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Check Out These Home Trends You Can Use Today

Every season, there are new trends. These include fashion, makeup, hairstyle, and even home trends.

The latest styles can help you update your look and make you feel like you and your home look like a million dollars.

What are the top home trends of 2018?

The Top 6 Home Trends You Can Use Right Now

As we entered 2018, we were greeted with a plethora of new home décor trends. Here are just a few of them that you can start implementing in your home right away.

1. The Color of 2018: Lavender

a girl's room with lavender as its theme

Image via Unsplash

Millennial Pink was the hot color of 2017. It’s not going anywhere, but a lot of designers have transformed it into different shades of pink and purple.

One particularly beautiful transformation has been into lavender.

This is a soft, gorgeous color that can add just a bit of color to a neutral room without feeling overwhelming.

You can add it to your bedroom, bathroom, or guest bedroom in the form of sheets, pillows, and blankets.

2. Allow Your Inner Color Diva to Emerge

picture frames on a wall

Image via Pexels

Besides lavender, designers have started incorporating darker, more dramatic colors into their décor palate. These include deep navy and striking emerald.

The great thing about color is that you can use it as much or as little as you want. If you want to create a really dramatic room, add multiple items in the rich, deep color, like blankets, rugs, pillow, and artwork.

What if you love your muted palate of 2017? That’s not a problem. Simply add one statement piece in a darker color. Both palates can complement each other. The neutral shades will make the statement piece pop, while the darker color will make the muted colors seem more crisp and clean.

3. It’s All About the Statement Floor

living room furnished with hardwood flooring

Image via Pexels

For years, it seems like the focus has been on a statement wall. Interior designers would paint one wall a shocking color, like a fiery red. Others who wanted a more subtle focal point would use a different color, but something that was more muted. Another option was to paint three walls a neutral color and then hang a fun yet sophisticated wallpaper on the statement wall.

In 2018, though, the focus is taken off the walls and placed on the floor.

Designers have created some amazing and interesting floor designs. They do this with carpet, tile, and even certain hardwood designs.

You can make a statement floor the same way. Or, if you prefer a simpler approach, get a fabulous rug that covers the majority of your floor. It will give you a nice change of pace and definitely become a conversation starter.

4. Update Your Cabinets with Light Wood

a kitchen featuring light wood cabinets

Image via Pexels

Dark cabinets are old and outdated. Lighter woods are the popular choice because they make the kitchen and bathroom feel bigger. Plus, they have a clean, fresh look to them.

If you’re inspired by light wood cabinets, there are multiple ways you can go about incorporating them into your home.

The cheapest option would be to paint your cabinets – either paint them white or stain your current wood a lighter color.

Another option would be to replace the cabinets with prefabricated ones. Or, if you want to go all out, you can order custom-made cabinets in the perfect light wood of your choice.

5. Get Inspired by Various Cultures

a home inspired with different culture

Image via Pexels

Quite a few designers were inspired by their jaunts around the globe in 2017.

For instance, John Lewis was influenced by the colors and patterns he saw in Rajasthan palaces. Therefore, he’s added shades of terracotta and clay to his spring 2018 collection.

In addition, you’ll see a lot of designers adding global prints, as well as textiles that have a raw texture.

You can take this inspiration and run with it. Add these colors to your home with paint, pillows, and rugs.

6. Copper Is the Metallic of Choice

living room table with copper kettle

Image via Unsplash

Metals are gaining popularity this year, particularly copper. A lot of designers have used this metal alone or as an accent to other darker metals.

You can use copper accents with copper cookware, light fixtures, and picture frames.

Ultimately, You Have to Choose the Trend That’s Best for You

black and white living room

Image via Pexels

Sometimes, people get so caught up in the latest trends and what other people think that they forget about what they really like. The result: They end up with furniture and accessories that they don’t really like.

You should feel passionate about your home décor. It should make you want to come home. It should make you feel cozy, comfortable, and like you’re living in the lap of luxury. If one of the latest home trends doesn’t provide that for you – just let it go.

Find the trends that fit your personality and style rather than someone else’s. You’ll be happier in the long run and want to spend as much time as possible in your home.