make it there. But there's no need to charter a private vessel for yourself just to access the property. You can still get the feeling of being on an untouched island, as many of these places only have footpaths, or at the very most developed areas, have a small road for golf carts.

Beaches You Must Land on Using Your Own Means

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These beaches and the private beach rentals on them are often the most sought after for vacationers. In many instances, just because it takes so much time, effort, and cost to get there, an individual or family may be the sole inhabitant of the beach or island during their stay. Again, this also depends on the season of the year, how close these private beach rentals are to the nearest marina/developed town or city, and how long a journey by sea it takes to arrive.

Most of the time just hearing about these private paradises is a difficult first step in finding them and eventually staying at them. But with enough patience and preparation, you can set foot on a beach and stay amongst a very small number of private beach rentals on a mostly uninhabited stretch of sand.

Examples of Popular Private Beaches

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So which beaches and coastlines have the best track records and combine all the elements that make up a great stay? Here are some examples to consider. This is by no means an exhaustive list. So feel free to do your own research as well.

Along the North Carolina Coast

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are known for their beauty and calm waters. And depending on where you stay, you'll have access to thriving beach communities with private beach rentals, or even more secluded areas like Bald Head Island.

Peeking in at Lincoln City, Oregon

For your inner outdoors-person. Lincoln City is the ultimate beach destination for scenic get-aways both on and off the beach. The town is known for being 'seven miles of smiles.'

Nothing Redundant About Virginia Beach, Virginia

Seriously, this destination will have you thrilled with a variety of distinct experiences. Not for those looking to 'get away from it all' this beach has all sorts of attractions for those that want to connect with new friends, experience rides and arcade games, or even go on a dolphin watching kayak tour.

The Quiet Side of Galveston Island, Texas

Here you have two distinct options of finding your way. You can either stay the duration in one of many beautiful private beach rentals along 30 miles of pristine coastline, or you can go check out one of the many museums dedicated to transportation. Examples of these include the Lone Star Flight Museum, The Texas Seaport Museum or the Railroad Museum.

That Old Chestnut, Hilton Head Island

There's a reason people keep coming back to this iconic location year after year. It strikes the perfect balance between small beach town charm and enough privacy to really feel at home on the sand. And with Savannah, GA not too far south, and Charleston to the north there's plenty to do if you want to take a break from the ocean and check out the city.

The Florida Keys and the Caribbean

Exploring these two iconic vacation realms can be an exciting departure into lush new lands if you're unfamiliar to them. They have a culture all their own and welcome travelers from all over the world every year. And the good news is that they sport a wide variety of private beach rentals.

Hawaii and the Pacific

For the travelers that really want to get to the next level of seclusion and privacy, there are so many ways to customize your experience when moving across earth's biggest ocean. For the most remote destinations, be prepared to charter your own ship to reach your time in paradise.

What Are Ways to Maximize Your Quality Time During Your Stay?

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So once you're ready to take off, what should you consider when setting aside your little slice of paradise? Well first, picture your ideal day in this temporary oceanside home. What do you want to do when you wake up?

How do you see yourself taking meals? Have you packed in everything you need? Or are there services nearby that you'll want access to at all times? Also, what kinds of amenities has the company or host provided you with that could make or break your ideal experience?

Aesthetic, Liking the Way Your Rental Looks

Be sure to thoroughly investigate all the pictures and reviews of the places you're considering. Watch out for deceptive wording or pictures that look a little too generic. Remember, you're imagining yourself waking up in this place, and to maximize your time, you'll need to make sure your choice is optimized for your tastes and preferences.

Amenities: Essentials or Frills

It should go without saying that you've investigated the basic utilities of the private beach rentals you've scouted before making a decision. That is unless part of your experience includes 'roughing it,' which if that's what you're looking for, more power to you! Moving from this extreme lack of services into rentals that have more amenities however, can be a journey of exploration in and of itself.

The Most Commonly Sought After Amenities

Here are 14 of the most common amenities people look for when choosing a rental. You'll have to decide for yourself which ones are most important to you.

  • Full Kitchen vs. Half vs. Kitchenette
  • Internet/Wifi Service
  • Landline Phone
  • TV/Cable/Satellite
  • Laundry
  • Outdoor Patio/Rec Area
  • Gaming Console
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Additional Parking
  • Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Fireplace
  • Pool Table

As you can see the scale and cost of these amenities can shift dramatically depending on what you're after. The length of your stay could also hugely determine how many of these amenities you'd actually use when not on the beach itself.


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We hope this article has given you a strong foundation of what to look for when planning your trip and finding your perfect match among the many private beach rentals there are to choose from. Happy landings!!