Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gathers some of the most prestigious companies in the world under the same roof, as well as a large number of gadget enthusiasts who are looking forward to discovering new ideas and trends that could make their lives more comfortable, simpler, and more luxurious at some point in the future.

2017 CES Introduces New Gadgets That Promise to Take Our Lifestyle to a Whole New Level

The show never disappoints, considering that it constantly unveils awe-inspiring novelties that seem to have been plucked out of a James Bond movie. This year, many iconic brands and fans of innovative gadgets have focused on three prominent elements: ultra-slim TVs with tons of useful, high-end features; smart assistants that can be easily integrated with every gadget in our homes; and aesthetically pleasing devices that we all use, but boasting new functions that promise to make us lead less stressful, more organized, and more enjoyable lives.

Super Thin, Incognito TVs Are a Thing. 

At this year’s CES, TV companies made the transition from 4K to HDR. For instance, LG spread the word about its latest TV models that will ensure support for all four HDR formats, according to LifeHacker. This attribute isn’t the only buzz-worthy novelty factor that luxury-focused prospective buyers are keeping tabs on. At the 2017 CES, many TV manufacturers got the opportunity to unveil TV models that are incredibly thin, and blend in seamlessly with the decor of the entire room.

2017 Trends and New GadgetsSamsung and LG are only two of the companies that have decided to follow this approach to keeping their high-end gadget consumers close in the long run. LG’s W7 model, introduced as the “Wallpaper TV,” a well-deserved nickname considering that this new model has a thickness of approximately a tenth of an inch, features the greatest part of its electronics in a sound bar positioned beneath the TV. Samsung has also explored a new way to interpret the concept of “incognito TV,” considering that its super-thin product can be showcased as a painting. When not in use, the TV rolled out by Samsung can display works of art, making itself look and act like any other decoration adorning one’s living room.

Smart Assistants Present in Our Living Room.

It’s no secret that most hardworking people with busy schedules could really use a helping hand at home to delegate or simplify their chores, or just recreate the most comfortable ambiance with little to no effort. At this point, one quick glance at the most notable breakthroughs showcased at this year’s CES is more than enough to make us reach the conclusion that smart assistants will play a key role inside our homes in the near future.

2017 Trends and New GadgetsAmazon and Google strive to make their prospective clients see Google and Alexa as personal virtual assistants that can respond to a wide array of commands, enabling homeowners to work less and relax more in their own environments. In the future, one would just have to say a command loud enough, and the virtual assistant will address their every need in a timely fashion. At this point, both Amazon and Google are striving to integrate their virtual assistants with every device that might be present in the homes of their target audiences.

A Simpler, More Fulfilling Lifestyle May Be One Vocal Command Away

Amazon may be one step ahead of its counterparts, considering that prospective buyers will soon be able to purchase a great variety of devices introduced by other brands, including LG and Lenovo, which come with built-in Alexa. A speaker rolled out by Lenovo, a robot introduced by LG, several TVs, and even Ford cars are among the most awe-inspiring examples we can list at this point.

This innovative feature may give consumers the chance to take their luxury lifestyle one step closer to perfection, by simply using their voice to control washers, dryers, vacuums, TVs and other essentials inside their homes.