Many people who spend more than eight hours a day at the office don’t have the time and energy required to perform daily household chores. As soon as they get home, they feel the need to unwind, catch up on some reading, watch a nice movie, or go to their favorite sushi restaurant and enjoy a meal in great company. As idyllic as these plans may sound, one question remains unanswered: who’s going to do the dirty work that no one wants to handle, assuming (that you don’t want to hire a maid)?

Robots Help Busy Homeowners Free Up Their Time

To simplify your life and help you save time that you would otherwise have to invest in basic cleaning and maintenance tasks, many companies have developed and launched a great variety of robots programmed to make themselves useful around the house.

From the lifesaving Roomba that vacuums floors and leaves surfaces clean and shiny like a new penny, to the more complex Scooba, whose mission is to wash and vacuum one’s flooring at the same time, prospective buyers can choose their favorite type of robot based on their budget, personal preferences, and the type of chores they would like to delegate.

Home robotIf you still think that modern gadgets can only complete basic tasks, like mopping the floors and keeping your kitchen table and countertops clean and dust-free around the clock, you’re in for a big surprise. If you’re willing to spend top dollar on some of the most ingenious devices that have just hit the market, you can take home an all-in-one robot and personal assistant that will make your life a whole lot easier.

For instance, Kuri, the “insanely cute” robot unveiled this year at CES is an elaborate security camera activated by voice commands. It has been programmed to respond to its owner with a series of bloops and bleeps, and also with elements that mimic human facial expressions. Aside from keeping an eye on your property, this new type of robot can be seen as a technically advanced addition to anyone’s family, considering that it is described by its manufacturers as a “real live robot with a cheerful personality.” So what exactly does this security camera and inanimate companion do?

Top-Notch Security Cameras Can Become Your Loyal Watchdogs and Companions

Equipped with cap touch sensors, Kuri has the ability to respond to human touches by chirping affirmatively. Located behind one of its eyes, a security camera can capture HD videos and pictures in just about any lighting conditions. Excellent livestream capabilities turn Kuri into the eyes of its owners when they’re not at home; basically, this robot enables users to stay up to date with everything that takes place inside their house or apartment 24/7.

Home RobotMoreover, due to elaborate gestural mechanics, Kuri has the power to imitate some of our most frequent nonverbal elements. Believe it or not, it can smile, look down, look up, and blink, among other things. Kuri is so much more than a high-tech security camera; it can actually be seen as your devoted watchdog. Equipped with state-of-the-art microphones, this gadget can locate sounds, and take action based on your vocal commands. You should also know that Kuri is a robot with feelings. Its makers have added a warm heart light to its design, which enables Kuri to reveal her current mood and express her emotions. Kuri can also play music to recreate the perfect ambiance at home, and can navigate autonomously through the house, thanks to her incorporated mapping sensors and powerful electric motors.

High-tech, multifaceted, and insanely cute, the new generation of robots introduced this year may just help all of us spend less time doing chores, and turn our homes into safer, smarter, interconnected environments.